Thursday, 9 April 2009

Quick And Easy Money Waiting From Adgitize

I was more than surprised on how quick and easy it was to earn money from Adgitize. I joined then a couple of months ago and really haven't done anything with it other than put a couple of ads on my blog column. So when I got an email yesterday from Ken Brown telling me that my Adgitize account had earned over $10 in March and that I hadn't confirmed my Pay pal account details so they couldn't pay it was a good feeling. It isn't very often you get the manager of a company calling you personally trying to pay you money.

Looking again at Adgitize after I had filled in my Pay Pal details, they were created in the summer of 2008 by Ken Brown and gives an alternative advertising platform for bloggers. There is also a forum where bloggers can share ideas for blogging. Adgitize has a pointing system that converts into real money for all bloggers whether big or small.

Bloggers will gain traffic through Adgitize and with the interacting with other blogs help turn it into a successful business in the blogosphere.

They pay out from $2 to $5 commissions on every new advertiser with a $1 monthly commission per advertiser that never expires. As long as the advertiser has a paid advertisement in the Adgitize Network, then you can earn cash. There is no Expiration Date on Monthly Commission unlike other advertising programs with a low monthly pay out of $10 for affiliates with a Pay Pal addresses.

Well thanks Ken for telling me there was money waiting to be send, I know that there will be more coming in next month now I have registered with my Pay Pal account!

If you want to try them out there is a free and easy registration process and can be up and running in minutes.

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