Sunday, 29 November 2009

Make Money Simply By Working

Make Money Simply By Working

Money is something that most people want and they dream most of the time about it. Dreaming about money is not going to get you money, as most will realise when they wake up. So other than dreaming, what can you do to make money?

Only the fortunate few can make money by not working, this is through inheritance, being born with a silver spoon in their mouth or just plain lucky by winning a fortune on the lottery or similar gamble. No need to worry though, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to find the answer to making money. The answer is very simple indeed - Work!

Whether you work for someone or for yourself money is made from doing something that is paid for most know that, but right now finding that vocation is the problem for many. Thousands if not millions are having a great deal of trouble finding work that can pay their bills and put food enough food on the table for the family. We all know how stressful this can be, but dealing with financial hardship from lack of working income is something that has a silver lining. What is does it teach people how to stop being wasteful and brings home very strongly the ways of economical living which perhaps too many have not had to think about before.

Yes, working for money now is not a mandatory right therefore contingency plans have to be made and many have taken the Internet as a small salvation for earnings. It is another form of work and may not give the money for the standard of living that you once had in another working world now gone, but it is better than doing nothing and earning nothing.

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Monday, 23 November 2009

Ghostwriter - Good Money If You Can Sell Your Soul

Ghostwriter - Good Money If You Can Sell Your SoulCan you write good article with ease and have a range of styles that you can easily adapt too? If so and you are writing currently and not getting the income you feel you deserve there is something that you can do to rectify this?

Ghostwriters have been around now for a number of years where they are hired by parties who want articles, books, advertising etc., written by a third party and they buy the rights of that writing, technically they own the copyright to that piece and the real writer remains anonymous, but that much richer for their writing skills and efforts.

It is a simple equation of supply and demand, individuals or companies need the word written, they haven’t the time or the talent to do it so hire someone to do it for them. Whether you can take on board the fact that you are giving your own work away to someone else that gets full credit for the work is an issue that is easily resolved with the payments that change hands. It is a bit like giving your soul away and therefore the aptly named Ghostwriter has a meaning beyond the anonymity it first implies.

If this is for you there are a number of guides and agencies that you can approach for further details. Well worth a look if you have the aptitude and a mercenary attitude to writing.

Here are a few places to start finding out more about it and perhaps start your new source of income:

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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Web Directories - You'll Get Nowhere Without Them

World Class Traffic JamMore Traffic From Web Directories

The chances are that you are a blogger reading this and if that is the case you will know about and have probably used web directories. You will also know how important they are in terms of getting your own blog out to a waiting public looking for just the type of information and writing you produce. Well this being the case there is another web directory that you may well want to consider to add to your marketing armour to move up in the search rankings, increase Google and Alexa PR ranking and of course back links that are the life and soul of being seen and bring in more traffic.

The beauty is that most web directories are free. Just a couple of minutes going through the signing up and entering your blog into a web directory gives you a lifetime of public view if accepted. By the way it is good that there is a vetting on web directories taking on just decent blogs, this give more credibility to the blog community that sits there of course.

Where you have a blog that is personal, for business or even and AdSense based bog for earning, submission to web directories is an essential part of successful blogging. I can’t say I know any blog that doesn’t use them. If you haven’t already submitted to directories now is the best time to start. Put your efforts in this direction and the results will be put in the pipeline. Set yourself a target of one directory a day and after 3 months you will have a much bigger following on the web on a passive basis!

Image representing Yahoo! as depicted in Crunc...

The most important directories to start off with are Google of course, DMOZ, Yahoo and BOTW (for businesses.) Just spend 15 minutes submitting to these and you are on your way.

Don’t forget that you heard it here on first and of course!
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Friday, 20 November 2009

Carrots Or Gold - Potentially, Which Is The Best Investment?

Potentially, what is worth more, $10 worth of carrots or $10 worth of gold? It is a question that will almost certain draw most people into answering gold. Why is this? Gold has a history of being sought after and owning it gives a prestige. Gold is everything to many people hence the answers geared toward this.

Carrots Or Gold - Potentially, Which Is The Best Investment?

How many of you answered carrots? If you did, what are your reasons? I initially thought that carrots are worth more, especially to a hungry person. They are a food full goodness and primed with healthy vitamin A. Then the thought of once they had been eaten that is the end of it.

Potentially you could sell the carrots one at a time walking the streets and make a profit and buy more carrots and do the same, this is the start of a carrot selling business that has potential. Buying a carrot for a few cents for a healthy snack certainly has a good feel about it.

Carrots Or Gold - Potentially, Which Is The Best Investment?

Gold on the other hand is not use to anyone other than its value. I suppose you could wear it as jewellery, but that will not make you money. With just having $10 of gold it won’t make any difference in the value of a year or so, so you are at a dead end here. So although gold is worth more than carrots to the majority of people who the question is put to it is not the case as far as earning potential goes. And the reason for choosing the carrot for some is I guess more reasoned towards being ‘green’ rather than a business choice.

A carrot-snack selling business! Now there’s a good idea!

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Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Lost Your Job? - Start An Income Safety Net By Writing

Lost Your Job? - Start An Income Safety Net By Writing

Lost your job? Can’t find another, do something useful with your time. Article writing is a way where you can eventually not have to rely on working for someone. It is of course elf-employed and a new set of rules will have to be learnt on hoe to run your own business. Even if you are in work it is a good idea to run a safety net income just in case this unfortunate situation of unemployment hits you.

The perfect way to start is actually while you are still in gainful employment this way you can build up your article writing business on the side, but this does not detract from doing it from scratch if you find yourself out of work. It is a vocation that you will have to learn as you go along. Writing for a living doesn’t happen overnight even though you can still quickly earn reasonable money if you have a flair for this skill. There are many tutorials that you can refer to online that are free to help you to improve your writing skills and gain more contracts from sponsors.

Writing for a living isn’t for everyone of course, but most people can learn the ropes if they have a little sense and organisation skills. There is enough material in the WWW world to draw upon and write about to infinity so that is not an issue. The big one is whether you have the dedication and staying power to get to the bigger money assignments. This is where the many people do actually make a living.

Even if you are not a natural writer, with a little work you can still earn enough to supplement your income or unemployment benefit. (You will have to check how much you can earn without affecting your benefit of course.)

Image From Image by xclockwerkangelx via Flickr

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A New Type Of Auction - Exciting And Potentially Money Spinning

A New Type Of Auction - Exciting And Potentially Money SpinningMaking money is something that thousands of people do online now by using auctions. The principle is the same as any other business that in involves buying and selling. You buy at a lower price than you sell and keep the profit it is as simple as that. Buying cheap goods in bulk makes most profits by selling them in smaller unit at a higher price, this is the basis for making money quite easily if you have a little capital.

Finding place to buy and sell online is easy, I suppose eBay paved the way for this, but there are other auction sites that have a big say in helping people online, not only make money but pick up a bargain or two in the process as well. is an alternative method of auctioning that offers brand new product or service you can bid for either profit or pleasure. Here’s how it works:

All goods are brand new and start at a bidding price of $0.00. The potential bidder simply creates a new account to bid (you get 5 free bids when registering) and purchases each bid for the sum of $0.60. Bids are increased by $0.02 each time until the countdown of the auction ends. This can potentially be a very quick action auction with times for bidding ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes for each successive bid. Each tie another bid is put in within the time constraints the timer is reset and counts down again. It can go on indefinitely as long as the bids keep coming in – Exciting stuff!

For me, I like to think about what I buy and would be too nervous to use this auction, call be a ‘scaredy cat’ if you like, but to others the thrill of this auction site and the countless bargains you can in goods or services, potentially get to create profits from is endless.

Another good way of making money from carefully chosen goods you can resell at a profit.
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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Make Money By Blogging - No Need For Greed

Make Money By Blogging - No Need For Greed

Making money for me is not about hitting the heights of richness, but just to help things along with paying bills and putting food on the table. I lost that greed factor many years ago, I only wish the world could see the way forward in this light as well.

Making a little money is easy as long as you expectations are geared that way as well. Making $10 a week on the Internet by combining any number of schemes from the passive AdSense to paid blog reviews is achievable by every blogger out there. It may take a few months to build up a blog that has a decent Alexa rank or Google page rank and the money is there to make. Many thousands of bloggers are content with this and it more than funds the overheads of their hobby of writing. And why not? How many other hobbies are there that you can take up where it pays for itself and gives a little extra for you efforts?

Blogging is an enterprise that is harmless, educational and rewarding in both aesthetic and financial spheres. This to me is more than enough to keep me online with blogging and of course help get through this winter of possible discontent in the recession that still plague’s us.

Helping you through the maze of money making
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Monday, 9 November 2009

Put Your Site On Search Engines - A Guide to Use

Put Your Site On Search Engines - A Guide to Use

Creating a website is hard work and the grafting seems endless. Even so, the excitement of your creation keeps you going through the pain barrier with the though perhaps of the money this new site will earn you once published and established on the WWW.

So the hard work is done. From the original drawing board you have planned the site and put the jigsaw of detail and date you need for the site and tested for bugs and all it well. The pages are also all tested and the whole site is ready to go. Your domain and web host is working well and up to expectations, so what’s next?

Well for any site to have success online they need to be projected to a waiting audience. Most people who view websites would initially do a search through a search engine to find the subject, topic or material they are looking for. If you aren’t there with the searchers than you have failed before you have begun, getting your site on search engines is the key to success, but how do you go about it?

The answer is by simply by following advice from a knowledgeable source. How to publish your site on search engines is an essential article you will find most useful. Take time to do this as it is probably the most important step you can take with your site. Search engines are your main shop window for your site so just do it with the step-by-step guide that will help you through the process.
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Sunday, 8 November 2009

I want It And I Want It Now - Bad Worldwide Habit


Saving money is just as important as earning it, many people who bust a gut trying to earn forget this. Most people fall into the category of materialism and with this upturns profits that to some lead to the need for credit as fund don’t allow for their wants.

Wants are an unnecessary commodity and to be quite honest it had got out of hand which is one of the reasons for the recession – buying on credit to speed up the wants is not sustainable as we have all found out. The only way to solve this is to rethink how to deal with our wants. If you can’t afford something then just don’t buy it or save up for it. After all if it is a new product is will be cheaper after a certain period anyway! This of course will fall on deaf ears as many are too stuck in their greedy ways and a slave to consumer advertising who have won hands down for over a century.

If you want to improve your earnings and feel the need for a want count to ten, but one number up each day. By the tenth day what you wanted would have either diminished into something else you want or gone out of fashion. Either way you will have won the fight against being brainwashed through commercial marketing and ‘forced’ buying through mind games and of course be far better off mentally and financially. I won’t mention that fact that you will have perhaps paved the way to being free to think for yourself rather than how others want you to think.

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Monday, 2 November 2009

Use Help In WebHosting Choices - It's There To Use

How do you know what the right choice is when it comes to web hosting? What is the best way you can ensure that the web host for you is right and suited to your type of site? These are questions that have simple answers, but even with this there are thousands of websites who have not taken this route and are counting the cost further down the line.

Making a decision about the type of website hosting system to use is all about having the information at hand. With this you can make arrive at a point where you know what is right for you and the gamble and risk is taken out of the equation. You need a source that can give you a comprehensive run down of web hosting plans, highlight the promotional and discounted deals that are around and of course warn you off web hosting areas that are no use to you.

The other area that you will need to make your choice is feedback from a real Internet public that have used dais web hosting systems and have given feedback. With real reviews at hand you can certainly have a reflective view of what is good and what is bad. In fact you would be a fool not to use this type of analysis if you know it is around. How many times do people buy into the unknown when advice is plainly available, not just in web host providers either?

If you are in the market for a web host provider then you need a web hosting guide to steer you in the right direction. If you are currently using a web host you can also give a report on the service you have got by rating the site for others who may either be warned off or encouraged by the review.

The bottom line is to check out the best web host for you from available resources on line that are specifically designed to aid you and make the choice that much simpler. You may well find something that you never knew was out there and it is just up your street in compatibility.
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Sunday, 1 November 2009

Tops EC Droppers Fro October 2009 - Thank You!

It's top dropper on Entrecard again. This month was a very close run event with no less than for on the max with 31 drops. Somehow Learning Corner got to the top of the pile this months and gets a free one month worth of ads on this site. A massive thank you to all the other loyal droppers and other who just missed being mentioned on the list given below.

Happy Days chaps!

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