Monday, 31 August 2009

Bill Consolidation - Don't Ignore It

Basic creditcard / debitcard / smartcard graph...

Let me explain. There is so much advice out there about how to control and manage your finances, but even with all this knocking about, many people still refuse to take matter in hand when their credit is out of control. Perhaps embarrassment stops people taking the bull by the horns and face up to the reality that not checked it could lead to the loss of your home or bankruptcy. The message here is quite simple – Call 877-550-0595 or look up for debt help, let me go on to explain why.

The best places to find advice on bill consolidation are non-profit making organisations. It goes without saying that they have no other interest other than helping people that have financial problems and need professional support on how to take control of the credit spiral. Perhaps some people just need simple bill consolidation loans to solve their problems or other types of consolidation. Perhaps some don’t need loans at all just a budget plan. The best advice is given each time for the customer and not made from a profit making view as many credit companies do.

Having a family quite close to me who confided to me that they did not do anything about their worsening finances. Each month they got further into debt and their own business suffered due to their personal finances. They only wish that they dealt with it in the first instance and they would not be in the position they are in now. Such a pity that such nice people are now living a much lower standard of living then they are accustom to and they are now expecting their first child which they cannot now really afford.

Do not let your lives suffer the indignity of a lower standard of living by not taking control of your finances now from people who know best. Whatever you do make sure you do not forget they are there to help you?
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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Make Ebooks They Are Not Just For Sale

$100 Laptop prototypeImage via Wikipedia

Given that there are so many blogs on the Internet and on an ever-increasing scale I do wonder why more ebooks are not made up from the material from them. Perhaps in this economical climate the thought of making a success of selling ebooks is daunting. If this is the reasoning behind the lack of ebook format from blogs material think again.

It cost nothing to make an ebook and you don’t have to sell them. Okay it does take time to compile bit if you already have a decent thematic blog, which would convert very well into an ebook then it shouldn’t take too long.

Let me explain why I say you don’t have to sell ebooks. Ebook are a resource that you can use as a carrot on the end of the line for you blog. You may want to run a little competition and have you ebook as a prize. You may even want to give away a free ebook for every comment made on you blog! It cost nothing to send someone an ebook online. This way your ebook is a valuable tool, which you can use to your advantage to gain more traffic on your blog. After all it was your blog that has made up the ebook in the first place you are just recycling old material in a different format.

What about other bloggers’ competitions, you can sponsor you ebook and get valuable back links; again with no cost.

You can turn you ebook into a real book if you wish but it is worth considering that to make it work on Amazon you need to pay for the copyright. is one of the best places to convert ebooks to real books.

So if you have a blog and you can roll some material into an ebook, what’s stopping you? It is a very useful commodity that you can use in conjunction with your current blogging.

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Monday, 24 August 2009

Orlando Disney Parks An Adventure To Be Told And Sold

Orlando Disney Parks An Adventure To Be Told And SoldWith summer now in full swing and the school holidays having seemed like forever many kids are becoming bored with nothing to do. There is something rather special you can do to make your children have the time of their lives and make money out of it as well.

Here’s the idea:

Make a deal with you kids that they can go on a trip the Disney in Orlando USA on condition that they make a daily diary and take picture from start to finish of their trip. The adventure they will have will give excellent material and the pictures will present a great accompaniment to the trip. When they return back home the diary and pictures can be edited, organised and presented as an article to be published. If you as a parent also make a diary and you have more 2 or more children then all the family can put the articles all together as a travel article.

If it is long enough then you might even consider turning it into a book or ebook. Self-publishing companies such as the online publishing company Lulu can easily do this.

Orlando Disney Parks An Adventure To Be Told And SoldBack to the adventure, which should present to most families an adventure of a lifetime. I actually been there and it stick in my mind on a day-to-day basis even though it was a number of years ago. My own children often speak about their trip there and I am sure they will take their own children there when they have their own families.

The cost is extremely good value for money, no more than many package holidays to the seaside abroad, but of course much, much more to do and see than any beach resort could ever offer.

Disney Tickets are easily purchased online and there are some great deals to be had right now even in the peak of the summer holiday season. The summer has to be the favourite time of the year to go for me as this is the only time that the children have more than two weeks off school and the is no sense of rush to the holiday and time to reflect when we get back. Of course in Florida the Parks are open al year round with the weather there being so good in all seasons, so any time is good to visit.

Some of the best Orlando Florida Parks we visited are the Sea World Adventure Park. This has to be the children’s’ favourite as well. How else would anyone get a chance to see such wonderful ocean creatures so close up and to have an interactive part to play in the visit.

You will never regret for one moment a visit there and if you take the money making option it will make a little money become more educational and of course you will have an account that will last forever as a record you can reflect on.
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Friday, 21 August 2009

Buy Cheap Import Gadgets And Sell On

Buy Cheap Import Gadgets And Sell OnImage via Wikipedia

A moneymaking idea that a friend told me about certainly makes him money, but it is not for everyone. You have to be a certain kind of person to be successful at it. It involves selling catalogue goods to friends and family, but not in the capacity as an agent but from buying stock himself and selling these on.

It is a simple process of buying stuff wholesale he thinks that will sell and making a profit from that. It is usually cheap gimmicks, widgets and gadgets more often made in China or Hong Kong.

He surfs eBay for ideas and sometimes buys from there, but sometimes just gets the contact form there and deals direct.

Like I said it is not for most people as firstly you need a little investment in the goods and secondly you need a good social circle to work from. My friend has the personality that has brought him countless friends both socially and in his workplace, in fact most of his business is done through friends at work.

He makes a tidy profit from this and there isn’t that much work involved other than telling people what’s new. Many buy off him because you can’t get the stuff in the shops and they are ideal gifts for birthdays and presents. Lots of other people must work with lots of other people and can quite easily set up something like this. It may sound like a Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses vocation, but it works very well if you get some unique novelty gadgets.

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PC Remote Control - For PC Users On The Go

PC Remote Control - For Computer Users On The GoI don’t know about you, but I use three or more places to access the Internet and do quite a bit of travelling in between where no access is available. Namely travelling between home, work and to the village farmhouse at weekends and this can be quite an inconvenience. Well if you have the same problem there is a system out that can resolve most of the inherent problems with people who are on the move all the time.

There is a new kind of program out which is basically a remote access software package. Under the trade name of InTouch it lets computer users have a remote control facility of their PC or laptop using any computer or Pocket PC with an Internet connection and browser. This works on a worldwide basis.

I have just picked a few of the prime examples on how this can be very useful to those who are not in a place where they have control over their PC systems. There is a simple drag and drop file transfer with remote printing to your local printer. You can use the remote system to open up you PC when you need access and also turn it off when you are finished. All date is based on a 128bit SSL encryption with the central administration of all computers installed from an easy to use web page by InTouch.

Add to this a remote audio to listen to music and sound facility and you have quite few features that you may not had thought possible before

This is a great solution for people on the go who always need access to their home or office computer and I’m one of them. The ease of set up which can be done in minutes is very straight forward and it will suit quite a few people even if you have no IT experience.
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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Are You A Non-Profit Making Business? - Look Here For Help

Are You A Non-Profit Making Business? - Look Here For HelpI have come across an organisation that is a more than useful helping enormously with support in planning most types of non-profit making based businesses. Amongst many other attributes what makes this organisation stand out from the crowd is that fact that they themselves are a non-profit making organisation and that means a service that gives good value for money.

National Executive Service Corps or nesc as they are known, are all experienced in the field of business planning they have no junior members on the team. Consultant’s only work on what they want to work on rather than on what they are assigned as in many other non profit organisations. This means that they will have a vested interest in the project they choose to work on. That makes a big difference and to be quite honest quite a distinctive to any contemporaries they may have.

NESC’s hallmark to their projects is to provide a professional based enthusiasm alongside patience to see an assignment through to a successful end. There will always be times where unexpected problems arise these are always resolved to a successful end with dedication and perseverance.

The fees NESC charge are very low and far more competitive than those asked by for-profit commercial consulting firms. Fees cover only about one-third of NESC’s employees and the operational cover expenses. The remainder is supplemented from charitable contributions from foundations, corporations and individuals.

The are nearly 300 consultants all of whom are experienced senior executives and professionals knowing the ins and outs of the benefits of nonprofit strategic planning and management in a non-profit making world of business. Over the last 30 years more than 3000 businesses have successfully been supported from NESC services.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Get Rid Of Unwanted Email Subscriptions Equals More Free Time

Get Rid Of Unwanted Email Subscriptions Equals More Free Time

Time is money and much time is spent sieving through emails that you don’t really have any interest in. The main culprit is blog subscriptions through email. Ask yourself questions now. How many do you get each day and many of those do you actually open up and read? I can be sure that most you just delete every day.

Over time your subscriptions built up, but times change. You may have been interested in that blog subscription at the time, but not any more. It is now a good time to review and unsubscribe to those that are just wasting your time. Look at you current subscriptions and subject it to a little test to decide whether you want to keep it or not.

  • Do you just delete the subscription email each time?
  • Is the post too long for you to bother reading?
  • Is the content of the post just not good? i.e. poor content.
  • Are you reading a subscribed blog that is not relevant?
  • Does the grammar and spelling put you off reading it?

All these are factors you can weigh up and decide whether to unsubscribe. Be tough with yourself and you will save lots of time each time doing countless deleting in you email inbox and avoid opening up post that you know you will be disappointed in. You can then free up this time doing something far more constructive.

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Monday, 17 August 2009

A Man Looking To Promote Business Development

A Man Looking To Promote Business DevelopmentI came across a website from this American chap called Doug Kaplan from Orlando. He is looking for people who he can work with on various projects that will make good business and business development. Now Doug has a wealth of experience in many fields and his success is quite impressive looking at his portfolio.

The reason I am telling you about this is that sometime if you have a great business idea or project that you know will work, you need some support or even a potential partner with expertise to make the venture work. Doug is there just for that.

I don’t suggest for one moment you should take my word for it, I’m just going on what I read on his site. Maybe someone has a need for his services and that’s why I’m writing about him. Whatever idea you have, Doug may well be able to advise. He’s keen and thrives on hard work, doesn’t that sound like you?

You can also see him on Facebook under which will give you more on the man being written about here.

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Personal Finances Affect Business Finances

This is not a Sponsored post, but just good business advice! What is the point in making money in one hand and giving it away in another? You are effectively working for nothing if that is the case. What am I talking about?

I am talking about bad credit, credit card, loan shark deals, HP and high street store credit. These are all forms of credit that is costing you money that you work so hard to get in the first place. Many people just ignore the advice, they don’t want to look at the finances as it is too scary. These things just don’t right themselves on their own they need to be faced up and confronted sooner rather than later.

Credit counseling is something that is needed in this case. Again, why work for money in one hand and just lose it going down the interest drain in the other. There are ways you can work your credit out no matter how bad it is. There are many companies that offer debt management information as well as debt services and it a good option for many to turn to for help.

For businesses, many would go through with a fine sieve at their business accounts, but for personal finance that area tends to be neglected. At the end of the day, your earning from work or business directly affects your personal finances so why not get it sorted now? Most credit counseling is free and there is no obligation to do anything else other than take advice.

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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Unemployed - Spend Time Blogging For Many Reasons

Blog designImage by melop

Finding work is hard nowadays and those who have been laid off work have lots of time on their hands. Most no doubt will be getting some kind of benefit whilst off work to help with paying bills and for food. It is never enough though.

You can supplement your income by making use of your time between looking for work. Setting up a blog is good in many ways if you are unemployed. You can use it to promote yourself and your skills and use that as part of your CV when going for job interviews. If you have been seen to be working at improving yourself and doing something constructive with your time whilst out of work this will give a distinct advantage over someone else applying for the same job.

Competition is fierce and you have to make you are a step ahead of other competitors for the same work good way

So set up a blog on your subject of work, not only will it add to you portfolio for jobs interviews but also you will be effectively networking online with people who you’re your work vocation in common. The may well be the chance of you finding work form employers or contractors seeing your blog, especially is you make it clear you are looking for work. The benefits from setting up a blog to help you find work ever increases and the only cost is time, which you should have anyway.

Finally, even if you still don’t find work you will also be supplementing your household income; it will never be enough to affect the benefits you get so no worries there, but every once in a while you may be able to pay for a little treat for yourself and family with this.

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Monday, 3 August 2009

Entrecard Top Dropper For July 2009

It's now into August and July has been left behind with ten top Entrecard droppers in its wake. A Massive thanks to these dedicated and loyal EC droppers for the month of July who now get a link on my main page this month. Serian Man pipped everyone at the post for the top place and gets one month of widget exposure on DoshforU as a reward. I know how hard it is to keep up dropping every day of the month and I appreciate the effort made by others who got 31 drops or close to it in the month.

Here is the List:

Dropper # of drops
Serian Man 31
Business & Life Success 31
Learning Corner 31
Learning How To Make Money Online 31
Article Marketing Methods 30
Rambling Thoughts in SMK Serian 29
Quantum Indonesia Translogistic 28
Traders' Hub 27
lunaticg banknote & coin 27
Bulgarian Slivatree 27

Have a great August everyone!

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Sunday, 2 August 2009

No Investment, No Business!

No Investment, No Business!Business cannot be made without investment that is a fact. You can’t make money from thin air and without wise placement of funds in to any business. So what if you are in a business and want more funding or are just starting and need the start up funds. There are many option bit one option many leave behind in looking for investors.

After friends and family the next stop is the banks, the loans companies for funds. Many think this route is the only one open, but think again. There are thousands of people and business out there that are looking to invest in businesses. They are prepared to put up finances in businesses that they think will give good returns. This might perhaps entail profit sharing or even a deal that involves a trade of shares for investment.

The alternatives to starving you business without investment can be catastrophic or new businesses just wouldn’t get off the ground. Where can you find these investors who are looking to support other businesses?

Investor Leads can give you a source of clients specifically looking for enterprises to invest in. All businesses are different and all investors are different, it is just a matter of finding the right match for you. Quite often this way of funding you business is much more effective an dmake much more business sense than finding funds from other sources who perhaps haven’t your business interests at heart.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Business Cards - The Most Cost Effective Method Of Advertising

Business Cards - The Most Cost Effective Method Of AdvertisingHow useful are business cards? Well if you have a business they aren’t just useful thy are essential part of the success and a brilliant way of getting your products and services known. You should get in the habit of always taking every opportunity to handing out or displaying business cards wherever you go or to whomever you meet. Always have a wad of business cards with you that are ready for action.

Getting he most effective styles of business card relative to your type of business in important and you need to find the best source possible. You need a source of supplier of business cards that can offer you the widest selection to choose from and at a competitive price, even with a promotion of free business cards.

You can't afford not to be without business cards at the end of the day, there is business out there for you, don’t expect to reap in customers if they don’t know about you. Spread the words and use this method to get known. The cost of producing business cards and the business you get from them makes it one of the most cost effective methods of advertsing.
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