Sunday, 22 November 2009

Web Directories - You'll Get Nowhere Without Them

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The chances are that you are a blogger reading this and if that is the case you will know about and have probably used web directories. You will also know how important they are in terms of getting your own blog out to a waiting public looking for just the type of information and writing you produce. Well this being the case there is another web directory that you may well want to consider to add to your marketing armour to move up in the search rankings, increase Google and Alexa PR ranking and of course back links that are the life and soul of being seen and bring in more traffic.

The beauty is that most web directories are free. Just a couple of minutes going through the signing up and entering your blog into a web directory gives you a lifetime of public view if accepted. By the way it is good that there is a vetting on web directories taking on just decent blogs, this give more credibility to the blog community that sits there of course.

Where you have a blog that is personal, for business or even and AdSense based bog for earning, submission to web directories is an essential part of successful blogging. I can’t say I know any blog that doesn’t use them. If you haven’t already submitted to directories now is the best time to start. Put your efforts in this direction and the results will be put in the pipeline. Set yourself a target of one directory a day and after 3 months you will have a much bigger following on the web on a passive basis!

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The most important directories to start off with are Google of course, DMOZ, Yahoo and BOTW (for businesses.) Just spend 15 minutes submitting to these and you are on your way.

Don’t forget that you heard it here on first and of course!
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