Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Affilitate Work? - Make It Work

So you have a new affiliate contract and the widget is on your site, it's been two weeks and lots of page views have been made but just a couple of click into the site. Are you happy with that? Of course you aren't and neither is your affiliate partner. So what can you do about making afiliate marketing work?

There are many things yo can do about getting more business from affiliate marketing, but today I am just going to suggest one area where you are guaranteed to get clicks into the partner site from page views given. It is such a simple idea and ignored by many for some strange reason.

If you are trying to sell product or services online and all yo have is a widget, most readers will just move on, you need to let the public that views your site that these products or services are worth having a look at.

How can you do that? Well you have a website don't you? Use the website and make a post about your affiliate products and services. Most people who visit sites read the post that are on there not the ads. You post will be an ad in effect, you can't fail to improve business is you already have a regular following of readers.

In the post, just tell the reader why your affiliate is on your site and promote it just like a Pay For Post Ad, only this time you'll have more incentive than just the fee for the ad, they'll be commissions involved.

If you have more than on affiliate contract, say five, do a round robin promotion every week. Publish a newsflash or a new promotion that has just come out. Occasionally there will be new product or service that is even better than before - Let you viewers know. The whole point of affiliate work is to promote and market letting sleeping dogs lie will get you nowhere.

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