Sunday, 30 May 2010

Horse Racing For Fun Or Serious Business?

Funny you know. In the space of a week there has been been a big interest in horse betting. Maybe because this time of the years many big horse racing events take place around the world and it is in the media's eye right now.

I would say the vast majority of horse racing betting is done for fun and the profit is a bonus if it happens. This is fine, but for the more serious contenders the advice is to do your homework on form etc. After all, it is like any other business really where market research is all important to eliminate losses and increase profits. If you do horse betting then it is well worth the effort if you put the time and effort in.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Be A Phone Or Email Answering Agent

Money can be made in so many ways, how about an email or phone answering service. You can be first in line of a company's telephone or email communication system and it pays well! 

Company's pay well for a good polite service on phone or online. Your role will be whittle out the need for uncalled for service visits that are so expensive by answering easy questions that you will have been briefed in. The amount of money saved by using this service that you can offer is tremendous and therefore the demand is ripe. At the end of the day is is a cost cutting service you are providing and a valuable service and that's why they pay well. 

There are also jobs that are linked to this type of work by attending your PC and text chatting to users who've have reached a company's website by clicking the help button. This again is a big bonus to companies who look for effective personnel to take this role. Sometimes of course a bit of training is involved which is needed to be an effective consultant on the helpline.

My Friend the Poor Gambler

I have a friend who gambles, I have known him for 40 years and his habit has plagued him for all this time. He only tells people when he has won and keeps quite when he loses. 

Needless to say he is quite most of the the time and his winnings are in most cases are squandered on rounds of drinks celebrating. In effect there is no profit in his gambling business.

Most of his betting is done on horse betting and he takes tips from strangers in the main which is not a good business practice. this is not recommended as a way of making money of course. Just a warning here.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Lemonade Stands But Not Necessarily Lemonade

Making money takes many forms but in the main it is a simple concept of simply giving goods or service for a fee that bring you some profit out of it. This is how the money world goes round since time began and not much has changed throughout that time.

Usually the simplest business is the most effective and this is where this particular idea may well appeal to many, especially now the summer season is more or less in progress. Lemonade stands may sound rather American and old fashion, but over the decades it never fails to be a success. There are three reasons behind this.

  1. In hot weather people want a cold refreshing drink
  2. The outlay and stock of the business is cheap and with no real financial risk, (lemonade has a long shelf life)
  3. You will always make a profit if you undercut retail/shop prices of goods

There are two important points to make the most of the potential profits, location and weather. You may think that summer is the only time this business can make money, but you'd be wrong. Hot beverages can be just as popular in the winter as cold drink in the summer.

The most convenience place to set up this type of business is at a local community fair, or sale if you can get permission or even as a mobile service is a tray can be made like those old fashioned popcorn and nut sellers in the cinema.

Having a variety of drink is also going to widen you market, coca cola is always going to be a popular choice for many but you may want to also have pepsi as well. Make sure the prices are slightly lower than the local shops sell them for and give a straw with each drink as a bonus.

With regular runs you will get to know your market and they will get to know you, don't forget to enjoy their drink, tell their friends and call again. Service with a smile makes a big difference as well.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Horse Racing Betting - Good Business?

Thoroughbred racing at Churchill Downs.
Horse racing is said to be the sport of Kings and attracts the hierarchy of society at big meets, but it is also a sport for the pleb who might want to make a few bucks from betting. Although not my scene at all there are those in the know who make a good living from horse race betting.

The secret is all about information and form which takes time and effort. you can of course just get lucky but that is not a good business ethic. Experience and calculating betting is the only way to make a success of this form of money making enterprise in the long term.

I never gamble on horse racing betting for the simple reason that I don't know anything about horses. I know a bit about donkeys as I used to own one, but pure breed racehorses is not an area I am familiar with. Goodness knows how much money I would have lost if gambling on a sport I know nothing about - there are of course millions of others who also know nothing but still put on a horse racing bet often!

The Dosh for U advice here for horse race betting is simply not to bother betting at all unless you read up, study and know the true odds. It is only the select few who do this who make a decent living out of it.
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