Tuesday, 4 November 2008

An Online Dating Agency Business

An Online Dating Agency BusinessDating is big business, the competition is fierce and success is hard work, so why start you your dating business online?

This is not a get rich quick idea but something that you can start off and put a little time in over an extended period and see results in the long term. Once you have established the business it takes very little effort to keep money rolling in and that's the appeal. It's a bit like saving up for a pension; you invest a little over a long term for a regular income in the future.

To start an online dating business you don't have to buy any products there is nothing to post or send off. You promote your online dating site from the comfort of your home and your income will be made from earning from member subscriptions.

An Online Dating Agency BusinessA good tip is to aim you market locally. Dating sites are based on meeting people and contacting other people. If you go for a global spread it won't work. If you can capture the market in your area, then you can move off that and expand to other areas in your country or region.

If you let visitors to your site gain access without signing up you won't get much back from this. If a visitor signs up get them to create a profile before giving them access. If you do this is will most definitely help build numbers in your database. Just imagine, if people come to your site and find it empty, what person in their right mind will join let alone create a profile.

It is a good idea to make sure you get listed in every dating directory this makes a big impact besides all your competitors are listed there if you aren't you are at a disadvantage. Search engines also get tons of visitors and they need to see you.

In addition you can also consider starting an affiliate program, they will pay for each lead you get and usually have a free sign-up. This is especially useful if you have no funds to invest

Keywords are very important and some quality time should be spent on this to experiment and see which give the best hits, it's quite fun to do as well. You can set a pay per click budget and try to target some long tail keywords. Take you rtime over this as it can make quite a difference to your traffic that streams in.

An Online Dating Agency BusinessThe big plan for success is to work a little every day. Trying to cram everything in a week and leaving it for a month doesn't work. With this suggestion you could quite easily be picking up a regular income within a year if you do things right.

Promoting your site isn't just about being online all the time, get some business cards printed out carry them around with you and hand them out wherever you go. You will be surprised how many log into you site with this system. Also try and get singles and swingers through different social area networking sites, these are the people who will go the full hog.

Blokes will always sign up on dating sites, that's not the problem you need women, they are the bait for the men and they have the cash to give!

An Online Dating Agency BusinessThe main thing is it takes time; most people who start this as a business give up after a few months. This especially so when money is being forked out month after month marketing with no returns.

There are many dating sites that can set you up free or buy, there are a few to start off with but you are advised to spend a lot of time finding the right one for you. Look at forums that give feedback on some of the companies that support you, Don’t’ jump in too fast as you may have to start all over again if you haven’t checked it out thoroughly.






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