Friday, 20 November 2009

Carrots Or Gold - Potentially, Which Is The Best Investment?

Potentially, what is worth more, $10 worth of carrots or $10 worth of gold? It is a question that will almost certain draw most people into answering gold. Why is this? Gold has a history of being sought after and owning it gives a prestige. Gold is everything to many people hence the answers geared toward this.

Carrots Or Gold - Potentially, Which Is The Best Investment?

How many of you answered carrots? If you did, what are your reasons? I initially thought that carrots are worth more, especially to a hungry person. They are a food full goodness and primed with healthy vitamin A. Then the thought of once they had been eaten that is the end of it.

Potentially you could sell the carrots one at a time walking the streets and make a profit and buy more carrots and do the same, this is the start of a carrot selling business that has potential. Buying a carrot for a few cents for a healthy snack certainly has a good feel about it.

Carrots Or Gold - Potentially, Which Is The Best Investment?

Gold on the other hand is not use to anyone other than its value. I suppose you could wear it as jewellery, but that will not make you money. With just having $10 of gold it won’t make any difference in the value of a year or so, so you are at a dead end here. So although gold is worth more than carrots to the majority of people who the question is put to it is not the case as far as earning potential goes. And the reason for choosing the carrot for some is I guess more reasoned towards being ‘green’ rather than a business choice.

A carrot-snack selling business! Now there’s a good idea!

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