Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A New Type Of Auction - Exciting And Potentially Money Spinning

A New Type Of Auction - Exciting And Potentially Money SpinningMaking money is something that thousands of people do online now by using auctions. The principle is the same as any other business that in involves buying and selling. You buy at a lower price than you sell and keep the profit it is as simple as that. Buying cheap goods in bulk makes most profits by selling them in smaller unit at a higher price, this is the basis for making money quite easily if you have a little capital.

Finding place to buy and sell online is easy, I suppose eBay paved the way for this, but there are other auction sites that have a big say in helping people online, not only make money but pick up a bargain or two in the process as well. BidHere.com is an alternative method of auctioning that offers brand new product or service you can bid for either profit or pleasure. Here’s how it works:

All goods are brand new and start at a bidding price of $0.00. The potential bidder simply creates a new account to bid (you get 5 free bids when registering) and purchases each bid for the sum of $0.60. Bids are increased by $0.02 each time until the countdown of the auction ends. This can potentially be a very quick action auction with times for bidding ranging from 15 seconds to 3 minutes for each successive bid. Each tie another bid is put in within the time constraints the timer is reset and counts down again. It can go on indefinitely as long as the bids keep coming in – Exciting stuff!

For me, I like to think about what I buy and would be too nervous to use this auction, call be a ‘scaredy cat’ if you like, but to others the thrill of this auction site and the countless bargains you can in goods or services, potentially get to create profits from is endless.

Another good way of making money from carefully chosen goods you can resell at a profit.
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