Friday, 28 November 2008

Internet Research - Getting Paid to Surf

Internet Research - Getting Paid to SurfThe Internet has a wealth of information for all to use and many companies want certain that information and are willing to pay people to find it. There is work out the for Internet researchers who will be assigned jobs of researching via the Internet on a wide range of genres, topics or questions.

The Internet is taken for granted by many nowadays, but there are still many people who aren't familiar with it or are too busy to spend time on it. There’s a gap in the market for those who have a facility to extract information from a web search. You simple put yourself out to hire as in Internet researcher for people like solicitors or authors and you get paid for it.

An example of a company that does this is AQA 63336 they answer thousands of questions for clients every day by using Internet researchers and pay for every question researchers find. I actually worked for them in the UK a few years ago and found they are an up front and honest set up. Their services however they don't cater for Bulgaria where I live now so I had to drop them. You need to be fluent in English and have good writing skills and they will give you a short test before considering you.

Internet Research - Getting Paid to SurfMost research work is on a self-employed basis and like ASA may involve some form or trial or test for you to secure a contract. It does take a little knowledge тo become a good researcher, а little knowledge on how to get into archives that aren't accessible through normal search engines is something you have to learn. Most decent companies contracting you will give an in house guide or a little training on strategies that can be used. Or you can take up an online training course yourself before you apply for work, this will give you a head start and enhance any testing you will have to go through.

The field of Internet research is very diverse but there will always work out there as it involves time, which is what you are getting be paid for. The average pay is around 10 pounds an hour

Make note and be warned though, there are some companies or individuals masquerading as legitimate companies that are recruiting that ask for money up front for training or setting you up. Just don't entertain these companies. There is no reason at all for you having to pay to get work, it should be the other way round, so don't drawn in by the hype and subsequently get conned.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Getting Rewarded for Blogging - Why Not?

Blogging is a passion of mine, I really couldn't live without it. Many a day I sit here typing away thinking, God I wish I could afford to do this all the time. A pipe dream, maybe so, but there are many ways in which a little income can be made from blogging, it is just a case of choosing which is right for you.

The thought of getting paid to blog sometimes fills my head with lingering doubts about whether it would be enjoyed as much as writing blogs without being directed. I suppose it is a case of choosing whom you and what want to write about when doing it under contract. There are hundred of advertisers out there and many have products or services you approve of. With the aid of Internet sites for resources to draw upon, you will never be short of information to write about. Many of my resourced information covering most areas is extracted from, I feel that many facts I write about would not be there without this free aid.

In my case some of my blogs actually promote goods and services without being paid or commissioned to do so. I am actually advertising for these companies for nothing other than on the basis that it is my humble valued opinion that I want to express to a public that wants to know. It may be a positive of a negative aspect but I want to write about it anyway.

So what the difference in writing blogs just for pleasure and getting paid to blog? At the end of the day I will still be the boss and choose to write or not to write about goods and services that I see fit to report on. On that principle and as long it stays that way I think I will take it up.

There are many sites that offer payment for a blog to be written from advertisers. One in particular that I had just heard about. It was actually from a blogging friend who had been using them for a while and she was more than happy with the service. If you would care to check out our blog located at: please do.In addition, their creation fee is 50% less than their competitors, which is another good reason to join up.

Blog advertising network

Monday, 24 November 2008

Dog Walking - Leads to Extra Money

Dog Walking - Leads to Extra MoneyThere are millions of dogs and all of them need to be walked two or three times each day. There are also millions of dog owners who cannot manage to do this; therefore there is a gap in the market for dog walkers.

А Dog Walker will go to pet owners' homes and take the dog or dogs for a walk for payment, it is as simple as that. If you like walking, like dogs and don't mind a daily routine this is an ideal way of making an extra bit of money for something you enjoy. Not too many of these scenarios about.

Dog walkers’ hours of work are usually from around midday to earlier evening since most dogs will need a lunchtime and evening walk. If you are available during the day, this will be just up your street so to speak.

There is no special training needed to be a dog walker although you should have a basic understanding of dog behaviour and be aware of the warning signs of dogs alongside proper lead handling techniques. You must also be sure that you can handle the strength and size of some larger dogs before you agree to walk the dog.

Dog Walking - Leads to Extra MoneyDog walking requires hardly any money to start up. The most expensive cost is insurance, a must with this kind of work. Then there a the little overheads such as business forms so that you have permission to enter a client's home and have it in writing how much they owe you so you get paid. Advertising cost as you may want to advertise on the web or in the paper. This is obviously an open-end budget and it is up to you as to how much you want to spend.

There are a few companies that specialise in dog walkers insurance. This website gives a list of many that you can choose from: There are also many tips that these insurance companies give in line with this business.

Rates of pay from customers will vary greatly from one end of the country to the other. The best way to find your rates pitch is to check out your competition, they should also be advertising. You want to place your rates in line with your competitors don’t try and undercut, you will be undervaluing your service and this will be seen as such. Most people who want dog walkers are looking for a profession service and are willing to pay for that.

Dog walking is generally done by the amount of time the owner wants the dog to be walked. So, it is best to have a time-based pay scale in which they can choose from. You may wish to include a monthly discount plan to encourage long-term contracts and pay in advance.

Dog Walking - Leads to Extra MoneySending an article about your business to the local paper is a very good idea for free advertisements. It will give you the best exposure possible. You can get listed in the local papers and the phone book. Some are paid for some are free it depends where you are living but worth checking out. Don't forget you will be advertised continuously in these publications. Get flyers everywhere, they can be hand delivered while you are out walking the dogs! Local vets are a good place to display your ad or business card or give referrals. Get to know your vet and they will refer you to their customers.

You will need to draw up the details of the services you are offering to customers. A contract is quite difficult to write up so it may be worth getting it done professionally keeping in mind this is a form most of your clients will be signing. If it is not done properly or professionally, you may well lose business. Another angle to save money is to get an agreement from another dog walker and use that as you template with a few adjustments in text.

One of the best pieces of advice is to get a website. These are known to generate a lot of 'leads' (excuse the pun) in this type of business. Many find their needs nowadays looking on the Internet. Most sites can be set up for free.

Finally, the best advertising of all is word of mouth. Tell everyone about your service that you are offering, everyone knows someone who owns a dog, they will go to you first is they know about you. Such an obvious way to attract business, but so many people overlook this.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

A Nest Egg from Bird Nesting Boxes

A Nest Egg from Bird Nesting BoxesMy next-door neighbour in England does this bird box making business, he could have given up his full time job as warehouseman, but he chose to keep it as his hobby as he said he'd lose the enjoyment factor. He made around five or six a week but could have quite easily knocked up 100 a week if he wanted.

Where did he sell them? Many garden centres in the area wanted them, he didn't advertise it was just word of mouth. Many friends of friend know of him and he would often get visitors turning up at his house to buy on just from recommendation.

So if you are a little useful with your hands and a little knowledge on how to use a saw, a hammer and nails you are half way there.

A Nest Egg from Bird Nesting BoxesMost bird boxes are made from wood, this give good insulation, quite adaptable and attractive. There are other made from plastic, cement, sawdust and wood shaving compounds but these really aren't suitable for homemade versions. Stick to wood and you won't go wrong, they sell much better as well.

All you need is a garage or workspace and wood collected from woods or bought is you haven't access to wooded areas. You can legally pick up dead wood that is the best to use as it is already dried out. But fro this you will have to design your own boxes as the wood will not be uniform, each unit will be different.

I have found various sites that give good instructions on how to put together designer bird boxes. These can be made quite easily and presented to your market a few days later. - Make your own sparrow bird box - Make your own Tit Bird Box - Another Make your own Tit Bird Box - Make your own Swift Box

A Nest Egg from Bird Nesting BoxesA little guide on bird and their requirements is needed so I given you a layman's guide to certain species.
  • Most bird nests are simply a box with a hole in the front. This should be a different size depending on the type of bird you're trying to attract.
  • The smaller species of the Tit family, which include Blue tits, coal tits and marsh tits, you can make a box with a small hole, approximately 25mm across.
  • Bigger birds such as the Great tit, nuthatches, house sparrows and tree sparrows: put up a box with a slightly bigger hole, approximately 32mm across.
  • Robins, wrens and pied wagtails prefer open-fronted boxes but these can be vulnerable to attack by cats so make sure you advise your customers to put install them somewhere safe.
  • Tree creepers need specially designed boxes to copy their natural nesting sites behind loose bark. The boxes need to be a narrow, tapered shape with a small hole at the top of one side.
  • Starlings’ nest boxes need to be long with a hole near the roof. Again advise customers to place them high on walls, as starlings will have a tendency nest in roofs or in the walls of old buildings.
  • Sparrows nest close to each other in communal boxes, sometimes called terraces. These boxes need to have three compartments with a hole just under the lid at each side and in the centre. They may also like the starlings will nest naturally in the roofs of your house.

A magazine called 'Gardening Which?' can be bought. It give instructions for making boxes suitable for the following birds: blue tit, coal tit, great tit, house sparrow, nuthatch, pied flycatcher, robin, spotted flycatcher and wrens. Well worth a couple of quid if you want a good guide and implicit instructions.

The marketing is again always the secret in any business like this. Make yourself known in shop window adverts, local papers and of course on the internet, perhaps offering mail order sales if you present pictures of your products. There are many doing this online right now. Car boot sales are a great place to display your goods along and don't forget eBay!

A Nest Egg from Bird Nesting BoxesBy far the best place to market are your local garden centres and pet shops, they can't get enough of them in the summer. Winter is the best time to approach them with your products but make sure you can honour any orders that come your way.

My former neighbour in England is still making them, he only used to charge a ‘tenner’ (£10) for a standard box on a pole with the cost of materials around £3. Not bad in terms of profit made, it actually paid half of his mortgage each month!

The whole beauty is it is a green activity, it helps the environment with more birds nesting and even more green if you collect your own dead wood for the products.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Football Steward - Get Paid Attending Football Matches

Football Steward - Get Paid Attending Football MatchesThe idea of attending a football match and getting paid for it seems quite a good deal, but the big drawback for many is the part of your contract, which states that you have to watch the crowd not the match. The advantage is to those who may not like football is it gives you a chance of turning you back on the game and get paid to do it.

The pay when I did the job was crap! I worked out that after travelling time and costs and the duration spent on task I ended up earning something like 50p an hour! Needless to say I gave it up after about a year and a half, as it just didn’t pay enough. The rates of pay have gone up since and if you live close to the ground you time and travel overheads will be reduced.

Football Steward - Get Paid Attending Football MatchesEveryone has a local football team, the best way to get the job is to know someone who is already a steward, they can recommend you and you are almost certain to be in with a good shout. There is always going to be a turn over of staff in this field of work so it is just a matter of time before a vacancy comes up but it is not usually advertised. Like I said most comes from referring, almost like keeping it in the family.

One other point is that once in employment and you prove your worth, there is promotion within the structure also a sideward move into becoming a Hospitality Steward taking care of VIP guests, catering and other duties other than crowd watching, even working in the CCTV domain.

The job as Steward itself involves 99% of the time just watching the crowd and making sure they abide by the rules. You have to report and swearing racist abuse and unsocial behaviour but this goes on all the time so it is ignored in the main. On the odd occasion you will be called into action or asked to move to a troublesome spot so that Stewards’ number are increased and more of deterrent. And on rare occasions you will have to manhandle fans that try pitch invasions, but this is rare nowadays.

Football Steward - Get Paid Attending Football MatchesThere is the chance to Steward other mid week evening games and not just football. There may be rugby, cricket, American football or even pop concerts that you can Steward. Most football grounds are a business and this means making the most of sponsors using the ground and that means hiring you as well.

I enjoyed my time there, but perhaps apart from the fact the pay was poor, I love football too much and got frustrated not being able to watch the game. But for others this may be okay and a good way to get out and earn a little extra. It keeps you away from the shops at weekends as well so you may save there as well.

Lastly, don’t for one moment think this is just for men!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Money From What You Are Good At

Everyone is good at something, that is what I have been told and that is what I believe. Even if you don't know yourself, someone who knows you will know; ask them.

This being the case everyone can make some money from something they are good at. It can be anything from football to sewing, from mathematics to juggling. No matter what you are good at you can do something with it to make a little (or big) extra.

Let's take the person who is good at football. There are many opportunities for this particular skill from actually being paid to play, paid to coach other footballers, set up and managing their own football club; it doesn't take much to do that if you can get a decent sponsor behind you.

Apart from the physical activity behind playing, managing and coaching football, there is the massive demand for the written and spoken word about football. This can be from simple match reports for a local papers or radio stations written to blogs and books about football - these are all potential earners.

Then there are the sidelines of football, selling kits, old football programmes, signed photographs, memorabilia etc. You don't even need to be skilful on the pitch to take this business on. It is big business online now and serious profits made if you are in the right place at the right time.

Form a football supporters' club and advertise through selling hardcopy newsletters to members or a website about the club and advertise on that for revenue. You can contact all the professional football clubs and ask for their support in setting up a local supporters' club in a different area than the team, i.e. Exeter City supporters' club in Aberdeen, you will be surprised how many interested parties you will get, just the idea will gain support locally if an article is written about it being set up in a local paper. This is what local newspapers are all about anyway.

So, if you are good at something, just take that and use it to earn yourself some money. It just needs to be thought through, planned and executed. Besides, if you are good at something you decide to take up as a small money making venture, what are you scared of, you are better than most around you at it; one could even call you the maestro in you field and you will be looked up to with that.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Blog = Book = Money?

Blog = Book = Money?Blog = Book = Money? You would think if it was that simple everyone would do it, so why aren't they? Do you have a blog? I bet most who read this do. Well are you are sitting on something that has an income waiting to be tapped. All the work has been done, all you have to do is turn it into a book and sell it.

Sounds simple doesn't it? But will it work? Will it sell? What's more, how much will it cost?

Turning a blog into a book is easy, but who will want to buy that book that is the big problem with doing this. If you have a type of blog that has a theme and your blogs have a thread that runs through, the book may well work. On the other hand if your blogs are just a series of one off 'stand alone' articles, it won't work as a book.

Each day I see many books and associated ebooks that had originally been blogs. My impression of these in the main was not good. There are only a few that I would consider buying, so why is that? Why do some work and most don't?

Blog = Book = Money?Books need to have an identifiable theme and need to be written in a more formal book style of language. It needs to be laid out so that the reader can travel through the book in one continuous journey. Blogs aren't always like; they jump about, loose track and get diverted on a day-to-day basis. The one area that may well work for a few is a diary format, that has a sequence, but it will have to be quite special as there are millions of diary in book format, only a few actually sell well. You have to be a celebrity or have something totally unique about your life to capture a share of the market. Most of us don't.

Most diaries will work, but won't sell. I has seen just a couple who write on a diary format, they don't have celebrity status and write about everyday life. The reason these would be successful is because they are very talented writers and no matter how boring the subject, their style and talent for writing turns the subject matter into something special.

Blog = Book = Money?Other matter alongside is the amount of work that is involved in publishing a hardcopy book. You will need a few thousand pounds to invest if you want to go full hog with buying in professional services and then there is no guarantee. Or you can go self publishing, which can cost you nothing, but then who will know about the book without a massive marketing campaign.

I have said that if I find something that is wasting your time, I will say so. This is something in which for most of us bloggers is indeed a waste of time. Unless your writing stands out from the crowd, has something special that can be converted and you market it professionally, which means working at it full time, don't bother. You will have put a lot of time effort and sometimes money in place for which you will get very little back.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

An Online Dating Agency Business

An Online Dating Agency BusinessDating is big business, the competition is fierce and success is hard work, so why start you your dating business online?

This is not a get rich quick idea but something that you can start off and put a little time in over an extended period and see results in the long term. Once you have established the business it takes very little effort to keep money rolling in and that's the appeal. It's a bit like saving up for a pension; you invest a little over a long term for a regular income in the future.

To start an online dating business you don't have to buy any products there is nothing to post or send off. You promote your online dating site from the comfort of your home and your income will be made from earning from member subscriptions.

An Online Dating Agency BusinessA good tip is to aim you market locally. Dating sites are based on meeting people and contacting other people. If you go for a global spread it won't work. If you can capture the market in your area, then you can move off that and expand to other areas in your country or region.

If you let visitors to your site gain access without signing up you won't get much back from this. If a visitor signs up get them to create a profile before giving them access. If you do this is will most definitely help build numbers in your database. Just imagine, if people come to your site and find it empty, what person in their right mind will join let alone create a profile.

It is a good idea to make sure you get listed in every dating directory this makes a big impact besides all your competitors are listed there if you aren't you are at a disadvantage. Search engines also get tons of visitors and they need to see you.

In addition you can also consider starting an affiliate program, they will pay for each lead you get and usually have a free sign-up. This is especially useful if you have no funds to invest

Keywords are very important and some quality time should be spent on this to experiment and see which give the best hits, it's quite fun to do as well. You can set a pay per click budget and try to target some long tail keywords. Take you rtime over this as it can make quite a difference to your traffic that streams in.

An Online Dating Agency BusinessThe big plan for success is to work a little every day. Trying to cram everything in a week and leaving it for a month doesn't work. With this suggestion you could quite easily be picking up a regular income within a year if you do things right.

Promoting your site isn't just about being online all the time, get some business cards printed out carry them around with you and hand them out wherever you go. You will be surprised how many log into you site with this system. Also try and get singles and swingers through different social area networking sites, these are the people who will go the full hog.

Blokes will always sign up on dating sites, that's not the problem you need women, they are the bait for the men and they have the cash to give!

An Online Dating Agency BusinessThe main thing is it takes time; most people who start this as a business give up after a few months. This especially so when money is being forked out month after month marketing with no returns.

There are many dating sites that can set you up free or buy, there are a few to start off with but you are advised to spend a lot of time finding the right one for you. Look at forums that give feedback on some of the companies that support you, Don’t’ jump in too fast as you may have to start all over again if you haven’t checked it out thoroughly.