Friday, 30 January 2009

World of Warcraft - Real Money for Playing Games

World of Warcraft - Real Money for Playing GamesLast year I did a post called online game earner. It was about how you could earn money playing games online. Technically these games are e-commerce where websites sell virtual currency. These games attract a massive participation. Hence the name Massively multi player online (MMO). Many of these type of games involve some degree of role-playing turn the MMO into a MMORPG.

Where the online money is earns is from converting virtual money into real money, this is know as RMT or Real Money Trade. As mentioned in my previous post World of Warcraft (WOW) has gold as its currency and the RMT happens within the game.

If you are into games online and want to make some money out of this then World of Warcraft is probably just up your street. You can Buy Cheap WoW Gold and sell Wow Gold, Incidentally, there has already been an online gamer who achieved the millionaire status., in real money! Many online gamers of course play for nothing, why not earn at the same time?

Lock Up Garage Space - It's An Earner

Lock Up Garage Space - It's An EarnerDo you have a secure and locked up space in you garage? If you do you can make use of it by renting out storage space and making it earn money for you. There is a great demand for people who need their possessions stored for a short or a long term periods. It could be for any reason and you could provide and answer and an income from it.

Work out how much space you have and charge by the square metre, say £1 per square metre per week. For an upright piano being stored for 2 months that will give you £8 for doing nothing! It's as easy as that. You don't have to do any shifting, the owner of the goods will be responsible for shipping, or you cold make some money of the side by doing that as well; it's up to you.

People need to know about what you have to offer and that is the secret in any business, getting the word out. A good place to start is all your local contacts, it may be that you will get more customers locally than anywhere else. Naturally you will spread your wings once established locally.

Whether you choose to spend on local advertising or do it for free really depends on how much time you have on your hands. I would suggest that you go for all the free ads initially and then any business you get out of that can fund the paid ads.

without spreading the word, no business will turn up that is the one certain thing. Wherever you are and with whoever you are with talk about you plan, this is the best way to network, it is inevitable that at some point someone will know someone who wants storage space and you have a result. Imagine someone wanting 3 square metres of storage for a year, that's £156 in your pocket.

Lock Up Garage Space - It's An EarnerRates will obviously vary depending on where you live. It would be more than useful to check out professional storage services in your area and undercut them. Also, you need to make sure that you are insured, the last thing you need is to be paying compensation to someone who has had their goods stolen or burnt down! This can be done in conjunction with your own private home insurance and shouldn't cost any extra, just check the conditions of insurance to be sure it's viable.

Any spare space you have is losing you money right now, so get those free ads and networking systems in place and, who knows you'll have a better Christmas this year than last year.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Up To £200 For A Bank Switch - Easy Money?

Up To £200 For A Bank Switch - Easy Money?Whether you are an individual or a business it makes sense to look a gift horse in the mouth. Here is one occasion that you should seriously consider. After all, how long does it take you to earn £200? A day, two days, a week - longer? Well you can make up to £200 just by switching bank accounts.

First Direct is the bank in question. To promote it's customer service, which they rate at the best of all the banks, it’s giving new customers £100 initially. Then if the newly recruited bank customers aren't satisfied with First Direct a further £100 will be given after the initial six months banking with them.

Up To £200 For A Bank Switch - Easy Money?I must admit First Direct has always had a good press so just for the £100 to switch account is worth a shout. there are conditions attached of course. You have to deposit at least £1,500 into your Fist Direct account every month. You need to check out which account is best for you. To get free banking you need to have a holding of £1500 in your account for the duration. Fair do, to pay for your banking it would certainly exceed the interest you will get for this amount, in First Direct's book there is a £10 monthly fee otherwise.

I'm not meant to say this, but you can go through the motions, claim that the bank isn't for you and gather the other £100 on the way out. Seeing as this is all done online it may be worth pursuing - that it of course if you have £1500+ coming in each month.

Free 15 minute Consultation With CPA David Christensen

Business no matter how large or small is about making money and it is not often that we get free things in business or in life for that matter, but this free consultation with father and cpa guy David Christensen is being offered right now. But let's go back a bit before you start giving him a call.

Accountants can make the difference between business success and failure. Picking the wrong one can happen, which is why you should really be very careful and not cut corners in this area. Your business is important, you have worked hard to get where you are and In the battle ground cpa is vital to you getting the experts to guide you through to more success.

The advice is simple, pick an accounting company that has had many years of experience and are able to offer your business a complete range of services as a reasonable price. If any cpa is worth their salt they should offer individual tax planning services and be experienced enough to deal with complex corporate consulting engagements.

One such cpa that has that criteria with high-quality financial and tax advice, in essence a complete accounting services, 26 years of experience and gives a reasonable price is David Christensen. The reasons are clear and even more clearer why you should consider him with the offer of one quarter-hour consultation, which is entirely free.

Lots of Paid Surveys Online to Try Out

Having recently done a posting on paid surveys online, I though it a good idea to find out some sources and give you an opportunity to try some out. Again I've tried a couple personally, but because I live in Bulgaria I was excluded from many companies and some that did take me one didn't give me much work. However, there was some work that I took on and got paid for successfully.

If you want to try out some of these companies I have put a widget on my home page just under the title where you can drop down and go straight into the said sites. My recommendation is that if you want to get the best out of these, then register with everyone. I don't believe any are asking for fees, I wouldn't have put them in otherwise.

Once you have completed the registration just wait and see what happens, you can then judge whether particular companies are for you or not.

If you have anything good or bad to say about any of these paid survey sites, then please let me know. If it is bad I will delete the said company off my drop down list.

Good Luck!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Network Security Needed In A Down Economy

Okay, you have started a business either online or supported online. Lots of the information you keep online and archived is confidential. Have you ever thought of the legal requirements that are needed with such information? What about the security factor that may be breached? What if a third party had access to that information, what damage could that do to your business? These are essential factors you need to look on and act upon if fund vulnerable.

Just think, even IT specialists struggle to keep up with the tricks networks come up with day in day out. Which are the best tools? What new regulations have been introduced to keep me within the law? Many now take on specialists in this field to take care of this complex side of affairs.

There is an organisation that has been accepted in the market that gives a viable solution to network security needs. There is a reason they are there. Companies and businesses needn't pay upfront capital investment or less deployment alongside absolutely no maintenance. Software-As-A-Servive (SaaS) is such a company that can take care of securely archiving and analysing data from the customer’s network made. business, companies, event log monitoring, network, online, protect, SaaSThis is made from a system developed,which is fully accountable, the Event Log Monitoring system has an essential place working to protect networks with their clients.

In this day and age of a down economy, panic stricken individuals up the competition, but not always in a legitimate way. SaaS makes complete sense to have around today to protect unfair advantage that will be on the increase right now. Can you afford to take the risk? SaaS can provide systems that simplify how businesses are addressing their security and compliance needs, this is what many businesses need right now.

Paid Surveys Online - Beware of Traps

Paid Surveys Online - Beware of TrapsIn the main doing surveys just just isn't worth the effort, there are many scams, traps and false promises. However there are a few survey companies online that have proved to be viable money making schemes. You'll never make a fortune, but a few bucks at the end of the month to supplement your income is pretty useful, especially when money is tight right now.

The main things to look for in online survey companies are not up front fees. If they request money or a deposit for you to register or join up, you know for sure that this is going to be a scam and you should discount them straight away. Don't give up you time or money on these companies. The whole point of working for these survey companies is for them to pay you for doing surveys. Why do they ask for money before you start when this will be paid back after your first paid survey? It just doesn't make sense, well it does make sense to them, it is a money making scam.

The other thing to look out for are companies that you register with and then the waiting game begins. Week after week goes by and still no survey has been offered to you. You can wait forever with some companies depending on where you live and what your status is. The secret is not to just apply to one company. The more you join the more chance there is of getting a survey commission. After all you can always refuse to do surveys if you are lucky enough to find that the work get too much for you.

Paid Surveys Online - Beware of TrapsThe amount of money you get for surveys also varies greatly. Don't forget how much time you spend doing surveys, on many occasions this will fall below the minimum wage level. Don't undervalue yourself and also remind yourself that if you work at these 'sweat shop' rates these companies will continue to offer at these low rates. You are effectively shooting yourself in the foot; It is a simple case of supply and demand.

Finally, make sure you keep the survey company you find that works well for you a secret. If you spread the word to others with publicly announcing your find, you will get others to join and take work off you. People making good money online don't advertise their success as you should well understand.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Improve Your Personal Planning - Improve You Business Profits

Improve Your Personal Planning - Improve You Business ProfitsMaking money is never that easy and always involves time and effort. It doesn't matter how easy it sounds, without having a plan of how you are to use your time and effort there will be lots of wasted man hours by not prioritising. I have given a few tips on how you can best use your time in working effectively in a world where is really is a case of time is money.
  • Always plan your actions - Try not to get distracted by other things and keep focused on you planned work.
  • If you are really struggling with a task, leave it and come back to it later that day or schedule it in for another day. It is always easier when you return to it.
  • If you are stuck or have a problem, get help from others. So many people just don't ask for help, most people are glad to help if you ask, but most don't ask.
  • Don't waste you time on bad business. Most know the type of businesses that waste time, just don't spend time with them if you know that the time spent is just not going to top up your profits. Be forceful and straight to the point - Do you want to transact or not? The said contact will also respect this business strategy and deal or not deal. Either way you will win with the outcome.
  • Never be inactive when in work time. There is always something to do, even if it is something as simple as sending a business contact an email asking how things are going. Singularly this isn't much, but if you add all the little chores you can fit into a week, it will make a difference.
  • Use you lunchtimes not just to eat, but go for a walk or a jog and get some exercise, this is assuming you don't have a physically demanding job. The amount of extra energy this will give you for the afternoon session will be substantial. Again, it could make the difference towards increased productivity and beyond, increased profits. Incidentally, the worse thing you can do is not take a lunch break.
  • The last tip is to spend time listening to your staff, you have employed then for a reason, they are the best you could find. They may have their ears to the ground and will know more than you in some areas - Take time to listen to these ideas.
Improve Your Personal Planning - Improve You Business ProfitsThese are just a few tips will help you to manage your time and efforts to creating a more efficient personal working regime. With this on board it can't do anything else than improve your personal management skills, improved productivity both in quality and quantity and finally improved profits made from these factors.

Business Internet Software - Well Worth a Look

Business Internet Software - Well Worth a LookIf you are in the world of the Internet business you need to be ahead of your competitors. Even if you are Internet geared your products or services via the Internet need to be pushed into a quality and affective way to give you the edge on marketing and new business.

Internet projects you may have in mind may be answered by some software that will integrate and give communities and markets effective solutions. If it is a CAD product you are after there is superb CAD Software available with 3D and 3D fully integrated software that needs minimal training with MicroStation Tutorials at hand.

With over 20 years of successful applications and development and thousands of projects now in operation, MicroStation can give your company and business a complete application integration. If you have a busness, you will have a related Internet site, can you afford not to give them a look?


Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sell Home Grown Spider Plants - Easy Money

Sell Home Grown Spider Plants - Easy MoneyDo you have a greenhouse, a windowed garage or some spare space with natural light as protection from the winter weather? If you do that space can be used to earn you money. The business is growing plants from cuttings, you can reap the benefits a few months on and over 90% of this will be profit.

If you are just starting I suggest you try this on a small scale and build up from that. A good number to start with is 20 to 50 cuttings. You need to decide what plants you are to propagate. My advice to beginners would be to take the most common and easy to grow plant initially and experiment after you have successfully grown and sold your first batch.

The best beginners plant is the spider plant and this is what this post goes on to explain. Many home have them and they are the easiest to grow as they automatically produce 'little' spider plants for you to pick off and put in pots. You can't fail to propagate these plants successfully. What's more, they are one of the best selling houseplant, so no worries about sales afterwards.

All you need are some plastic pots, some potting compost, a tray to put the pots on and a well-ventilated frost free area where there is natural light - not direct sunlight.

Sell Home Grown Spider Plants - Easy MoneyYou can get cutting from the spider plant free from friends and family who might have these plants that readily sprout the cutting. Or you can buy a few mature plants and wait a couple of months for the cuttings. Even hairdressers, dentists, doctor's surgeries along with many other shops have these plants sitting around, you can ask them if they want a free pruning service, most will be glad for you to do this.

Simply place the pots in the tray and top the pots up with compost firming it down, not too firm though. Then pour water into each pot so it is soaked and leave it overnight. The next day poke finger in the centre of the compost to a depth of around 3 cm, place the cutting into the hole made and firm the damp compost around the base of the plant. It is as simple as that.

You need to now let the plants establish their rooting system over the next few months before you start selling them. The only work you need to do now is to make sure they don't dry out. The tip is to water just before is dries out; this of course depends on the environmental climate.

Sell Home Grown Spider Plants - Easy MoneyYou now have spider plants ready for sale. Have a look at the cost in garden centres and undercut them, you will get your money back on the cost of pots and compost after selling just a couple.

Car boot sales are the best place to sell these, perhaps selling wholesale to other carbooters for them to sell on is a great way to make a quick profitable catch with the least amount of work involved.

What are you wating for?

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Improve Your Business By Improving Your Looks

If you have to meet people on your business, your looks and fitness have a major impact on how people react to you. It is a good business ethic to look after your appearance as well as your physical health to enhance your business relationships that are so important. You after all may well be your shopfront, you have to look at your best to take full advantage of attracting business. How can you achieve this?

There are short cuts to looking good for business and thousands of business minded people take this route to lay rest the efforts that are needed to gain enhanced appearances. This of course doesn’t mean you forego working on your physical and aerobic side of health. This will give an effective cosmetic tweak alongside you general health and it just doesn't apply to women.

We are talking about cosmetic surgery, including plastic surgery and liposuction. No longer is there a gasp of shock when this is talked about. This treatment is now common worldwide and practiced by professionals who have years of experience behind them.

For expample, liposuction is performed under local anaesthetic any problem area that needs to return to the contours that were once there. This eliminated months of strict diet and exercise given the patient results from as little as 30 minutes work from the surgeon. Any form of surgery of course will require some time off work, but the benefits to your business not only your looks but the confidence you will bring over will repay the cost in new business made from this.

MYA are a professional medical surgical company that have been in the cosmetic surgery business for over 25 years having successful completed more than 100,000 operations. They have the most experienced and skilled staff, which is why they are preferred. They offer a comprehensive range of liposuction proceedures that give you many choices giving you your body the confidence you need for both business and pleasure. Payments are affordable with various schemes in place to help cover fees.

Location is never a problem for liposuction surgery uk have consultation centres all over the country including Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield with others planned to be opening in the near future. If you want to promote yourself and your business you needn’t look any further than MYA.

Fortune Telling - Online Fortune Made

Fortune Telling - Online Fortune MaFortune telling from star signs and horoscope systems is something I just don't believe in, but millions do and that's the market you can play online with a horoscope site. You may or may not have a seventh sense; it doesn't matter if you don't as the stars apparently tell fortunes. The main thing is convincing people that you have their fortune for them to read in their stars. This will draw the traffic you need to make money on the side with other ads and affiliate businesses.

There are thousands upon thousands of horoscope gurus throughout the world making money out of this in many genres. Magazines, television, radio, newspapers and of course Internet. If they can do it so can you. All you need is horoscope information put into your own words; the rest is plain sailing as far as content is concerned. There will always be a fascination and following in this world in this subject therefore you will always get steady stream of followers, mostly who return again and again to check their star sign reports.

Fortune Telling - Online Fortune MaYou will need your own domain and update the information on your site regularly, but that is the case with all websites. The side businesses running alongside will not need much updating once you have got them up and running.

Offering personal star charts to guests that come to your site can make more business. Again these can be widely found on the web, you just need to put your own stamp and personalise the product. This shouldn't take up too much work, besides thousands of webmasters base their online business on re-writing existing articles and posts and not only get away with it but improve the article.

Fortune Telling - Online Fortune MaThis ideal medium for an online business that will also draw traffic, traffic is the key to any successful business. The only overheads you have is the minimal cost of running the website, everything else will be pure profit. The secret is to have an online genre that is guaranteed to pull in guests - this can be enhanced my joining every directory you can lay your hands on and promote you site through forums and website communities. Many of these will bring you in lots more traffic as long as you remain an active member.

Whether you believe in fortune telling through horoscopes in conjunction with the position of the stars on your birthday or not, this makes good business sense and has lots of potential as an Internet business.

Whether you believe in fortune telling through horoscopes and the position of the stars on your birthday or not, this makes good business sense and has lots of potential as an Internet business.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Web-Hosting Lotteries Can Be Solved For Your Business

Web-Hosting Lotteries Can Be Solved For Your BusinessMost businesses any without Internet presence are at a major disadvantage with their competitors that are. The Internet and being online with others has been an increasing area that is essential to business success especially so now with the recession hitting hard. You really can’t afford not to be part of that genre right now and finding the right web host is a lottery to many businesses.

If you haven’t got online or are looking for a new web hosting service you need a good source of reference that can give you a plethora of web areas and ideas to work from. Unless you business is IT and web-hosting orientated then the best option is simply to get a party or site that knows the ins and outs of website hosting and all the needs that go alongside with that.

For example, you may want to find out who provides the best budget hosting, the best green hosting, the top 10 rated web-hosting providers or web master reviews. Finding the right hosting is just as important to your business, if it lets you down then you will lose business, online clients and subsequently affect profits.

Web-Hosting Lotteries Can Be Solved For Your is a site that has been around for quite a while now, that can give you a comprehensive guide geared to exactly what you want. They have been giving web hosting reviews, ratings and awards since 2004. Whether you are a new business starting up an website campaign or an existing business wanting to move forward to a more effective hosting facility. They give a totally independent reviews of the best web-hosting providers, they also gives reviews of the worse.

Whatever you want to know about web hosting, including a web host you are currently using, they can help you and your business enormously by filling you in with a review and analysis. This will help you make decisions that will take you and your business forward in the Internet genre.

Mobile Hairdressing - A Recession-Proof Business

Mobile Hairdressing - A Recession-Proof BusinessJust think to yourself, have you ever been to a hairdressing saloon and had to wait without an appointment? If you have you are lucky, why is that so? Quite simply because it is a failsafe business and there is a massive demand that almost anyone can take up subject to a little training. Recession or not, everyone needs their hair cut, coloured or styled, there will never be a recession in hairdressing. The investment you lay out for that training is should be recouped within a few weeks or few months working as a mobile hairdresser, beyond that it's mainly profit all the way.

There are course you can take all around the country with many training done either privately, in further education centres, in house training (in hairdressing saloons themselves) etc. NVQ qualification is normally gained alongside, it doesn't take that long to obtain if you do the course full time. You can of course carry on working and take the course part-time, this will take longer and gives you an opportunity to change careers if you need to earn while it is on course.

The work that awaits you when you walk out with that hairdressing qualification is extensive. You can walk straight into a job in a hairdressing saloon or take other options such as setting up your own saloon. For many though the thought eventually must be to have your own hairdressing business and there is one option that stands out from the rest in profits and minimal overheads, the mobile hairdresser!

Mobile Hairdressing - A Recession-Proof BusinessMost mobile hairdressers as well as having their own hairdressing kit and car that they carry around with them also have a space at home that can facilitate more business. This combination more or less guarantees work full time if you put the time and effort in advertising your skills locally.

Any business needs marketing and mobile hairdressing is no exception. Promote yourself to your friends, family, local press, local shops and place card on the supermarket ads board. Start your own business blog or website and even contacting existing hairdressing saloons locally, they may offer you freelance work in peak times. You business can't really fail if you take the proper steps in marketing and sourcing business.

Mobile Hairdressing - A Recession-Proof BusinessSo if you want to get on and run your own business, there is mobile hairdressing, a superb opportunity to get into running your own business without being a slave to any boss with work always there if you look for it.

A couple of training course sites to give you a guide on the types of courses that are available:

Professional Trade Displays - Essential to Business in a Recession

Professional Trade Displays - Essential to Business in a RecessionOkay, you have a business that has got off the ground you’re making a clear profit and things are going well. But a recession is in our midst and there could be some difficult time ahead. What can you do about it?

There are many things you can do to protect yourself against the imminent recession, cut back on overheads, get rid of areas in your business that may be a liability in a recession, reassess your staff and thin out those who aren’t efficient or who aren’t pulling their weight. In fact looking for or replacing staff fact is an advantage in a recession; more people are looking for work so you could find ‘better’ staff for less. But by far the best way to get through a recession is to push your advertising and promotion in an efficient manner. There are still many who have disposable income, but just aren’t spending. Advertising and getting your product or service to more people will guarantee more business to see you through.

On area you may not have thought of is trade show. There are hundreds of these trade shows spread around the country every year and it is a great way to further push your company and business to other businesses and customers. It is also a great medium for networking and making new contacts that potentially will give you more business and referrals. This sometime is a vital part of marketing for some businesses.

To get the best out of a trade show, you need the best to supply you with the most suitable and effective display set-ups for your particular company. Camelback is a company that offer trade show displays advice and equipment to businesses and companies. Should you buy or hire portable equipment that is something you should consider if you intend to take part in trade shows regularly. Sometime it is cheaper to buy if this is the case.

Professional Trade Displays - Essential to Business in a RecessionTrade show displays come in many different forms from tabletops, pop-ups and panel systems and island exhibits and logo floor mats. There are modular and collapsible truss systems and banner stands. Help with your design and layout of your stand is on hand with designs that can be made specific to you company and business, without this business might just walk past if not done professionally.

Then there are the presentation tools that may be required. What do you do once you have visitors to your stand? Presentation tools can transform your interested parties into more sales using the technology available. Brochures and literature that should be available to hand out to passing or interested potential clients. Essential as your company will be with them when they get back home or back to their office or factory.

Lighting for your display to create the best possible environment that invites passers by. This should be also used to highlight and focus eyes on the displays you have set up. To compliment this stage skirting should be employed on your stage to soften the hard edges of the layout, again making a most comfortable environment for customers to feel home in, perhaps not wanting to leave.

Finally the furniture comfortable chairs, hospitality tables, podiums, cabinets, your potential customers have bee on their feet all day, a seating area alongside you displays and presentations will add to their comfort zone and the focus on your products or service will be enhanced.

Professional Trade Displays - Essential to Business in a RecessionOf course you products, services and prices have to be attractive to customers in the first place perhaps a one off promotion can be set up on trade show events to further entice business is a good idea. Many have done this successfully in the past.

Trade shows and professionally set up exhibit booths will in many instances put your company in the firing line for more business, but only if it is done right and efficiently.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Money For Old Rope

Money For Old RopeMoney for old rope actually means getting money for not much work and this is exactly the idea that may well work if you want to try it. The plan is to actually sell old rope!!

Over the past few years it has become the fashion to sell anything online, from a box of drawing pins to a jet fighter, there is always a buyer who may be interested. the novelty is still there to sell stuff that is unusual or weird, in fact the market is actually better with these strange products.

Old rope has been sold before so there is no reason why it won't sell again. So where do you get old rope from? Many places, an old washing line, harbours are a good place, camping equipment, dog leads, shopping bag handles etc. Rope is used in many places and usually chucked away. Just ask family and friends if they have any old rope lying around in their house or garage, you'll be surprised what you will get. The main thing is not to pay anything for it.

Money For Old RopeThe next step is to take some photographs individual pieces of rope. Try and enhance them by having a background that may lead the buyer into thinking it had its working life there. For example a rope on the seaside shore may give the impression it came from a shipwreck. Or set it with a wild west theme as a rope that has been used for hangin someone. Just think where the rope could have been used and with a bit of imagination, the rope suddenly becomes a special product with a working history; an antique in fact.

Once you have a few pictures, you need to write an account. A few online encyclopedias can give the a good starting point telling the history of rope, this can be a good starting point for your description and work around that.

You are now read to market it, there is however only one place it will sell and that is on a online auction, this it the big business for buying and selling novelties and this is you next step.

Put a reserve on it so you don't lose any overheads you may have had - it should be nominal anyway. Add a little more into the posting and packaging, after all it is your time that is being paid for anyway, but not too much to put buyers off. You can also suggest they can come and pick it up personally if they are locally based.

Once all is in place, it is the waiting game, but don't get too downhearted if there is only 10 minutes to go in the auction and not bids have been made. Many people wait until the last 5 minutes before committing themselves.

Money For Old RopeIf for some reason it didn't sell, tweak your description and re-list it, your rope will sell eventually and you will have achieved something and made a profit at the same time. Why not do it again with another old piece of rope?

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Business Owners - A Free Credit Report is Essential

Business Owners - A Free Credit Report is EssentialBusinesses sometimes need credit to start off, expand or get through difficult times such as right now in this worldwide financial recession. In order to get the cheapest and most competitive loans and credit depends very much on your personal credit score. The better your credit score the cheaper it is to get credit for your business - this is a financial fact.

Do you know where you stand with your credit rating? Many don't and don't actually find out until it is too late. Many will apply for a loan and get it refused or offered ridiculous high rates of interest, as the lender will check your credit rating before the applier. Don't let this happen to you.

There are a lot of scams out there that claim they will get a credit report for free, but what is free and what is not free is in many cases a hazy claim.

Business Owners - A Free Credit Report is EssentialGetting your totally free credit report along with your free credit score is easy online. You can now see your own credit report within 5 minutes and it is free. Simply sign up online then call 1-800-452-2541 to cancel within 30 days. There is a promise to get all information that you need and indeed for you to print out so you have a hard copy for reference of your running credit score. Many other companies just don't make it that easy to cancel, this company does.

For any business it is essential that you know your credit rating and you can work from that know that everything is in order or take action to improve you credit standing. It makes sense for you and your business. Don't wait until you need credit to find out - it may be a very expensive business if you do.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Make Money Video - Just Don't Bother

Whilst surfing for ideas I came across this video that made me quite annoyed. The claims from this advertisement are all geared to selling their product. There is no 'real' information given.

Even though there will be hundreds of people falling for this ad and buying the plan which actually is just another affiliate program which can't be that good as they have to 'push' people into it with videos such as these. If the program is any good, it would sell from conventional places to advertise affiliate programs.

Look at the video and read between the lines - there's nothing there for you.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Mobile Fruit and Vegetable Business

Mobile Fruit and Vegetable BusinessDo you have transport that is a van or a car with a hatchback and your horn works? If you do, then you are ready for business right now.

By working just mornings through to lunchtime you can make a living quite easily by selling fruit and vegetables to residential households.

Everyone needs food and today more and more are looking at healthier foods to buy and eat. Fruit and vegetables will always be in demand, they are the staple diet for many households.

With this demand in place, it is just a matter of getting yourself known in local residential areas. Plan a different route for each day of the week you work and stick rigidly to it. That way customers will now what day and what time your are coming and will be looking out for you.

Mobile Fruit and Vegetable BusinessThe business is really simple. Early in the morning you will get your daily stock from the local wholesale market. You will have to look up where your local one is, every town has a wholesale supplier within reach.

Your stock is laid out in the back of the van or hatchback car and you will travel on your planned route beeping your horn every few hundred yard to let household know you are there.

Initially of course you will probably need some support, perhaps from your partner or friends. You will have do a go through hand mail shot telling everyone you will be around and what you are selling. Little pamphlets through letter boxes will only take a few days to deliver, then you have people expecting you.

On your first run, as well has hooting your horn, call at every three or four houses to let them know you are there. Talking to customers is the best way to start sales off and they will tell their neighbours, which is why you don't need to call on every house. The business and profits will start straight away.

Mobile Fruit and Vegetable BusinessPrices can be worked out roughly the same as the local grocer store, don't forget they will have more overheads than you so profits for you should be more. Obviously with some produce you can't compete with supermarket prices, but then people are paying for a service as well as fruit that is probably locally produced rather than coming from South America! You can advertise that fact as well.

Don't start off with too much stock, fruit and vegetables can be stored for a few days in a cool place like garage, so make use of good storage space.

It may take a while for business to establish itself, but well worth persevering as word gets around, you will be rewarded with your efforts.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Quality Custom Homes - Good Investmest

Business is about making money and what better way to make money than from you own home. The value of property has risen every since the very first house was built and continues to be the best long-term investment. Looking for another property as a home and investment? Read on.

Okay, your looking for a new home and you just can’t find what you’re looking for. Well there is a very simple answer, get one made to your tailor-made to suit you.

Schumacher Homes changed family’s lives and made dreams come true. If you’re looking for an updated design to accommodate any and all needs, based on your family needs you will have no worries with a family run business of Schumacher Homes.

Moving in to our new Schumacher Home, you will feel at home straight away after all you had the say in how your house is. With Schumacher Homes, a custom home can be created; they go to great lengths to cater to your every need. The aim is to make lives less difficult and as comfortable as possible for their clients. Many families are more than happy,

Whether you are after a primary or vacation residence, you will know that you should check into the promising services that Schumacher Homes provided to myself and our family, as they have for hundreds and thousands of others.

Sometimes it is impossible to find a house on the market that that would fits families needs. Large amounts of money are often paid out for home that isn’t perfect, why settle for a less than perfect home? It’s not like buying a TV or Hi-fi where you can easily get a different model this is your home.

Schumacher Homes make sure everything is taken care of before you walk into your new customised home. Project managers are on top of things the whole time.

With Schumacher Homes having years of experience in the USA under their belt helping change families lives. They are one of the top American home builders. You won’t find any better opportunity to have a home created that you have always wanted without an disappointments en route.

Debt Consolidation Advice - The Next Step

Business is about making profits and if the profits you make are being dwindled by expensive credit then you really should do something about it. So many people have loans credit cards and other high interest borrowed money and let them run not given much though about how much this is costing them. If there is any business sense there, these matters should be just as important as trying to earn money.

Debt consolidation is not something new, but is it still something that many businesses ignore or constantly put off for another time. The longer this is put off the more money it is costing. Things like debt should be acted upon straight away. Remember, each day that goes by more money is being drained away from your bank account, just think how many man extra man hours you have to work to account for the unnecessary interest you are paying right now; 1 hour, 2 hours, 5 hours or more? It just doesn’t make sense to carry on like this.

Lets look at who can help. Debt consolidation needs to be managed and advice from professionals who have been helping people for years. Good advice leads to lowering or eliminating interest rates and fees therefore reducing your monthly payments. You will be improving your credit rating eliminating demands from creditors who can be quite harassing sometimes and at the same time reducing stress, important to you working efficiency. Did you know that over $9,000 in unsecured debt is what the average US family have right now?

With all the benefits from the help and advice that is on offer, surely a call a Government Debt Consolidation, which is a non-profit, licensed and bonded credit-counselling agency is next step to take right now. It is also reassuring to know that they also offer support in medical debt cobsolidation in times of need and rental debt, which I know some businesses have to carry in some instances. Again all this advice is online and totally free

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Adventure Holidays - A Business Adventure with Profits Attached

Adventure Holidays - A Business Adventure with Profits AttachedWorking from home either full time or part time is quite feasible with this moneymaking idea. It is also very rewarding as you are making people very happy and in some cases, helping make dreams come true. Organising adventure holidays is a simply business adventure in itself, but with profits attached.

Adventure holidays are a new innovative business and are hot right now. There is a new craze for holidays that live on the edge. People just love to have adventure and excitement in this day and age. It’s not just young people, but the older generation who perhaps have missed out on all the fun never having had the opportunity before. This is where you come in with an adventure holiday business.

Adventure Holidays - A Business Adventure with Profits AttachedMountain climbing in foothills of the Himalayas, shark fishing in South Africa, parachuting or hot air ballooning, it’s all in demand right now. Giving people fun and earning money from doing so from a specialty adventure travel agency is something that you may want consider as a business.

A tour of London just doesn’t appeal to a big proportion of holidaymakers and the thought of a boring two weeks on the Spanish coast just doesn’t have enough spice either. You can offer something much more exciting and will stick in the memories of clients for a lifetime – A unique holiday that will be told many times to friends and family on their return.

For you to get started there is some market research to do. Look at adventure vacation packages in various companies who provide these types of holidays. Look for newsletters and online chat rooms to gather information and advice. Just spend a couple of weeks browsing to see what's around and on offer. Then you can set up your own online agency and look for affiliate businesses you can take on and you are away!

Advertise in speciality sports and recreation publications. You may even want to set up exhibitions at sports and recreation centres and shows. You can use e-mail broadcasting as a way of attracting attention.

The beauty of this type of business is that once you are up and running, the repeat business yet get from referrals will ensure you get as continuous flow of profits.

Adventure Holidays - A Business Adventure with Profits AttachedCharging your clients a fee for organizing the adventure holidays for them can make up your income. As an alternative you can charge your host company a set fee for marketing their adventure holidays. You may even consider charging for both!

As an entrepreneur you can earn a good living by simply arranging adventure holidays for people who are looking for something different. If you have the same enthusiasm for adventure travel yourself, this type of business will be just up your street.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Franchise Business - A Place to Start

Franchise Business - A Place to StartOne of the most popular ways of making money is by acquiring your own franchise. Tens of thousands of people all over the world have successfully set up their own franchise business and make a good living out of the profits that are generated from it. The advantages of a franchise business in many cases far outweigh the setting up of a business from scratch.

To start a business without enormous funds to invest is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to many people. This is what prevents so many businesses from being started. With a franchise, you only need limited investment and the lots of hard work to get your self-employed status established as a money earner.

It is certainly worth looking into as there are always thousands of franchise businesses looking for new owners, but where to you start?

Franchise Business - A Place to StartThe best place to look is in a Franchise directory, this of course is where Franchise businesses would look to advertise naturally. Franchise Opportunities are one such directory that does just that. They are in fact the Internet's biggest directory of open opportunities for franchise and other business opportunity listings.

Being the biggest means that they have a diverse array of franchise businesses at all levels of investment. So whether you are looking for a multi-million pound industry or just a little sweet shop, you will find it there. Finding the right business is important and this is an excellent place to start hunting.

Franchise Business - A Place to StartThere is also some good advice and tips to help you find the right business with stories from others who have taken the plunge. This is all very useful to anyone considering the franchise route.

100% Profit From Renting Out Private Parking Spaces

100% Profit From Renting Out Private Parking SpacesDo have a garage or parking space not use use and live in a built up area? If you do , there is money waiting to be earned.

This is really quite easy and thousands of people are just letting money go by the wayside by not doing anything about it. If you don’t use your drive during the day then you can have your drive or garage earning money for you at home while you are at work.

Getting a client to pay for you parking space or garage is really quite easy. You have a space that is in demand and there will be people looking for parking spaces so take look in the local press under 'wanted'. You may have business just waiting for you there.

A free ad in the local supermarket, business people often pop in there to by there lunch or shop before driving home. It only take a minute for the ad to be placed, make sure it stands out from the crowd of cards displayed by putting a coloured border around the card.

Put a poster, sign or banner on a wall or on your garage door where it can be seen by people driving pass. This is probably the most effective from of getting business as it will be seen by drivers, probably driving slowly past looking for a parking space anyway. Make sure it is big enough and proud enough to be read from a distance.

Word of mouth, you must have businesses nearby, pop into each business and tell them you have a parking space to let, if they don't want it they may know someone else who does. Don't be scared of showing your face and letting people know about it on a one to one basis. Again, this is a very effective way of getting business.

You may wish to pay for advertising, this then opens many doors to attract business and the money invested will probably be repaid in the first week of someone renting your parking space. Good business sense at the end of the day.

So, how much can you earn? More than you think, just look at local parking fees in your town and work it out from there. Don't just sit on a gold mine, make it work for you, not overheads, 100% profit what other businesses offers that?


Finally, if you don’t have a parking space of garage to let, but you know someone who does, you could earn £20 just for recommending them. Check this site out - Rent your Drive

Friday, 2 January 2009

Directory Listing Sites - Once Set Up Relax

Directory Listing Sites - Once Set Up RelaxThere are many ways to make money with a website ,but one of the easiest is by setting up a directory listing website. As with all websites you have many choices of sites types to choose from. You can start from scratch or get a site that is already designed on a directory format ready to go. It very much depends on whether you want to put your own work in to start with before it is ready to take on site listings.

You can also choose a general directory for all types of sites or choose genre in which to work in, i.e. food and drink, travel, business, photographic sites etc. It is very much up to you which way to go on this but you must be quite clear on this before you start as it will be difficult to change once you have got it going.

The whole idea behind this type of moneymaking scheme is to create a directory and charge suppliers to be listed. It is usually done in two ways. One is to simply list and charge for every application or you can list every site for free and charge for an enhanced listing. Again both system has its good and bad points, it is just a matter of you deciding which you feel happier with bearing in mind that listing every applicant will take up a little more time to administer.

The secret like any other site is to get people to visit your site. No traffic, no business and there again is another choice you have to make whether to work really hard at promoting your site or pay for third parties to promote it. Either way the amount you earn on the submitted fees from sites is commensurate to traffic coming onto your site.

The beauty of directory listing is that once it is set up and running, there is not much involved in terms of keeping it ticking over other than processing applications and general, tweaking and updating. As long as your traffic continues to stream in you will have an earning site for very little work involved.