Sunday, 8 November 2009

I want It And I Want It Now - Bad Worldwide Habit


Saving money is just as important as earning it, many people who bust a gut trying to earn forget this. Most people fall into the category of materialism and with this upturns profits that to some lead to the need for credit as fund don’t allow for their wants.

Wants are an unnecessary commodity and to be quite honest it had got out of hand which is one of the reasons for the recession – buying on credit to speed up the wants is not sustainable as we have all found out. The only way to solve this is to rethink how to deal with our wants. If you can’t afford something then just don’t buy it or save up for it. After all if it is a new product is will be cheaper after a certain period anyway! This of course will fall on deaf ears as many are too stuck in their greedy ways and a slave to consumer advertising who have won hands down for over a century.

If you want to improve your earnings and feel the need for a want count to ten, but one number up each day. By the tenth day what you wanted would have either diminished into something else you want or gone out of fashion. Either way you will have won the fight against being brainwashed through commercial marketing and ‘forced’ buying through mind games and of course be far better off mentally and financially. I won’t mention that fact that you will have perhaps paved the way to being free to think for yourself rather than how others want you to think.

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