Friday, 9 January 2009

Mobile Fruit and Vegetable Business

Mobile Fruit and Vegetable BusinessDo you have transport that is a van or a car with a hatchback and your horn works? If you do, then you are ready for business right now.

By working just mornings through to lunchtime you can make a living quite easily by selling fruit and vegetables to residential households.

Everyone needs food and today more and more are looking at healthier foods to buy and eat. Fruit and vegetables will always be in demand, they are the staple diet for many households.

With this demand in place, it is just a matter of getting yourself known in local residential areas. Plan a different route for each day of the week you work and stick rigidly to it. That way customers will now what day and what time your are coming and will be looking out for you.

Mobile Fruit and Vegetable BusinessThe business is really simple. Early in the morning you will get your daily stock from the local wholesale market. You will have to look up where your local one is, every town has a wholesale supplier within reach.

Your stock is laid out in the back of the van or hatchback car and you will travel on your planned route beeping your horn every few hundred yard to let household know you are there.

Initially of course you will probably need some support, perhaps from your partner or friends. You will have do a go through hand mail shot telling everyone you will be around and what you are selling. Little pamphlets through letter boxes will only take a few days to deliver, then you have people expecting you.

On your first run, as well has hooting your horn, call at every three or four houses to let them know you are there. Talking to customers is the best way to start sales off and they will tell their neighbours, which is why you don't need to call on every house. The business and profits will start straight away.

Mobile Fruit and Vegetable BusinessPrices can be worked out roughly the same as the local grocer store, don't forget they will have more overheads than you so profits for you should be more. Obviously with some produce you can't compete with supermarket prices, but then people are paying for a service as well as fruit that is probably locally produced rather than coming from South America! You can advertise that fact as well.

Don't start off with too much stock, fruit and vegetables can be stored for a few days in a cool place like garage, so make use of good storage space.

It may take a while for business to establish itself, but well worth persevering as word gets around, you will be rewarded with your efforts.

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