Sunday, 29 March 2009

Sidebars Valuable Space For Business Blogs

Blog Sidebars

Sidebars give space for followers and visitors to see other than you posting, there could not be a better place to put temptation to go into and information that you wish to convey. It's a bit like the spider inviting reader into their web. Space however is limited so you need to prioritise on what you feel is most beneficial to your blog.

* Make space for your personal photograph. Letting your followers see what you look will cement further the personal nature of blogging.

* Why you are writing the blog? Let the visitors know and also tell them what your goals are.

* Showing the most commented posts is a good way of telling your readers what subjects have brought about most interest.

* Highlight the last five posts with links leading straight into them. This is essential on blog set ups where individual post pages are just shown.

* One of the most important bits of information are your contact details and should be put in a prominent position. I have personally tried to find contact details of authors on many occasions and when no contact details where found I just moved on.

* Networking profiles from social media sites and networking groups such as Twitter or Facebook, etc., where you can make links to your own profiles on each of these platforms is a good idea.

* Place a list of recommended sites that you think your readers might like. This will enhance and helps make your blog a prime resource for referring. The recommended site should be contacted with a view of reciprocal link.

* In order to encourage readers receive regular blog updates, make a RSS Subscription option clearly visible along with email notification options. Not everyone will go for this, but you need to give the option.

* Give a calendar of future events as this would be a useful place to make your readers aware of them.

* Marketing products or services should be done in the same way as you promote your events through a calendar facility.

* Show recent comments and let people see who is commenting and on which posts. As well as relevant information reader will want to see, this is common courtesy as a thanks to the contributors and encourage more to comment as it is a form of an advertisement for them.

* Divide you blog up into categories where reader can navigate to certain topics in your blog. give them a prime position and don't make too many between 6 to 10 is a good number.

* Make up monthly archives for your posts.

* A search box should be placed which is easily accessible, then more likely to be used.

* I'm not a keen fan of tag clouds, but many readers are and use it. It shows the areas and a different way to navigation through the categories.

* Your blogs are personal giving followers an insight of the weblog they are reading. Tell them who you are and what you do makes sense.

* Put in testimonials as this great way to link or give a project overview. you will be surprised at the amount of readers that look through them and spend more time on your blog.

* Bring in RSS feeds from other relevant or linked sites as this will give common new and specific information to your blog. Once set up it runs without any need for maintenance.

* A great attraction for readers are polls. It will increase the interactive feature of your blog and give some useful information as well as a good resource for another post.

* With Amazon and other online book sellers now firmly in the web market, you can use them to show recommended books that will appeal to your target audience. This of course will make you a little money on the side with commission earned from sales.

* Adverts are an option if you wish to make money from your blog as long as you weigh up the distraction factor that comes with them.

This list is not exhaustible nor are the suggestions made statute. The idea is to use what you feel is appropriate to you business blog. Try things out and don't be scared to change things around or try a different tactics if you feel that some of the suggestions are not as effective as first thought. Sidebars are there to be used and making the most of them will boost your business blog traffic and retain readers' interests.

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Saturday, 28 March 2009

Web Crawling With A Difference

Time is money and most search engines save lots of time by finding all kinds of information. There is still more time to be saved though from the new technology that is around right now with new innovations making the job of search for the relevant information you need within seconds. If your business wants to release more time for making money then read on.

Search engine technology goes on and extracting information you need from the web is now even easier with a new system in place. A new Web Crawlers system has been developed that can go through a website and gather pages of relevant information. You can crawl a individual site to gather information using the Mozenda Web Agent Builder. It is a useful tool and very easy to set up by pointing and clicking to find pages and extract the information you want. Mozenda’s technology support are there if you happen to have any problem with any specific website and they will get you moving again and all for free.

All data used the Mozenda system is safe, secure and hosted by class A data warehouses but can be accessed over the web securely via the Mozenda Web Console. An additional benefit to businesses is that companies can now integrate their own data system with the Mozenda application. Leading the way in crawler systems seems to be right here and can only be good for business IT management.

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Friday, 27 March 2009

Publishing Business Newsletters - Lots of Potential

The Whole 9 NewsletterImage by Eric (a.k.a. Hervé) via Flickr

Publishing is an untapped source of income, but sometime you have to look for a niche market to take advantage of opportunities. One area where there is always going to be an interest is periodically newsletters for small specialised businesses. Making it a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly ensures that you will get repeat income form sold publications.

Any business worth their salt would be interested in this type of publication, it is vital for them to keep up to date on their business area, competitors and not be left out in the cold. Therefore business newsletters are normally well received and very profitable.

If you sell by annual subscription this means that you can organise thousands of copies could be printed with just a few good articles. The format should be double sided with full colour on A3 folded turning it into a A4 size publication, this is the most popular and often seen in reception room tables for visitors to browse at. It is expensive so you may opt to just using 2 or 3 colours with black and white photographs until your market is proven.

There is a lot of potential here and a sure way of making decent money once you have subscription rolling in. You can hire a ghostwriter for the articles if yo are not proficient enough in the business area given you a licence to cover many different business areas.
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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Understanding Search Engines - The First Step To Good SEO

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Anyone reading this business blog will either have a website and business alongside, perhaps the website is the business. The vast majority of these website administrators will almost certainly need more understanding on how to improve the performance of their sites through configuration and manipulation of their site's setting. This is a good starting point to get this under way.

The biggest and most significant search engines that we all know are from Google and Yahoo, there a hundreds more that do exactly the same job, but don't have as much clout. In a nutshell these search engines gather information from websites. This is done by using and electronic crawler called 'robots' or 'spiders'. When they find a new site they following links then read the index code that makes up each page. This of course covers all the text within. All this code (or text) is then stored centrally on their servers. Search Engines then analyse all the relevant pages and ranks then in terms of relevancy using a complex mathematical algorithm. Finally, the result of the ranking is what we get on the Search Engine results page.

Understanding how search engines analyse individual website codes is often a main topic of contention as certain criteria for ranking are considered more 'valuable' than others. It is considered that the most important is the text itself. The incoming and internal links, the relevance of the information and key elements such as the title tags is also viewed as a high priority medium for ranking.

Something that many overlook is that search engines invariably rank from individual pages rather than whole content of the websites when crawling to create their results pages. this is why is if often a technique to edit some of your older pages as the change will encourage robots or spiders to dig deeper into your site.

Understanding how search engines work is the key to you finding how to improve your own standing in search engines. And from that point you will begin to understand how to play your cards right with some search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that will make much more sense.
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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Business Help Through Recession? - Help Here

View of Wall Street, Manhattan.

Many businesses right now are in a pickle, no one is buying anything credit is hard to get and the world is in a downward financial spiral. If you have got this far and you business is still got its head above water then you can take a little sigh of relief as things are gradually seeing signs of improvement.

There is still along way to go and many business may still fold on the route out of recession, make sure you have the finance to get through to the end of the world financial crisis with commerical bridge funding. This can make a big difference to you getting past the finishing line. Business loans online that are fast and unsecured are available to see your business through these hard times. If you need that little extra to ensure you survive then make sure you get the right financing with specialists that give you the best deals.
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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Work From Home - Look Carefully

The Citizens Advice Bureau Logo.

If you are thinking of starting to work from home, take a sidewards look for a moment. You don't just make money and that it, there are other things you need to seriously weigh up and consider. Being self-employed you are responsible and liable by law for such things such as tax, national insurance and benefits. It needn't be as complicated as you first think.

There is lots of guides around regarding these mandatory requirements. "The Starting up your Business" on the official Inland Revenue website is a good place to start. There is also a facility, which is free, where you can call or book an appointment online with one of their members of the Business Support Team.

The Citizen's Advice Bureau has a very good advice guide website. This give an up to date service, advice and information for the self-employed. Also in this site you will find 'fact sheets.' You can download and print these for future reference.

Another very useful site is 'The DirectGov' website. This Government sponsored site has helpful advice and with lots of forms that can be downloaded and printed off to make the most of any advice that is free.

Practical advice is always very useful and the Business Link from The national business advice service provides lots of it. There are many interactive tool to help get organised and a postcode search to help you find your local Business Link.

Another useful website is It has many relevant links for the self-employed with good accounts of your legal standing, staffing advice and even information about equipment.

Finally, coming from a bank, Lloyds TSB have sponsored a site without any obligation to buy or join anything. It give detailed information that is useful and relevant.

All these websites and links should be part of your research before starting up a business. Take time to look and download and print important bits for future reference. It is in your interests to keep on top of your liabilities as they tend to come back and sting you hard if you don't.
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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Another Useful Little Earner - Easy Money

This site isn't about getting rich quick but is a simple source of information where you can earn money and warn you off scams. I have been a member of Hits4Pay for over six months now and it is another piece of the jigsaw where money is coming in. Many bloggers make money this way by having lots of little earners going at once.

With Hits4Pay it's easy to register and simply extra cash by visiting and viewing advertiser's offers. there is also money to be made by referring other bloggers. As with all none scam earners you pay absolutely nothing to join and are never asked to pay anything throughout your membership.

Hit4Pay has been one of the largest free membership websites since 1998 and a great favourite of advertisers to be seen. They are one of the few companies that pay the highest in the industry. Everything is recorded in real time and viewed at any time.

There is a 'Sign up Reward' of $10 paid into your free account. With the referral option you have you can earn extra from sign up you have passed on with a minimum payout of $25.00 each consecutive month and rolls over to the next month if that figure is not reached.

You are informed of work through e-mail notices, this is the first thing I do when I am online, check my emails and go straight into Hit4Pay from the link there. I spend less than five minutes a day on the site completing any assignments they have sent me.

Hit4Pay works for me, takes little time out of my day and I know that alongside other little earners, it plays it's part in making blogging work as a supplementary income. I have their affiliate banner on my site, but you can sign up from this link -> Hits4Pay
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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Web Base Business Help For Survival

Web Base Business Help For Survival  Web based businesses are in a tough world of competition, especially with the recession in full swing. Many web based money making businesses are now fully focused on getting through current times unscathed and that means making sure they are on top with IT solutions, optimization and project management. There is no room for error in these fields.

Genius Project was founded in 1997 and specialists in web-based project portfolio management software and offer web based businesses solution of demand. They will certainly ensure that you have a distinct advantage using their expertises when it comes to new projects that your businesses have in line.

Web Base Business Help For Survival  They have offices based in Europe and North America, with over 50,000 end users alongside awards and nominations by IBM.

If you are a web based business then it is in your interest to get your projects successfully off to a flying start and knock you competitors for six. It is only the strongest that will survive in this current financial crisis, make your web based business a survivor.
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Friday, 13 March 2009

Wedding Stationary Business Can Make You Money

Wedding Stationary Business Can Make You MoneyHow many weddings are there each year? Thousands, not just in your own country but worldwide, therefore making money out wedding stationery is always going to be in demand. Not only is this in demand, but the avenues for purchasing these types of goods through specialist companies are expensive, you will be there giving the customer a cheaper option. Weddings still happen even in a recession and a cheaper alternative is always going to sell well.

So, why not design wedding stationary and sell it? All you need is a computer and printer and you have a cheaper alternative to the expensive stationery supplied through printing firms. You need to use good quality card and papers to print on and a decent printer, which are really quite cheap nowadays. you can achieve a professional finish for a very little outlay.

If you continue to do well you might want to consider investing into a hot foil printer or a lithographic printer to give an even more professional and consistent finish.

Wedding Stationary Business Can Make You MoneyThe marketing is easy as your target market is anything to do with weddings, you needn't spend too much time sieving through to find good place to advertise. this kind of business is very well suited to mail order and delivery therefore is not limited locally but Internationally. Think of the market you have in front of you with the English speaking world population!

This is an easy, practical and achievable small business that can be done at home part-time with little investment other than time. You don't even need to be a talented designer as there are hundreds of free wedding stationary templates you can download and adapt.

Sweep Stakes To Sweep Money In

As well as hard work and a good business system in place, making money has a little luck behind it as well. It you like a little flutter every once in a while, the chances are always stacked against you, but sometimes the luck comes into play and money rolls in. There's nothing wrong in a little fun once in a while and the win is a bonus.

There is a new sweep stake out that works through your mobile phone using text messages. It is a simple system that you can use whenever you want where you choose a sweep stake and send a text message, the winners based upon every so many text messages sent. So of the winner is every 100th text sender and you are around the 90th + you know the chances are going to be higher of winning at that point. There are a range of choices with multiple prices to choose from where the number of times you can play are endless. Send text message and win is very simple in concept, but there's more.

The other money making opportunity is to become an affiliate of this website. You will received 30% commission for every person that plays coming from your site. you will be burning the money making candle at both ends with this in place.

Monday, 9 March 2009

An Astrological Income Possible

An Astrological Income PossiblePeople have a massive fascination for astrological facts. There seems to be a big belief and following for this genre and of course a massive market waiting for product associated with this. Why not get into this lucrative market and produce goods that will sell well under the astrological theme.

You can easily design and print calendars based upon an astrological theme. If you get relevant photographs or illustrations these could be used in conjunction with astrological predictions, not only that, fresh products can be made on a rolling basis for each month.

There are many firms that specialise in printing calendars so you can send your designs to them to be printed professionally including self-publishing companies such as

Sales can be made through card shops and stationer shops or any shop that might want to sells calendars as a side line, you will be surprised how many shops owners who would want to if you approach them and suggest it.

The marketing of course should include online sales on your site or even start a site dedicated to these products, the ongoing cost of a website is nominal and well worth accompanying conventional sale routes. Stick an advertisement or two on all your blog sites and other people's blog sites as these are already up and running for marketing anyway. Many will only cost you a couple of cents each day. Direct these ads to a website that has been set up dedicated to your calender, with a section on how to purchase online. Get a pay pal payment facility and you have a ready to go business up and running within a day or so!

Business has never been so easy and it's now secret that any business like this just needs time spent working on it. All you need is a little dedication and extra dosh is yours.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Professional SEO Consultancy At Hand

Any money making business should involve an online Internet element. This is a benefit that many small businesses just don't realise and used sensibly could be a prime advertising medium for enhance business.

Without online presence there is a big chuck of the market that is being ignored, what's more it needn't be a big project, there are experts to help you out there who know this business medium and are there to help your business succeed.

If you are just thinking of starting up or having another look at your existing online presence in association with your business, you need advice on how do it professionally. In an ideal online business world taking on the services of a Internet Marketing Consultant is well worth considering, especially if you have no expertise in this field. It's strange that no one would consider taking on advice from an unqualified accountant or solicitor who did this for a hobby, Internet Marketing Consulting should be not expection, you get what you pay for.

An SEO Consultant is paramount to an online business to help make the business succeed and Danny DeMichele can steer you into further profit with his regular weekly tips on how to achieve this. Having seen what is on offer myself, it is certainly well worth looking at what SEO consultancy service are provided. After all it is in your online business interests to do so.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


It is with great pleasure that I can show off February's Top EntreCard Droppers

A big thank you to all those shown and those that just missed out. These top 10 droppers will be a permanent feature on my side bar eventually, essentially free advertising for them.

Speak Wealth Now! 28
My Library 26
Favorite Online Shops Blog 26
Electricians notes 25
Seek No More 25
Simplement Belles 24
Entreblogger 23
HRM Business Practices and Notes 23
Thrifty Creativity 23
Learning How To Make Money Online 23

Have A Car? Get An Instant Loan

Have A Car - Get An Instant LoanMany businesses if not most need transport for shipping goods or people. This can be an expensive commodity and if used for business should there good chance that you can offset transport costs as business expenses. This means that you may be able to claim tax benefits from this. But owning your own transport has other benefits for your business and personal finance.

You can also use your vehicle to get competitive loans. If you own your own car, truck or van that has a minimum wholesale value of $5,000 or more, there is the opportunity to a cash loan within in 1 hour, even is you have bad credit.

Have A Car - Get An Instant LoanPink slip loans is the name of the scheme as this is what you need to produce along with some utility bills and other documents you will have. TDF Credit has been successfully trading since 1994 and is a Member of Better Business Bureau with locations throughout California. They will consider you application if you’ve been refused credit elsewhere or had goods repossessed or even been bankrupt. A Car title loan is a good way to get credit when all else fails and a simple process of application is involved.

Using a Collateral loan you can use your vehicle as collateral, the concept is as simple as that. They work by appointment only with all information completely condifidental on a 100% secured site. There are also special programmes for Classic and Vintage cars if you happen to own these.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Affilitate Work? - Make It Work

So you have a new affiliate contract and the widget is on your site, it's been two weeks and lots of page views have been made but just a couple of click into the site. Are you happy with that? Of course you aren't and neither is your affiliate partner. So what can you do about making afiliate marketing work?

There are many things yo can do about getting more business from affiliate marketing, but today I am just going to suggest one area where you are guaranteed to get clicks into the partner site from page views given. It is such a simple idea and ignored by many for some strange reason.

If you are trying to sell product or services online and all yo have is a widget, most readers will just move on, you need to let the public that views your site that these products or services are worth having a look at.

How can you do that? Well you have a website don't you? Use the website and make a post about your affiliate products and services. Most people who visit sites read the post that are on there not the ads. You post will be an ad in effect, you can't fail to improve business is you already have a regular following of readers.

In the post, just tell the reader why your affiliate is on your site and promote it just like a Pay For Post Ad, only this time you'll have more incentive than just the fee for the ad, they'll be commissions involved.

If you have more than on affiliate contract, say five, do a round robin promotion every week. Publish a newsflash or a new promotion that has just come out. Occasionally there will be new product or service that is even better than before - Let you viewers know. The whole point of affiliate work is to promote and market letting sleeping dogs lie will get you nowhere.