Tuesday, 20 November 2018

A Shoe Box and a Stick Equals Dosh

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If you are desperate for money there are things you can do to earn even if you have no assets or possessions.
Living in Bulgaria has taught me a lot about survival and ways to get by on next to nothing. One of the things I saw was so simple but effective to reap in enough dosh for a meal.

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Simply get hold of a shoe although any strong cardboard box would do and a stick. the box is the drum and the stick is the beater. (Two sticks would be more constructive in performance.)  Find yourself a place where many people pass and start beating the box rhythmically.

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There are many people who beg just by sitting on the pavement with a note asking for donations. This is not begging, but getting reward for entertaining. Also the more you perform the better you get. You don't have possess any musical talents to become proficient in hitting out a beat. You can also add different sized boxes and have an array of drums or upgrade using different sized plastic or metal buckets.

You may think this is not a very good idea and wouldn't pay well. Think again, this pays out far in excess of any online Pay Per Click or Surveys conducted. You just have to step outside and do it.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Do You Like Online Puzzles - Why Not Earn From That?

Helping you through the maze of money making

Do you or do you know folk who spend hours a day online with puzzle games and conundrums all to no avail. The only reward is satisfaction on success and frustration without. My partner is one of those people who used to do this.

Well, some might say this is a waste of time and they might be right, but if you add dosh as a reward for these activities then that would not be a waste of time.

What am I getting at?

It is very simple, there are places on the web that pay you for puzzling out things and investigating problems. It may not have the pretty flowers and exploding bombs en route, but the principles are exactly the same.

In my previous post I gave details of a company called ClixSense. Having worked with this company for a while now, I realised that some of the tasks are in fact similar to the objectives in online puzzles.

there are many other online site who do the same but ClixSense seems to be more consistent and have a good historical track record of business to clients online with a good support system and online community sharing ideas and news. In fact it is like an online working family.

So, if you do play games and puzzles online, give ClixSense a try and earn for pleasure. My partner now earns whilst problem solving and it pays so she is happy.
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You register for free and start by clicking on SIGN UP!

Thursday, 8 November 2018

ClixSense Makes Sense - Simple, Effective Online Work For Money

Helping you through the maze of money making

This is a simple approach to earning dosh on the web and ClixSense might be the place for you. ClixSense is an simple Pay To Click organization which first started out in 2007. 
They pay you for various of online task with additional ways where you can profit financially online. 
These include: 
  • Visiting Websites 
  • Playing ClixGrid 
  • Paid Surveys
  • Miniaturized scale Tasks 
  • Web based Shopping 
  • Challenges 
  • Recruiting New Members to ClixSense 
ClixSense is a PTC (Pay To Click) webpage. You get paid by taking reviews, seeing promotions, visiting sites, and so on. It's a straightforward process and a simple method to procure some additional cash online. There is no ceiling on earning and you work when you want. 

With ClixSense, you need to have a good standard of accuracy for the reviews which are dependent on your age, sex, area you live in. So you should fill your review profile so you can fit the bill for the most studies. You won't meet all requirements for each and every one of them, but there is more than enough for everyone.  

Rates of pay can can differ from $2.40/hour to $14.11/hour. Some of the reviews pay up to $4.00 for 17 minutes of your time with others pay around $1.17 for 15 minutes work.

The simplest and most effective method I have found to Get Paid with ClixSense is by simply Clicking on Ads  By tapping on advertisements and spending the base required measure of time on that promotion, you will receive commissions running from .001 cents to .02 cents. You simply need to glance through the promotions, click and receive payment. You won't get rich quick, but a doing a little each day builds up a nice pot of dosh over time. 

The most effective method to Get Paid With ClixGrid 
ClixGrid feels somewhat like an online game. You simply tap on one out of 600 pieces for the opportunity to win up to $10.00 in multi day. You have 30 free attempts for each day and a top notch part has up to 60 attempts/day. You likewise need to hold up 10 seconds to check whether you're a champ and obviously while you pause, you're presented to various promotions. 

Step by step instructions to Get Paid With Tasks 
Undertakings with ClixSense can be finished the same number of times in multi day as you like. You have Available Jobs that can be finished promptly and Potential Jobs that can be finished once you've finished less arduous assignments. 

Step by step instructions to Get Paid With Offers 
Offers are separated into sub-classifications. They incorporate recruits, downloads, shopping, tuning in to the radio, and overviews. They fluctuate dependent on your topographical area, age range, and sex. 

Clixsense's installment choices 
Payoneer - enroll and get $25 free reward for join. You can arrange prepaid card and utilize it worldwide to pull back cash from ATMs 
Payza - in the wake of enrolling you can interface Payza with you financial balance and pull back your cash with no issues. You can likewise pull back from Payza to any bitcoin account 
Skrill - enlist and request prepaid card which you can use in any ATM around the world.
See here a typical example of an account and earnings:

As you can see, ClixSense is a genuine method to make money. They will pay you for the work you do. I now currently spend around 1 hour daily taking overviews and offers to finish. If want to do more I can, guess most other people less lazy than me would. So, why not give it a go - It cost nothing to join ! So click on SIGN UP and get started!

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Back to Business At Last

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It has been a while and quite a complicated few years away, but I am now getting back up and running making money from blogging which I love and looking at other new avenues of revenues that reap financial benefits as the bonus to the passion.

Nice Cup of Tea and Now Back to Business
Needless to say the blogging industry hasn't changed that much over the past 7 years and the principles remain the same. There remains many scams that have got a little bit more crafty in their ways, but then we have become much more are of what is a scam and what is not and not so naive and gullible.

Making money involves work initially, but perseverance is needed to get beyond the first hurdle and you time and effort banked up for the rewards beyond. Most give up during this initial period understandable with the time and effort involved with little to show for it in those early stages. It is never going to be a get rich quick system and yo have to have the passion to like what you are doing anyway and not just for the monetary rewards. After all Blogging in the main is a hobby and like many hobbies that people are good at, it can turn into a profession and a living made from it.

I digress!

There will now be more post of the good the bad and the ugly in terms of availability of opportunities to earn. You will also see my own blog evolve whilst being updated.

In the meantime, preserve in your activities and always think ahead.