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AdSense For Bloggers - A Beginners Guide

AdSense For Bloggers - A Beginners Guide

AdSense for Bloggers makes complete sense to have on your site. A little money made online for doing what you do anyway blogging. But AdSense money it can get better than that with a little tweaking. AdSense is easy to maintain and a reasonable income can be made off it if the organisation and effort follows the correct paths and tried and tested systems.

Making decent money with AdSense is all about targeting prized keywords with the content of your blog. You need to find out which keywords have the highest bids by beginning your research with you personal Google Adwords account. Using the specific tool will give you relative keywords and provide the following information.
  • The total number of competitors are listed under that keyword.
  • A total monthly searches are done for that keyword on average.
What position on the search results your proposed bid will get you giving a price to that keyword. You can then enter in what your maximum cost per click (CPC) will be. If you put in a high bid say $60 you will be able to see what the maximum bids are.

You should then take the highest bids and then set your own CPC setting it a slightly lower bid. If you can find out where the second highest bid pitched at you will then know what the top result for that keyword and what will be paid out every time someone clicks there.

Get hold of a number of these high valued keywords and then you can target the contents of your page from them. This will result in your Google AdSense advertisements showing up based around only high paying ads.

There is of course always the AdSense Keyword Generator, which takes the hard work out of researching yourself.

Essentially it is always about getting the right content splattered with highly prized keywords. I have to make the point that you don't have to have targeted keyword content. Getting a big payout on one click that is worth over $5 is all very well, but money still comes in from the 2 cent clicks as well

There is a limit that Google has put to the number of ads per page, so at least you won't get too carried away with non-specific keyword articles. After all a blog was originally intended as a writing vehicle not a keyword jungle.

No traffic no money from AdSense, you need people to get onto you site in order for those AdSense widgets to be clicked There are hundreds of ways to get traffic on your site but only a few work. SEO service that ask for money to boost your traffic are a waste of money, there are loads of freebies around if you look they're just as good if not more honest!

AdSense For Bloggers - A Beginners Guide

Find a 'pinging' facility to your blog so it gets freshly indexed after each post which will change the AdSense link with the post almost immediately. These are free ones out there so go and get them. Get listed in search engines, blog communities and link exchange programmes. Enzine submission help, swap links with other bloggers, and network getting you blog circulating. A little and often is the key. Over three months you will be amazed how much traffic you can get by doing a little every day and all this is free.

One you sign up for AdSense, you can use the code they give you on any site as you can only have one account (an email account) with Google this saves lots of work reapplying for other website you may own. There is even a plug-in under the Firefox Empire an update of my AdSense earnings in one corner of my browser.

If you find enough high priced keywords to cover a topic work around your blog on that topic you are well on your way if the traffic comes in. You might even find some content already online that you can get permission to publish on your site. Immediate content waiting for you to earn there and then!

As you can see, I have AdSense up and running and you should find the topics shown are about AdSense and earning online. One click on this by yourself or other blogger will make me money and all I did was write this article!

Have a go, it is rewarding in more way than one!
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