Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Part Time Window Cleaning

There are many different ways of earning a living and I know a few who just got up one day and decided to clean window fro extra money. The surprising thing was that it worked. In fact it worked so well some actually took it up full time and earn a decent wage from it and other continue to earn extra dosh as a side line.

You do not need any particular qualifications to become a window cleaner, just the physical ability to do the job. As a part time vocation to get that extra dosh, its easy.

There are two types of window cleaning involved here, domestic and industrial, we are only going to contend the domestic scene here as the outlay is minimal and no specialist equipment is needed therefore the overhead costs are to a minimum. Because start-up costs being fairly low you should be able to start work more or less immediately.

Getting work again is easy, there is also windows that need cleaning. Start with you family and friends, they will now others who need the work done and will refer you. Advertise in local shop windows, work always comes from that. Get some make up a few hundred leaflets from your PC and printer and spend a day or two walking and posting them to every house in your neighbourhood. The returns you get on say an advertising campaign that cost £10 for the ink cartridge and paper will return you with lots of enquiries just from that.

The secret to success of mail shots is to then follow the mail shot up with a personal visit to the houses you posted to. You will be surprised what extra business you get with the follow up and use this personal contact to get more referrals, if they don't want your business do they know someone who does? It's so easy!

You will probably end up with too much work and be able to choose what you want an don't want. What you can't do is let customers down so if you take a regular job on for a client you have to honour that or be honest with them. They could spread bad news about you otherwise, don't cut the hands off the feeders.

As said before you would usually work outdoors in all weathers and not have a fear of height. It is also advisable to be aware of safety at all times and read up or attend a course which will be in you and third parties interests. You can find this site will give you guidance on most aspect for safety

You will be self-employed and therefore be well organised to plan your own work schedule, complete paperwork and keep accounts and be able to cost jobs and persuade customers to pay on time.

The job you are doing would naturally involve washing windows but also other glass surfaces on buildings. The job entails working at ground level and using ladders to reach upper floor windows or using a water-fed pole if preferred or too dangerous to climb. You may be also asked to do other work such as clearing gutters and cleaning paintwork on window frames. Again this is a bonus if you wish to take it up. No big costs involved in equipment and more dosh.

Moving up.....

Working at heights is required and even on the domestic scene some thing you may not wish to tackle without experience as you would certainly need to use power-operated work platforms, ropes, abseiling harnesses etc. This is for the full time professional window cleaner and you must be trained in the use of power-operated access equipment or abseiling techniques. Courses can be found through the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA) and the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), if you want to take this route.

If you are looking for window cleaning as a career, you can get work through an Apprenticeship scheme. If you visit thеy will answer most questions if you want to follow this route.

It you do go for this as an earner, it might be a good idea to go in with a partner; find someone you can trust and rely on. It makes working so much more enjoyable and although you only get half the money, don't forget, it's only half the work!

Finally, how much can you expect to earn from this? Well it is up to you, each job is different therefore you negotiation will be individually priced. You may decide to do reduced rates for pensioners, or give 10% discount if they refer someone to you. It is don't to you own initiative. You can certainly make a tidy sum from this just by working a few hours a week on a regular basis.

Some references given here that may be useful: -National Federation of Master Window and General Cleaners - Asset Skills - British Institute of Cleaning Science

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