Wednesday, 4 March 2009


It is with great pleasure that I can show off February's Top EntreCard Droppers

A big thank you to all those shown and those that just missed out. These top 10 droppers will be a permanent feature on my side bar eventually, essentially free advertising for them.

Speak Wealth Now! 28
My Library 26
Favorite Online Shops Blog 26
Electricians notes 25
Seek No More 25
Simplement Belles 24
Entreblogger 23
HRM Business Practices and Notes 23
Thrifty Creativity 23
Learning How To Make Money Online 23


Makoy said...

hi there! this is Makoy of the Certified Pinoy Blogger. I am inviting you to join my $200 blog contest. Aside from the cash prize, I am also giving away 108K EC credits, domain, hosting, ad spots and a lot more. contest ends this March 15. I hope you can join. See you!

Janet said...

Thanks so much for the link !! I'm glad to be in your top 10 for EntreCards drops.