Friday, 29 August 2008

Modern Day Rag And Bone Business

The rag and bone business has now taken a modern turn today and money can be made out of it, but lets go back a bit first.

Rag and bone work used to be quite popular years ago, The British television 'Steptoe and Son' was a classic example of what this business was all about. If you're too young to remember, rag and bone men, (never women) used to go house to house on a horse and cart shouting out, "Any old Iron!' Women, who in those days worked as housewives, heard this. Unwanted items they didn't want would be turned out into the street and this would be collected, put on the Rag and Bone cart and taken away. I used to hear my mother saying to me when I was young, "I will give me away to the Rag and Bone men if you aren't good!"

History explained, and now that picture well out of fashion, rag and bone is now has reinvented itself and making money out of other people's rubbish is big business without the horse and cart emblem attached.

If I went to house to house asking whether they had any unwanted goods to give away, or even better, mailshot with pamphlets that unwanted goods will be collected for nothing on a certain day, you will gets lots of stuff. I'd go further and say that many of the goods are just out of fashion and would be in reasonable condition, especially in wealthier residential areas.

Yes it is a pain going door to door and you will get some rude people, but the good you collect can give substantial rewards. You will find that many people will be glad of your service and go on to refer you to others they know and more unwanted goods due your way.

The next stage is to get money for these goods and that's where the Internet comes into play, you sell them online, eBay or other auction sites are a great way or just use free ads which are scattered all over the net. There are barter sites where yo can exchange one items for another. Then there is are the recycling scrap metal merchants who will buy metal if you have enough with many providing a collection service as part of the deal. Even setting up your own car boot sales is a good idea, they are all over the country and does take more time that Internet selling, but you already have the transport so why not?

To set this up you need nothing other than some form of transport, a van or bigger car with a decent roof rack would be good enough. Then at home a Internet connected computer and printer for mails shots and a place to store things like a garage or a covered area in the garden for bigger items. With many smaller items a spare room with a tiered shelving system is a good idea.

Let's be honest, everything can be sold or bartered for even for little money, the buyer always pays for the postage or travel expenses. you really are on money for nothing but a bit of time and effort. some things you may even want to keep yourself!

So if you have a bit of get up and go, just make out some ads, post and follow up. This can be done for a couple of hours a week and move up to full time if things go well. You are your own boss and the overheads are low,

Finally, with this new age rag and bone business, losses are minimal if you suddenly want to give it up, so there is nothing to lose and you can always start again at another time.
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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Proofreading and Copy-Editing Work

What about becoming a proofreader/copy-editor?

You need to have a good standard of English grammar and enjoy reading. With this you can set up almost anywhere, in your bedroom, living room or somewhere that has a little space as editorial work will need this, especially if you're working on a large job.

Working at home means trying to keep home and work separate, this is difficult especially is you have children. You should be in control and make provisions to separate the vocation of work and home as they do not mix well.

You will be in full control of your financial destiny, Perhaps having been employee or in full time education before this will be a complete change as you have to manage on my own. The job can be very lonely. The need for concentration for long periods in complete silence are normal in this job.

You will need a little capital to start up this business, to get the correct training and software tools. It's not a lot but you still need to invest in order to give a professional service to clients.

Proofreading is of course the process of checking books, magazines and journals for errors before they become published. It is an vital job which carries an imperative degree of responsibility. Proper training through a recognised proofreading course is therefore essential if you are to succeed. A course that has a certificate of accreditation will give you more work and your clients peace of mine and confidence to use you.

There are many places yo can go for training, many online. listed here are a few specialist course that you may enquire about. Some with a money back guarantee if you feel that this is not for you.

If you think this may be for you at this stage, there is a test yo can take to judge for yourself how you fare

A selection of sites offering courses: - A high quality training offered in the UK and overseas. - Online training and many tips given here - A one day effective training course offered here - Offers a variety of courses that may suit you

There are countless publications that come under the 'teach yourself' category. Which are good and which are bad is not know until you have purchased. It is very much a lottery in this genre. It is worth just buying hardback learning material that you can preview, this of course is still not a 100% guarantee that the rest of the book lives up to the first part. Don't forget the publishers of these books are a business to sell, not flood the market with new proofreading/copy-editor recruits.

Logging all your hours in a log book or desk diary helps with invoicing and a guide to calculate how much I've earned each day. Organisation is always the key with all aspects of this job.

You need to try this out before giving up any day job. start off slowly, you will know whether it is for you pretty quickly. But before you start, ask yourself; Do you like working under you own steam? How motivated and self-reliant are you? Finally, always remember there's no one to turn to if it you have problems, just yourself.

Monday, 25 August 2008

Door to Door Sales

You can work part time and get less but full time you can get between £14,000 basic and up to £30,000+ in the first year working as a door to door salesperson. It's a great opportunity to work outdoors and would appeal to people interested in working outdoors and varied hours such as afternoons and/or evenings. That's one side to the story and how you often see it advertised.

Let's look a bit more into what it involves.

To be a Door to Door Salesman you need to present yourself and deal with people on a face to face basis.Also you need either previous sales experience or get in house sales training which is nearly always offered by most employers. Knowledge of targeted sales environment experience and good aptitude for winning new business is also required in most door to door salesperson jobs. But the most important is having the ability to close business on the day.

The job basically involves knocking on the doors of residential properties trying to promotes and sell goods or services. On occasion you may have to call up new clients initially via telephone to gain referrals. If every instance yo are cold calling.

A bad press and a job where yo have to have thick skin as verbal insults, threats and doors are flung shut in you face are common in this job. The training yo get is more often than not how to con someone into buying something they don't want and how to take advantage over the weak willed and venerable such as the elderly. This is where most sales come from.

My recommendation is to steer clear of this money making scheme as you as most will not be able to live with yourself with the trick employed to sell. You may get a low flat rate pay each month, if you last a month but most of your earning are commission based.

There are door to door sales people making a bit on the side and doing it for a living. Not all door to door sales people are crooks but you have to be a certain type of person to succeed in this money making game.

Friday, 22 August 2008

Money From Kleeneze

* work part or full time
* spend more time with the family
* be your own boss
#* earn as much as you want

This is how Kleeneze introduce the scheme to prospective people who might want to join . It is just like many other get rich quick schemes or get rich quick scams depending which way you look at it, Bbut what's different about this one?

Kleeneze products are sold through a network of distributors across the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany so it is a European set up. The distributors basically deliver catalogues, take orders and build up relationships with their customers. It is a multi-level marketing system and an order of hierarchy is in place but they claim this is not a pyramid system. Looking at the system deeper their claims disassociating themselves from such scandalous schemes is correct, and they had a 85 year proven track record to back it up.

The option you have if you join are based on a full-time or part-time basis. Within this there are three ways of earning money.

The first is by simple retailing in other words you sell products using the Kleeneze catalogues. This is a very basic plan where you deliver the catalogues to your customer base, this includes your family, friends, neighbours. The money you earn are based upon the products you sell to them. This can also include items yo buy yourself!

The second method is called the sponsoring system where you sponsor others into the Kleeneze Business Opportunity. The people you have sponsored will basically be your business as you earn through them. Kleeneze call this way of earning 'Volume Profit'.

The final way of making money is through a scheme call Royalty Bonus where you have to built up a team and the earnings are from the activity of the other team members.

They claim that you need no selling skills, you will be self-employed and work any hours you wish. The incentive to 'move up' into the sponsored and Royalty Bonus areas are good but no selling skills? I fear that if you are to make something out of this this is essential, you need to have good selling skills and excellent interpersonal skills as you are dealing with people all the time

If you are interested in this line of making extra dosh, be warned, it is never as easy as you think. Getting money out of people is the name of the game and that's the hardest trick. If you feel you have the selling skills and you get on with people then this may be for you. But if you don't like dealing with the public then just don't bother starting.

So, if you live in the Republic of Ireland, Germany or Holland you will qualify to apply.

You will need to enter the following information:
Country: Name: Address: Telephone: Email address: Best time to contact you: And you will also be asked from where you heard about them .

The next stage will be a reply with a representative to call and meet you and conduct an informal interview. The chances are if you are accepted, that you will be working under this person initially as he or she will be your nearest Kleeneze representative and you will have to report to them with your sales on a regular basis.

There is the foundation to make money from this but it is about how much you commit to the business, how you deal with people and how much work you put in. Many claim to have made it with Kleeneze but there are contless who haven't not because of a scam but they really weren't the right people for the business.

You can join by going into their website:

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Part Time Window Cleaning

There are many different ways of earning a living and I know a few who just got up one day and decided to clean window fro extra money. The surprising thing was that it worked. In fact it worked so well some actually took it up full time and earn a decent wage from it and other continue to earn extra dosh as a side line.

You do not need any particular qualifications to become a window cleaner, just the physical ability to do the job. As a part time vocation to get that extra dosh, its easy.

There are two types of window cleaning involved here, domestic and industrial, we are only going to contend the domestic scene here as the outlay is minimal and no specialist equipment is needed therefore the overhead costs are to a minimum. Because start-up costs being fairly low you should be able to start work more or less immediately.

Getting work again is easy, there is also windows that need cleaning. Start with you family and friends, they will now others who need the work done and will refer you. Advertise in local shop windows, work always comes from that. Get some make up a few hundred leaflets from your PC and printer and spend a day or two walking and posting them to every house in your neighbourhood. The returns you get on say an advertising campaign that cost £10 for the ink cartridge and paper will return you with lots of enquiries just from that.

The secret to success of mail shots is to then follow the mail shot up with a personal visit to the houses you posted to. You will be surprised what extra business you get with the follow up and use this personal contact to get more referrals, if they don't want your business do they know someone who does? It's so easy!

You will probably end up with too much work and be able to choose what you want an don't want. What you can't do is let customers down so if you take a regular job on for a client you have to honour that or be honest with them. They could spread bad news about you otherwise, don't cut the hands off the feeders.

As said before you would usually work outdoors in all weathers and not have a fear of height. It is also advisable to be aware of safety at all times and read up or attend a course which will be in you and third parties interests. You can find this site will give you guidance on most aspect for safety

You will be self-employed and therefore be well organised to plan your own work schedule, complete paperwork and keep accounts and be able to cost jobs and persuade customers to pay on time.

The job you are doing would naturally involve washing windows but also other glass surfaces on buildings. The job entails working at ground level and using ladders to reach upper floor windows or using a water-fed pole if preferred or too dangerous to climb. You may be also asked to do other work such as clearing gutters and cleaning paintwork on window frames. Again this is a bonus if you wish to take it up. No big costs involved in equipment and more dosh.

Moving up.....

Working at heights is required and even on the domestic scene some thing you may not wish to tackle without experience as you would certainly need to use power-operated work platforms, ropes, abseiling harnesses etc. This is for the full time professional window cleaner and you must be trained in the use of power-operated access equipment or abseiling techniques. Courses can be found through the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), if you want to take this route.

If you are looking for window cleaning as a career, you can get work through an Apprenticeship scheme. If you visit thеy will answer most questions if you want to follow this route.

It you do go for this as an earner, it might be a good idea to go in with a partner; find someone you can trust and rely on. It makes working so much more enjoyable and although you only get half the money, don't forget, it's only half the work!

Finally, how much can you expect to earn from this? Well it is up to you, each job is different therefore you negotiation will be individually priced. You may decide to do reduced rates for pensioners, or give 10% discount if they refer someone to you. It is don't to you own initiative. You can certainly make a tidy sum from this just by working a few hours a week on a regular basis.

Some references given here that may be useful: -National Federation of Master Window and General Cleaners - Asset Skills - British Institute of Cleaning Science

Monday, 18 August 2008

Mystery Shopping - Get Paid to Shop

What would you say if someone asked you to go shopping for them and they will give you an excellent rate of pay for doing it?

If this was put to many women surely this can't be right. We love shopping and many would willingly do it for nothing but for dosh? "Yes please!" I hear them say. For men on the other hand, perhaps you would have to pay many not to go shopping!

It's true though, getting paid to go shopping is something that happens and people out there are earning good money for it. It's called mystery shopping and many folk are hired to go shopping as a secret shopper.

Companies use mystery shoppers to help improve their level of customer service, increase your employee’s performance, identify companies training needs and to motivate employees to increase profits. The motivation from companies is to use you to increase their profits naturally

The job of mystery shopper, which is in great demand from many companies and businesses is basically get some third party secret eyes into their businesses to give them feedback on the service they provide. You could call it spying and you wouldn't be far off the mark.

It's not just about going to shops but other businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels and many other places where customers frequent. Your job is to report back on the service that you got and how other customers are treated.

All expenses are paid for including meals, drinks or bills repaid. You may even get to keep any shopping you had done if not too expensive. The rate of pay for this type of job varies greatly as does the venues you are asked to spy on. From £10 to £100 for a working day is a rough guide. But don't forget you will have no overheads here with expenses covered.

You will need to register with agencies to get work but once accepted you will be offered work that you can take of refuse. Generally there is no binding contract saying you have to do a job is you don't want it. You will of course have to let the agency know as soon as possible if you can't or don't want to take the assignment up.

There are a few agencies around that specialise in this field but you need to be aware that there are a few scams around with their aim just to get to to buy information and refer yo somewhere else once they have your money. You should never part with money in applying for mystery shopping agency work. If they ask, go elsewhere.

Most of the recruiting by agencies is advertised in newspapers and Internet media. So this is the place to be to find out. You may well require training from most reputable agencies and this would imply that you are almost certain to get work. They wouldn't spend money on you training you up if they didn't think yo were suitable.

So if you're literate, love shopping and fancy a few days out doing exactly that for pay, mystery shopping may be for you.

More information can be found by clicking into these sites.:
- A UK based site, lots of info
- Another good source of information giving a companies view as well. - A good section on how to become a mystery shopper - A lower profile site but still good

Friday, 15 August 2008

Paper Rounds

Way of making extra dosh comes from all angles and this is no exception although you may not have though of it as an adult. as we tend to associate paper rounds as jobs done by youngsters to learn the value of money.

This is usually a youngsters first job, some are even sent out to do it by their parents. I did one myself when I was young and loved the job. It has had the reputation of low wages because of this. There are no minimum wages to underage workers and obviously the time worked is never going to touch the statutory maximum hours laid down by law. So why put this as an option for us adults, surely the jobs remain with youngsters as it has always been? Think again! I actually know a respected school headmaster who still does a paper round!

Nowadays, many youngsters don't want to work for pocket money, and get forced to do by their parents just doesn't happen now. We are in the 21st Century and children rule the roost. This leaves a gap in the market to fill. Why not fill that gap with adults who want to earn extra dosh.

If you go down to your local newsagent and ask whether a paper round job is open. There may or may not be a job. If there is, off you jolly well go. If there isn't you can get your foot in the doorway by asking to become a reserve and give them you telephone number. If someone doesn't turn up on particular morning, you will be there to take that job. they can hardly refuse can they.

The job is easy, gives you exercise and it get you out of the house. Once you know the round the only tricky bit is getting up early, although there are evening delivery openings in bigger towns and cities.

You need to wear work clothes and possibly gloves as the newspaper print does tend to leaves it's mark. Perhaps using a bicycle as an aid might be an option if practical or using a two wheeled trolley if in a more built up area. Sometimes these are actually provided for you by the newsagent, it is worth asking. You will be provided a satchel or some other carrying bag and the papers will have the numbers of the house written on so you know which house each on goes to. There's nothing more you need to know.

The other bonus are the tips you get as Christmas time. I knew someone who just did paper rounds a couple of weeks before Christmas and left the job each time the first week of the New Year. He made a mint in tips.

So what is the pay like? There are two ways that you are paid, a flat rate or a rate per house. Assuming you do 6 morning a week, say 2 hours a day, you will get anything between £12 - £25 (£1 - £2 per hour.) Pay per house is the other way and this varies between 4 pence and 12 pence for each home delivered.

If you are an early riser and reasonably fit, this may well appeal to you. Bare in mind this job pays much more than other jobs for the time involved and you still have the rest of the day to do what you want to do. It doesn't interfere with your working day and that another advantage that shouldn't be overlooked.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Travel Agency

Want to Start A Home Based Travel Agency? For under £70 you can quite easily start and run a legitimate travel agency business.

Working from home online it is possible by tying up with many travel agencies. It is possible anywhere in the world cutting out the overheads of renting office. So how do you go about it?

We can start by saying this is possible because you can get more information online and teach yourself on how to become a travel agent. Even if you do not have a travel agency experience this is not vital.

The business involves just booking the travel and following up, but be warned it is hard work. You have to select and assess the best travel agencies you can find online for customer satisfaction.

You also have to perform travel business related research on the Internet but no worries there, it has a wide information base for that.

To get on the right track, just use your search engine and research skills, it's that easy but you do have to invest a bit of time.

If money is a problem initially to set things up then you can set up with partnership hosting another travel agency, this will cost you nothing but time and research. Then once some cash starts coming in you can invest in your own agency.

If you are interested you can start up an affiliate business, with this you will build up experience in the travel agency business and get paid for doing so.

There are no guarantees you will make millions but that is true with any business. But the opportunities are there for you to take to potentially make a tidy sum. With the world getting smaller the need to travel is always going to increase, therefore so is the business.

The travel agency can be as big or as small as you want it to be, it is very much commensurate to how much time and effort you put into it. The question is raised on whether you want to be part of that business and earn from its growth. - Some good information here - Another source of information and opportunities - A bit more upmarket advice here - Become a home based travel counsellor

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Charity Fundraisers

Are you outgoing sociable,like a bit of fun while you work? If the answer is yer to all, this really might appeal to you.

How about if I said that extra dosh of between £9 and £12 per hour in London, could be earned by just having lots of fun. Not only that you will be meeting lots of amazing people and it's all for a very good cause; all part of the deal.

Can you see yourself doing Charity Fundraising?

Many people want to earn extra dosh but just look at the run of the mill type money making schemes, they really look at opportunities to earn money with blinkers on. If you're up for it, this is a fantastic way to earn excellent money and much can be done without a long term commitment.

Companies out there right now looking for really outgoing characters to go out on the streets each day and simply try and raise money for charities. A chatterbox personality is helpful and a drive to make a difference to really help people who need it.

Charity Fundraisers are creative people with from all sorts of backgrounds but the main thing is communicating with people and getting paid handsomely for it If you love being the centre of attention this is an ideal money making scheme to consider.

As well as the cash incentive the perks are very good as well most of your travel is paid for. All training is normally given and paid for as well. The hours can be full or part time and living with the fact that you are not trying to rip someone off to make money. The feel good factor you cannot put a price on.

Just give this idea a thought,you can either see yourself there or not. but another money making idea without blinkers that has been put to you right now. - a UK based site giving lots of advice and contacts - Jobs in London right now! - a bit of background about Charity Fundraising - your rights as a Fundraiser etc

and finally - Find your charity fundraising job and more here.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Telephone Scratchcards

Earning extra dosh through playing telephone scratchcards is generally a false economy. It feels great if you have just revealed a winning free scratchcard.

So how do you go about claiming your winnings? In the case of most free scratchcards, the type that are given away in magazines and newspapers. You will normally have to dial a premium telephone number to find out what your prize is.

If you ever get to the end of the phone call which will usually be a recorded message congratulating you and rambling on using up valuable minutes, but all done in a uplifting manner to keep you in suspense and make you feel that you have won the jackpot.

Whilst on the phone the recorded message will be used to advertise other gambling options you may wish to try with cliffhanging techniques to try and get you to stay on the phone. So not only are they making a profit by using your money using a premium telephone number but you are paying for their advertising as well!!

Winners rarely have the patience to wait to the end of the message to find out how to claim their free scratchcards winnings. They hang up and the winner now is the scammer not you. Many cotton on quite quickly realising that they have been conned and hang up sooner. Is this a good way to earn extra dosh?

These claim that everyone is a winner, and they are but they fail to tell you that the prize is usually worth less than the cost of the telephone call or just a discount off a holiday that can't be sold.

The general advice on schemes like this is to scratch off the panel and place the card in the bin. If you do decide to phone the number read the small print carefully, many don't and pay the price. The card should tell you how ling the call will last and the cost per minute. If you cannot see any duration or call costs then just bin the card.

If you want to play scratchcard and not be conned play with your Government approved National Lottery schemes where the profit goes to charities. You will not make extra dosh here but you might just get lucky one day with a big win, it's a game of chance and at the end of the day gambling.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Pub Quizzes

The pub quiz, not a make millions idea but there are some out there who make a good living out of it. If you like a good night out have a good general knowledge, why not go for it? At the very least it will be a night out and a break from the norm.

Pub quizzes routine is for the punter to pay an entry fee which is put into a pot and that the winnings or prize money. There is not usually any profit made from the landlord as his or her selling drinks business should benefit from the event

There is also a first second and third prize normally but this can be reduced if the number of players is low. Team competitions also are a very popular trend if enough advertising is made beforehand but of course this means the prize money will be reduced substantially die to sharing the winning out.

Pub quizzes are a social event and can be great fun but having to buy drinks can end up that you will be out of pocket, even if you are one of the winners. If you are the type who like their drink just think of it as a good night out and not a business. However if you enter pub quizzes for a serious attempt to make money then you are still a winner.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are people who will travel around different pubs and bars entering pub quizzes purely for profit and make a living out of the system. Landlords that know about these people don't often like them as entrants for lots of reasons. Firstly they don't usually buy drinks which is the reason for he event in the first place and secondly they don't join in the fun and are a bit of a damper on the atmosphere, especially if other entrants know about them. Their sole aim is to win the quiz, grab the winning and move onto the next venue and next pub quiz. Landlords have been know to ban the professional band of money making spoilers. The pub is a local community service and locals deserve to win the quiz is the reason for these bans.

Pub quizzes are great fun and winning is always worth the effort not least because it will pay for a good night out and for bigger events some left over.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Paid Online Survey - The Facts

Paid survey websites are numerous and they tell you that you can get paid money to answer surveys that will be completed online with notification through your email. Most surveys are based on multiple choice questions and on completion you earn money, prizes or rewards.

The length on time to complete a survey averages around 20 minutes each with a cash reward varying from £1 to £5

It all looks so easy doesn't it? But what are the facts and WHAT'S THE CATCH!

Well there isn't one that is too obvious to most people. On paper it looks like a fail safe way of making money, overheads are low and you have all day and every day to fill in surveys and make a mint. That's what everyone thinks so they go for it, what have they to lose? They know there is no investment and all to gain so the floodgates open to joining every survey site with the promise of plethora of surveys and that holiday to the Caribbean in mind.

Like any business you should look further than what the survey companies say. You should look out for survey forums and see what feedback existing and past clients have to say. Look out for reviews on What companies are good and what are bad, this will save you so much time later on.

If you have looked at forum discussions and got a feel for the general consensus of survey work, you will know that it is a mine field of scams and only one party making the money, the survey companies!

What most of these survey sites promote and say is quite true but read between the lines! If you think you can make a living out of completing surveys you may be very much mistaken. There are many things these surveys don't tell you.

1. The country you live in may not qualify you to do the survey

2. If you don't fit the right criteria you don't qualify to do the survey, i.e. sex, age, ethnic background, job etc.

3. If you don't have the knowledge for the specific survey topic yo may not qualify

4. How many surveys are put to you

5. What the minimum payment is to transfer

I have spent the last six months experimenting with survey sites and it is my conclusion that if you live in the USA or the UK you have a better chance of making a success of making money. You will be consider a worthy consumer of goods and services and your experience will be more valid than someone who lives in Bulgaria. There are hundreds of more sites that are open to you to join so the advantages of your location put you in a privileged position.

Having checked out many sites and I now give you a run down of some of these with a hyperlink to the site begin described.

American Consumer Online Panel
As the name suggests it isn't just accessible to Americans. You can win prizes with filling out short surveys. Hard cash can be earned by completing the more comprehensive surveys that will be emailed. Payments aren't great but they send out regular surveys.

Permission Research
This paid survey site gives out free computer games to test along with free screen savers and free software for your computer. that's one of the rewards for answering surveys. It is an international access to surveys and money can be made by completing surveys from Permission Research.

The Great UK Survey
This site is aimed specifically at members of the United Kingdom with surveys offered for completion to win cash and prizes. It's a new site but has a good payout and plenty of surveys.

Lightspeed International
With Lightspeed you get paid to leave feedback on products before they get released to the public. They say is helps improve their products. You will need to live in the USA, Canada, UK or Australia to join up.

iPod's and Xbox 360's are some of the exacting things you get paid to review here. In many cases you will also be allowed to keep the products you survey.

Survey Savvy
Survey Savvy is a survey website offering a reasonable rate of pay. Joining is simple and free. You don't get offered lots of surveys but the pay makes up for that. This site is open to a worldwide membership

Global Test Market

This survey site is well established and regularly sends out surveys to its register users. Expect a reasonable rate of pay rate of pay from his site.

Ciao Paid Surveys
With over a million registered users it is a well established site. The website pays you to answer surveys and also pays you to write product reviews. Only open to UK residents.

Valued Opinions
Based primarily at the UK market this site pays its users cash (but it's not cash as yo know it!) For every survey that they complete by email the cash is transferred into gift vouchers which can be used at online retail stores. the is also a prize draw entry for each survey completed.

Opinion Surveys
Another site based on people living in the UK, you can win cash prizes and other rewards for answering their quick surveys. Answering surveys every day gives you a daily chance of winning one of their amazing prizes instantly.

Just The Answer
Another well established paid survey website where you get paid in points for completing surveys. these are converted into Amazon vouchers or prize-draw tickets subsequently. Another site only open to UK residents

UK Mobile Panel
With this site it is slightly different you will install software on your mobile phone and your mobile phone activities will be monitored, You earn money for this. It doesn't affect you calls. Interesting!

Thousands of top-of-the-range prizes can be won just by completing surveys. Visit the website and open a free account, log in and complete some surveys on music, games and other interesting topics. Only available to 16 - 24 years old based in the UK.

Opinion World
By completing a few simple surveys you can win prizes and get entered into prize draws.

You Gov Survey Panel

You can now join for free online and get paid by a personal cheque when the £50 mark has been reached. there is a bit of fun attached to this site's surveys. This site is open to European residents.

UK Survey Panel
Once you join this site for free they will contact you as soon as there are any surveys to complete and relies on relationships with lots of other paid survey sites where the survey come from so not totally reliable

Consumer Lifestyles UK
Yet another offered only to people based in the UK. Entries into prize draws are the rewards with large sums of money, brand new cars, and luxury holiday trips from answering some of their surveys.


The websites listed above are all free to join. My recommendation is that you never pay any money over for online surveys. They should be paying you! If you are asked for money the chances are the deal is a certain scam, you won't get any work and you certainly won't get you money back.

If you qualify you can apply for every single survey site open to you and see what happens. Like I said, no cash investment is needed and the only thing you have to lose is time spent doing this.

Finally "BEWARE" Many of these companies may use your email address you give on registration. This may be passed onto third parties so get a disposable email address as insurance against spam.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Shoe Shining Services

If you enjoy meeting people, like outdoor work and take a pride in shiny shoes this might be an opening for you.

Here in Bulgaria there a quite a few shoe shiners offering their services in town and cities, and they get good business. There is always someone who wants their shoes shined either on their way to an interview or business meeting, meeting up with someone on a date, or generally just want the service because it is there!

Shoe polishers are also know as a bootblack or a boot polishers. These services that are offered simply consist of cleaning and polishing footwear for customers for a fee.

Shoe shining as a public service is a dying art and there is still lots of money to be made from this to those who want to try it.

The materials you'll need:

  • Two fold up chairs (One for you and one for you customer)
  • A foot rest (a guitar foot rest from a music shop would do)
  • A small sandwich board with your fees written clearly
  • A set of shoe brushes
  • A variety of boot and shoe polish
  • Various grades of sandpaper or wire brushes
  • A dauber or sponge
  • A range of cloths
  • Liquid Dressing
  • Wax
  • A supply of water

With these at hand just find a spot where lots of pedestrians walk and you have a business set up.

Guidelines as to what services are expected:

Services will also include removing dirt using a brush. Removing any grime, old polish or wax from leather footwear by using a brush or sponge dipped in cleaning fluid or soapy water.

After the cleaning a coat of polish is applied using a dauber. Then the polishing of the leather using brushes and cloths is administered.

With suede type footwear brushing with sandpaper or wire brush is made to revitalise the material like combing hair. A dressing or dry wax is then applied by hand or dauber and a final brush to end to remove the excess.

Fabric based footwear needs and application of liquid dressing to restore appearance of cloth.

Edges of sole and heel needs some sole dressing, again applied by using a dauber or sponge. You may also use dye or tint to finish of with a professional touch.

Lots of the dosh you make will be from tips and it is a good business idea to build up relationships with your customers by talking and communicating with them. Firstly this will encourage them to tip you and secondly you will get repeat business, there is the third advantage, referrals and recommendations to others for the excellent shoe shining services you provide.

Finally just a point of trivia.

Lee Travino the famous golfer and Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva both started off a a shoe shiners, Luiz went on to be the President of Brazil!

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Blogging for dosh

There are many ways of making extra dosh but one of the most popular is blogging. If you have some time have a reasonable decent spelling facility and like to write this may be a good way of making a little income.

The big disadvantage is that you wail have to put a lot of time in before you get any returns. the big advantage is that once up and running just keep the writing ticking over and the dosh will trickle in on an ever increasing scale.

The biggest problem you may find is finding which direction to go in blogging money making. there are hundreds of ways of making dosh which way would be best fro you.

If you are a complete novice the best way to make money through blogging is to get your blog site set up and place advertising banners alongside your blog. this is very easy to do and the rewards you get back are commensurate with how much work you put in to getting people to visit your site. This means not only writing blogs but marketing through directories, forums, blogging communities etc.

The good news it that there are many online who can help you, in fact helping people to blog for money is their own business. The problem is there is too much help and you will get side tracked if you're not careful.

The best help for a beginner is Google. They have a complete set of tools, in fact you don't even have to go anywhere else to start earning. It's not a lot of dosh starting from scratch but if you preserve and your traffic increases, so does the dosh.

The beauty about blogging is that your blog subject can be about anything! If you have a hobby or a passion and write about that, it will seem more like dosh made out of something you love to do. Not many money earning enterprises can say that.

More information on getting started see Wordpress or Blogger who can set you up for free.

If you want to check out the business side of this Google Adsense is your man!