Wednesday, 29 April 2009

AdSense For Bloggers - A Beginners Guide

AdSense For Bloggers - A Beginners Guide

AdSense for Bloggers makes complete sense to have on your site. A little money made online for doing what you do anyway blogging. But AdSense money it can get better than that with a little tweaking. AdSense is easy to maintain and a reasonable income can be made off it if the organisation and effort follows the correct paths and tried and tested systems.

Making decent money with AdSense is all about targeting prized keywords with the content of your blog. You need to find out which keywords have the highest bids by beginning your research with you personal Google Adwords account. Using the specific tool will give you relative keywords and provide the following information.
  • The total number of competitors are listed under that keyword.
  • A total monthly searches are done for that keyword on average.
What position on the search results your proposed bid will get you giving a price to that keyword. You can then enter in what your maximum cost per click (CPC) will be. If you put in a high bid say $60 you will be able to see what the maximum bids are.

You should then take the highest bids and then set your own CPC setting it a slightly lower bid. If you can find out where the second highest bid pitched at you will then know what the top result for that keyword and what will be paid out every time someone clicks there.

Get hold of a number of these high valued keywords and then you can target the contents of your page from them. This will result in your Google AdSense advertisements showing up based around only high paying ads.

There is of course always the AdSense Keyword Generator, which takes the hard work out of researching yourself.

Essentially it is always about getting the right content splattered with highly prized keywords. I have to make the point that you don't have to have targeted keyword content. Getting a big payout on one click that is worth over $5 is all very well, but money still comes in from the 2 cent clicks as well

There is a limit that Google has put to the number of ads per page, so at least you won't get too carried away with non-specific keyword articles. After all a blog was originally intended as a writing vehicle not a keyword jungle.

No traffic no money from AdSense, you need people to get onto you site in order for those AdSense widgets to be clicked There are hundreds of ways to get traffic on your site but only a few work. SEO service that ask for money to boost your traffic are a waste of money, there are loads of freebies around if you look they're just as good if not more honest!

AdSense For Bloggers - A Beginners Guide

Find a 'pinging' facility to your blog so it gets freshly indexed after each post which will change the AdSense link with the post almost immediately. These are free ones out there so go and get them. Get listed in search engines, blog communities and link exchange programmes. Enzine submission help, swap links with other bloggers, and network getting you blog circulating. A little and often is the key. Over three months you will be amazed how much traffic you can get by doing a little every day and all this is free.

One you sign up for AdSense, you can use the code they give you on any site as you can only have one account (an email account) with Google this saves lots of work reapplying for other website you may own. There is even a plug-in under the Firefox Empire an update of my AdSense earnings in one corner of my browser.

If you find enough high priced keywords to cover a topic work around your blog on that topic you are well on your way if the traffic comes in. You might even find some content already online that you can get permission to publish on your site. Immediate content waiting for you to earn there and then!

As you can see, I have AdSense up and running and you should find the topics shown are about AdSense and earning online. One click on this by yourself or other blogger will make me money and all I did was write this article!

Have a go, it is rewarding in more way than one!
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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

BidVertiser - Passive Earning For Bloggers

BidVertiser, ever heard of them? If you have or haven’t, read on it might help pay for the running of your blog.

If you have a blog and aren't doing something with it to make a little income on the side, then that's up to you. It is so simple many of the schemes that are around involve the blogger doing nothing at all other than their normal blogging.

BidVertiser is one of the big favourites for passive income on blogs. by paying money out by referring other bloggers. With the placement of a banner or widget of your choice in place you do nothing other than wait for other bloggers to click on that up with them - That's when the money starts rolling in. this is just one area where money can be made.

The moment you place a referral button on your site you will start to earn money when a user clicks on your button and signs as an advertiser or a publisher - It’s that simple.

To give you an idea of the rates that are paid out when this happens look:
  • When a blogger signs as an advertiser and first spends $10, you will be credited with $5.
  • When that same blogger advertises and spends $50, you will be paid another $20.
  • When a blogger signs as a publisher and first earns $10, you will be credited with $10.
  • When that blogger publishing earns $50, you will be paid a staggering $40.
All earnings are tracked, including clicks, sign-ups and conversions. Your earnings from referrals will be included with your BidVertiser earnings in the monthly payment cycle, which is paid immediately through Pay pal.

You banner or widget on you blog can be as big or as small as you want. Now what's difficult about that and why isn't every blogger doing it? Again, not a get rich scheme at all, but just a little system that help pay for the running of your log and internet connection, or more, that's the way I look at it.

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Independant Web Hosting Reviews - The Best Way To Choose

Amsterdam servercluster in its own rackImage via Wikipedia

Okay, your website is doing pretty well but you really need a new web host as you current host just isn't hacked up to taking on your load. There are too many time outs and is like walking through treacle to use. You need a web host to suit your needs, where do you start?

Rather than taking a chance with another web host that promises the earth, you may find that these promises don't live up to the facade they put up. Then by the time you realise you are contracted in and have to start all over again. You need a place where web hosting has been comprehensively reviewed, tested and take you pick from recommended web hosting parties that have proven to be the best.

The best review site to take up is from an independent group that have no leaning for any web host factions. It should reviews of the best web hosting providers and advise on cheap professional web hosting services that fall under $10 a month with least one free domain name registration and 30 day money back guarantee. It should also have an opportunity for webmasters to submit their own reviews on their current dedicated server web host. this will give a hands on account and let others webmasters know the best and the worst.

There should also be categories that include Budget Web Hosting, Blog Web Hosting, Forum Web Hosting, Email Web Hosting, Multiple Domain Web Hosting and Ecommerce Web Hosting. All these should include the best and the worse of each category. In addition with the environment in mind there should be an option to have a choice of green hosting.

With all this in front of you, then you will have the nuts and bolts to choose the web host that suits you and the peace of mind that the choice will be the best with all the facts from independent reviews that have been made.

If you go to any of the links in this post you should have a big slice of happy web host hunting.

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Monday, 27 April 2009

A Review Of AdSense For Dummies

Google's AdSense has been around for a number of years now, but how many people make more than a few dollars a day? Not many. The reason is very simple; learning how to use AdSense in the right way and to optimise the way it is used is broadly unknown to a wider public online.

The beauty of AdSense is that once set up, it looks after itself. If is a passive earner for you, but is has to be done systematically to get decent dividends. There are people online out there who sit back and watch substantial earning flow in because the have taken AdSense to the limit in optimisation. It isn’t that difficult you just have to apply yourself.

There is a product that has had great reviews Google AdSense For Dummies will get you started. It’s loaded with all the tips needed to help you set up a successful AdSense program.

Whether yo have a Web log or Web site using these tips given by Google AdSense For Dummies it also shows you how AdSense works, how to calculate the cost per click and follow the trend in AdSense results.
The following features are included in Google AdSense for Dummies

* Register and set up an AdSense program
* Track results with server logs, AdSense reports, and Google Analytics
* Boost AdSense income with search engine optimisation techniques
* Apply Google guidelines by including relevant links and content, making your site easy to navigate, using a sitemap, and keeping links in good repair
* Fine-tune your Web site with beefed-up content to please Google and boost effectiveness
* Earn more with AdSense for RSS, streaming video, and referral units
* Design appealing ads and search boxes, and deal with ads from competitors
* Add video units to your site, design mobile ad units, and understand referral units

The author Jerri Ledford and is a “Google geek,” these are his own words!

Making money from your Web site or blog using Google AdSense makes a lot of sense. This guide does speak over your head in Geek language, just as the title says, it is designed to teach dummies!

Other tips that is gives are:

*Increase and improve your content for Google's approval as well as to boost effectiveness
*Include relevant links and content, make your site easy to surf around, use a sitemap, design for the user, and keep links in good shape
*Discover other types of AdSense — use AdSense with video, mobile, and RSS
*Use AdSense as a page element on your blog and design killer ads and attractive search boxes
*Improve your earning from AdSense for RSS, referral units
*Track your results using AdSense reports and Google Analytics

If you are serious about earning money from your web log or web site, you can’t do worse that get AdSense up and running; you'll earn a few dollars a month without doing anything special. On the other hand if you take AdSense seriously you can do far better than that and this book is a good guide to helping you achieve that.

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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Do You Have A Security Complaint Business?

Do You Have A Security Complaint Business?If you have a business that uses online resources is it security complaint? If it isn't you could well be breaking the code of online conduct and breaking the law.

In order to be fully compliant with current government and industry regulations, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA and SOX there is a mandatory requirement for logged data must be collected, reviewed on a regular basis and then archived. Business networks also need protection from the every increasing complex online virus threats where IT personnel are continuing to struggle to keep up with a new wave threats.

There is now a shift to using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to reduce or even eliminate the burden of IT intensive projects. SaaS lets organisations maintain control and not lose sight of their areas and reduce the amount of resources needed to make sure of complete confidentiality, integrity and availability of corporate IT assets.

SaaS exists in the Alert Logic data centre, which looks after the data from their clients network. It also gives a view real-time data, reports and statistical information pertaining to their security. With a long history of experience and countless satisfied customers, the Alert Logic on-demand systems have and continue to radically reduced the complex task of how organizations are meeting their security and PCI Compliance needs.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Starter Businesses - Sometimes The Best Way

Scaffolding: Not just for construction workers...

Starter businesses are a method that certainly a safer way than going head first all guns blazing into a business. But not many people know about this alternative action for starting up a new business. It is worth reading through to see whether this may suit you is you are thinking of starting a new enterprise.

Starter businesses are your first dip into a market. For example, your first houses purchase, the first step into the housing market. This initial investment is kept going for a few years and then you go for a bigger more expensive property and the process is repeated again and again.

A starter business really is a small initial business that may last up tot a year. This is testing the water and may well be run on s shoestring from home and on a part-time basis. Many start this off whilst still working for an employer and fit it in around that.

One of the benefits is that it allows the individual to make mistakes and take the learning curve of business skills that are needed to start and run a successful business full time. There is only a small amount of capital investment needed for starter businesses. The point of them is to expose the entrepreneur to the realities of running their business, the scaffolding it there and can be removed and real capital invested if venture has been successful.

This is great if you have a business idea that you feel will work, but this business stuff is all new to you. Its a good idea to create a starter business, as it will give you time to learn the entrepreneur tricks. You will need to be patient, but it will give your business idea a much better chance of working. Your investment is likely to be spent more wisely and you may even find that this isn't the sort of thing you want and give up without too much lost.

Image by kevindooley via Flickr

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Friday, 17 April 2009

Increased Payout With Adgitize - Yes, More money

Increased Payout With Adgitize - Yes, More money

There is a new payout system with Adgitize designed to earn you more money. It came in on April 1st it has certainly made a big difference to my earning there!

Again, not enough to clear your mortgage, but as part of a money making blog it holds its own very well considering the amount of space and time it takes up on blogging. There are many other schemes that just aren't worth the time and effort in comparison.

If you advertise with Adgitize you will get far more in return with earnings, plus of course the increased traffic. What's the secret? Well there is not secret on making money here.

Everyone can make money if Adgitize accepts you - By the way they don't take every Tom, Dick and Harry. You can gain a maximum of 100 points a day for categories your blog comes under. And what do points make? Money!

  • Points are awarded for blog posts - You do that anyway!
  • Points awarded for clicking on Adgitize ads and your points are doubled if you are an advertiser!
  • Points for the number of views of ads on your blog.
  • Points for views of pages that have the ads displayed.
  • Points for being an advertiser.
You can simply visit blogs to earn points as well. It is worth getting signed up for Entrecard and kill two birds with one stone here.

So, not only will you get you advertising fee back, ($14 per month) but make more on top if you take advantage of the pointing award system.

I for one, who has already earned money from Adgetize, will be looking forward to increased revenue from them every month along with many others who have found Adgitise a useful and profitable scheme.

Why not have a look at them?

Adgitize your web site.

Top Image by Roby© via Flickr

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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Write Ebooks - There Is A Massive Demand Right Now

Write Ebooks - There Is A Massive Demand Right Now

Ebooks on the Internet are on the increase. and there is a massive demand right now. Many people who now have become authors from all backgrounds are writing about every topic under the sun and ebooks are an option that can easily be taken up. The beauty of ebooks is that they can be downloaded for very little cost compared to the cost of printed books. Online businesses can offer products or services to people and even if you’re a newcomer to businesses online. Adding eBooks to your repertoire is a good earner to this growing demand.

Overheads for ebooks is next to nothing, you can sell them over and over again with 100% profit margins. There are online communities in every corner of the web. People enjoy learning and improving and by visiting websites ebooks can be a effective way of providing that knowledge to a growing market.

E-books are great for easy reference and portable with the inclusion into cellular phones and iPods. A E-book on any topic can be downloaded to a portable device and be take to be enjoyed later on.

Another advantage is that E-books are environmentally good. There are no trees destroyed for books that will gather dust on bookshelves. So you market will attract and include an environmentally friendly market.

Researching on topics you can create ebooks about is easy but takes time. Keep all the areas you research fro material at hand, these could be good places to return and sell you ebook.

Ebooks can help you to build your business in many ways, giving away ebooks as an enticement for free can boost your sales. For example if you are in a business of selling gardening equipment you can publish a free ebook to go alongside each sale about gardening tips.

People will always want information, answers to problems and much more. Whatever you write about there will be someone who wants to read it, just look at your blog and the traffic you get as an example.

Publishing ebooks is easy a simple search online or writing from the top of your head is all you need to do. The best length of an ebooks is anywhere between 20 to 150 pages using aa Adobe Reader format.

Feeling lazy? Then there is even an easier way to get an ebook made up - Employ a ghostwriter to write one up for you. They aren't that expensive in terms of what you will get back in business form it. Choose the topic and material you want to be transcribed and you have a unique ebook waiting for you to sell.

The secret is to get up and do something about it. There is so much information out there yet so much more wanted. Many people think about writing ebook but very few actually do it. Get in there and write one, you'll get more business out of it.

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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Quick And Easy Money Waiting From Adgitize

I was more than surprised on how quick and easy it was to earn money from Adgitize. I joined then a couple of months ago and really haven't done anything with it other than put a couple of ads on my blog column. So when I got an email yesterday from Ken Brown telling me that my Adgitize account had earned over $10 in March and that I hadn't confirmed my Pay pal account details so they couldn't pay it was a good feeling. It isn't very often you get the manager of a company calling you personally trying to pay you money.

Looking again at Adgitize after I had filled in my Pay Pal details, they were created in the summer of 2008 by Ken Brown and gives an alternative advertising platform for bloggers. There is also a forum where bloggers can share ideas for blogging. Adgitize has a pointing system that converts into real money for all bloggers whether big or small.

Bloggers will gain traffic through Adgitize and with the interacting with other blogs help turn it into a successful business in the blogosphere.

They pay out from $2 to $5 commissions on every new advertiser with a $1 monthly commission per advertiser that never expires. As long as the advertiser has a paid advertisement in the Adgitize Network, then you can earn cash. There is no Expiration Date on Monthly Commission unlike other advertising programs with a low monthly pay out of $10 for affiliates with a Pay Pal addresses.

Well thanks Ken for telling me there was money waiting to be send, I know that there will be more coming in next month now I have registered with my Pay Pal account!

If you want to try them out there is a free and easy registration process and can be up and running in minutes.

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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Big Earnings Claimed Here

An Automated System That Produces $540 Many Times A Day this is what this money making site claims. Now my site is not about getting rich quick, this doesn't happen without expertise and experience with online businesses. So why is this program being wrtten about on my blog?

Well, you may or may not have heard os Jason Pearson, he designed the program and has the reputation of being one of the most successful and helpful online marketers in the business. With Jason at the helm of the scheme, the money making program says that it will give step by step online marketing training videos and other tools that will support potential internet marketer to become successful online with their online marketing.

The claim is that it will run on virtual automatically once set up making the online marketer hundreds of dollars every day. I do believe that money is earnt from a combination of good business acumen and hard work and this program will no doubt involve both, but with a support system behind it. Like every business program, you only get out what you put in and this particular program is no execption.
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Monday, 6 April 2009

Picture Bank - Invest Pictures Receive Money

Do you take lots of pictures on your digital camera? Why not get paid for it. There is a site that is offering money for putting your pictures in as stock photographs and also qualify with royalty free rights. Pixmac is the name and they are even offering photographers a deal which will pay for your pictures before they’re sold.

Why isn't everyone doing this that has a digital camera? It seems this is and opportunity not to be missed.

I have recently joined and every day submit a couple of pictures. To me that is like investing in a bank, over time you will have a big investment of photographs that will give you good returns. I know look forward to some revenue through Pay pal soon.

There are a few things you should know about PixMac and photo uploading process that is required. It's not rocket science, just good organisation.

  • You need to register to PixMac first - This is free.
  • Go to the 'Sell Images and Upload Pictures' and click.
  • You need to give five keywords describing your photograph. give it an Interesting and attention catching title and describe information about your photo.
  • Every photograph submitted needs to be clicked on the 'Save and Send for Approval' tab.
  • There are two ways to upload pictures. A HTTP upload using browser or a FTP Upload.

That's all there is to it. Just think a few minutes a day over the next few months and you will have dosh trickling in as long as long as you keep the photographs trickling in.

Pixmac pictures

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Thursday, 2 April 2009

My Top Ten Entrecard Droppers for March 2009

It's that time of the month where a big thanks should be said to many who devote time to drop on Entrecards on my blog. I know how much valuable time in the day this takes up and this is appreciated no end from me.

So thank you to all Entrecard droppers who have helped my blog over the last month and a special big THANK YOU to those who made the top ten. These bloggers will remain on my blog as an advertisement for you all until next month.

Dropper # of drops
Enjoy Work As Leisure 29
Kids Toys 29
MamaFlo's Place 28
Make Money Online Info Center 28
Electricians notes 28
BloggerHitz 28
My Library 27
Serian Man 27
Life With Roxxymetal 27
2 Witches Blog 27

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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Swing Trading - A Guide is Out

Just a quick post on something that looks quite useful that has just come out and may be of use to many who have buy-and-hold investments.

Until now my experience in swing trading was quite limited, I know a bit about it but by no means an expert. There is now a guide published just out. This may be just right for you if you currently have the low returns on buy-and-hold investments and you can't watch the markets all day or are too tired after a full day of work to concentrate.
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The Method Is Really Simple

It is a sure sign of a scam when a company asks you for a deposit or a fee for setting you up with a business opportunity. The rule of thumb is to run a mile if asked for money up front, but there are still those who don't. this is why they still try and run the gauntlet time and time again from subscribers who never take good advice.

I have come across a company that wants to help you Make Money Online, but definitely doesn't ask for any money up front. The bottom line is that the system they promote is totally free. The claim that those who subscribe can make money from the system without buying anything at any point. With this promise in place, there should be a zero risk you can't lose money here.

It is called The Really Simple Method. In essence it is a step-by-step guide that will give you the method to make money online. They claim that they will guide you through the process in a free online course with clear explanations on how to go about it. this is achieved with videos and tutorials. The Really Simple Method is claimed to be easy to understand and works.

My general advice on this one is to consider it - The main reason is that it cost absolutely nothing to join and you can only be wiser at the end of it without any investment.

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Essential Business Blog Tips to Improve Rankings

bbs2006-028.jpg (John Battelle @ Blog Business...Image by ~C4Chaos via Flickr

If you are trying to make money from a business blog, no matter what you are selling of marketing business will improve if you ranking does. It is in your interests right now with this tough competitive world that you can focus on giving proven techniques to improve your rankings. I have therefore composed a few areas that you may want to take on board to improve your blog's standing for a higher ranking.

Just try and specialise in one area. The best business blogs will have a target market. It will have identified the people that it wants to appeal to that will attract, keep and expand a following

Stick to your goals. you would have had a plan form the start, so don't get distracted from it

Make your writing interesting with a buzz about it and have focused content. You know the type of reader following think what will interest them

A visually appealing post works wonders. Use space in your text with sub headings and a header that supports and shows off your product or service. Make sure it's easy on the eye.

Get your followers juices going and launch your business blog properly. If you plan a foundation posts, use a mailing list with and announcement it. Organise an online press release and make sure you put some emphasis on the 'things to come'. This will be worth the effort and give your business blog a flying start.

Don't make each post the same, mix the style. this can be done easily while still ensuring the content is still on target. Make sure that you space and present the content in different ways, this should enhance the ways on many points you are looking to communicate.

Marketing is the secret of the business blog, after all this is what business is all about, getting the product or service out there. There is no point in having a blog and not telling a waiting public about it. Use all the methods not just online, then do it all over again. You will attract many followers over time if you spread the word continuously.

With many of these in place your chances of getting a higher ranking are increased substantially, it is just a case of getting focused and prioritise what the important factors are with business blogs to achieve this.

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