Monday, 24 August 2009

Orlando Disney Parks An Adventure To Be Told And Sold

Orlando Disney Parks An Adventure To Be Told And SoldWith summer now in full swing and the school holidays having seemed like forever many kids are becoming bored with nothing to do. There is something rather special you can do to make your children have the time of their lives and make money out of it as well.

Here’s the idea:

Make a deal with you kids that they can go on a trip the Disney in Orlando USA on condition that they make a daily diary and take picture from start to finish of their trip. The adventure they will have will give excellent material and the pictures will present a great accompaniment to the trip. When they return back home the diary and pictures can be edited, organised and presented as an article to be published. If you as a parent also make a diary and you have more 2 or more children then all the family can put the articles all together as a travel article.

If it is long enough then you might even consider turning it into a book or ebook. Self-publishing companies such as the online publishing company Lulu can easily do this.

Orlando Disney Parks An Adventure To Be Told And SoldBack to the adventure, which should present to most families an adventure of a lifetime. I actually been there and it stick in my mind on a day-to-day basis even though it was a number of years ago. My own children often speak about their trip there and I am sure they will take their own children there when they have their own families.

The cost is extremely good value for money, no more than many package holidays to the seaside abroad, but of course much, much more to do and see than any beach resort could ever offer.

Disney Tickets are easily purchased online and there are some great deals to be had right now even in the peak of the summer holiday season. The summer has to be the favourite time of the year to go for me as this is the only time that the children have more than two weeks off school and the is no sense of rush to the holiday and time to reflect when we get back. Of course in Florida the Parks are open al year round with the weather there being so good in all seasons, so any time is good to visit.

Some of the best Orlando Florida Parks we visited are the Sea World Adventure Park. This has to be the children’s’ favourite as well. How else would anyone get a chance to see such wonderful ocean creatures so close up and to have an interactive part to play in the visit.

You will never regret for one moment a visit there and if you take the money making option it will make a little money become more educational and of course you will have an account that will last forever as a record you can reflect on.
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