Thursday, 26 June 2008

Paper Rounds

Sometimes making money from the Internet is just not worth the effort. You need dedication , finance and a creative mind to be successful.

It remains that for many, they just haven't got the credentials to make a viable income from the Internet and the advice coming for this end is quite simple - Do something else.

It doesn't take much to earn money, go out and find a job, even a paper round which for an hour or so a day gives you guaranteed earnings. Not only that you get dosh at the end of the week and are that much fitter. You don't have to wait six months or a year for any returns.

Just look at what sort of person you are then get someone else to tell you, your best friend is a good source. After this you may well have to come to terms that the Internet business is not for you.

This is not a put off to people but good advice for those who will waste their time, effort and money into something they will get verylittle return for. By all means treat it as a hobby but for some that is all it will be and there's notning wrong with that!

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