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Independant Web Hosting Reviews - The Best Way To Choose

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Okay, your website is doing pretty well but you really need a new web host as you current host just isn't hacked up to taking on your load. There are too many time outs and is like walking through treacle to use. You need a web host to suit your needs, where do you start?

Rather than taking a chance with another web host that promises the earth, you may find that these promises don't live up to the facade they put up. Then by the time you realise you are contracted in and have to start all over again. You need a place where web hosting has been comprehensively reviewed, tested and take you pick from recommended web hosting parties that have proven to be the best.

The best review site to take up is from an independent group that have no leaning for any web host factions. It should reviews of the best web hosting providers and advise on cheap professional web hosting services that fall under $10 a month with least one free domain name registration and 30 day money back guarantee. It should also have an opportunity for webmasters to submit their own reviews on their current dedicated server web host. this will give a hands on account and let others webmasters know the best and the worst.

There should also be categories that include Budget Web Hosting, Blog Web Hosting, Forum Web Hosting, Email Web Hosting, Multiple Domain Web Hosting and Ecommerce Web Hosting. All these should include the best and the worse of each category. In addition with the environment in mind there should be an option to have a choice of green hosting.

With all this in front of you, then you will have the nuts and bolts to choose the web host that suits you and the peace of mind that the choice will be the best with all the facts from independent reviews that have been made.

If you go to any of the links in this post you should have a big slice of happy web host hunting.

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