Monday, 23 November 2009

Ghostwriter - Good Money If You Can Sell Your Soul

Ghostwriter - Good Money If You Can Sell Your SoulCan you write good article with ease and have a range of styles that you can easily adapt too? If so and you are writing currently and not getting the income you feel you deserve there is something that you can do to rectify this?

Ghostwriters have been around now for a number of years where they are hired by parties who want articles, books, advertising etc., written by a third party and they buy the rights of that writing, technically they own the copyright to that piece and the real writer remains anonymous, but that much richer for their writing skills and efforts.

It is a simple equation of supply and demand, individuals or companies need the word written, they haven’t the time or the talent to do it so hire someone to do it for them. Whether you can take on board the fact that you are giving your own work away to someone else that gets full credit for the work is an issue that is easily resolved with the payments that change hands. It is a bit like giving your soul away and therefore the aptly named Ghostwriter has a meaning beyond the anonymity it first implies.

If this is for you there are a number of guides and agencies that you can approach for further details. Well worth a look if you have the aptitude and a mercenary attitude to writing.

Here are a few places to start finding out more about it and perhaps start your new source of income:

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