Friday, 17 April 2009

Increased Payout With Adgitize - Yes, More money

Increased Payout With Adgitize - Yes, More money

There is a new payout system with Adgitize designed to earn you more money. It came in on April 1st it has certainly made a big difference to my earning there!

Again, not enough to clear your mortgage, but as part of a money making blog it holds its own very well considering the amount of space and time it takes up on blogging. There are many other schemes that just aren't worth the time and effort in comparison.

If you advertise with Adgitize you will get far more in return with earnings, plus of course the increased traffic. What's the secret? Well there is not secret on making money here.

Everyone can make money if Adgitize accepts you - By the way they don't take every Tom, Dick and Harry. You can gain a maximum of 100 points a day for categories your blog comes under. And what do points make? Money!

  • Points are awarded for blog posts - You do that anyway!
  • Points awarded for clicking on Adgitize ads and your points are doubled if you are an advertiser!
  • Points for the number of views of ads on your blog.
  • Points for views of pages that have the ads displayed.
  • Points for being an advertiser.
You can simply visit blogs to earn points as well. It is worth getting signed up for Entrecard and kill two birds with one stone here.

So, not only will you get you advertising fee back, ($14 per month) but make more on top if you take advantage of the pointing award system.

I for one, who has already earned money from Adgetize, will be looking forward to increased revenue from them every month along with many others who have found Adgitise a useful and profitable scheme.

Why not have a look at them?

Adgitize your web site.

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