Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Charity Fundraisers

Are you outgoing sociable,like a bit of fun while you work? If the answer is yer to all, this really might appeal to you.

How about if I said that extra dosh of between £9 and £12 per hour in London, could be earned by just having lots of fun. Not only that you will be meeting lots of amazing people and it's all for a very good cause; all part of the deal.

Can you see yourself doing Charity Fundraising?

Many people want to earn extra dosh but just look at the run of the mill type money making schemes, they really look at opportunities to earn money with blinkers on. If you're up for it, this is a fantastic way to earn excellent money and much can be done without a long term commitment.

Companies out there right now looking for really outgoing characters to go out on the streets each day and simply try and raise money for charities. A chatterbox personality is helpful and a drive to make a difference to really help people who need it.

Charity Fundraisers are creative people with from all sorts of backgrounds but the main thing is communicating with people and getting paid handsomely for it If you love being the centre of attention this is an ideal money making scheme to consider.

As well as the cash incentive the perks are very good as well most of your travel is paid for. All training is normally given and paid for as well. The hours can be full or part time and living with the fact that you are not trying to rip someone off to make money. The feel good factor you cannot put a price on.

Just give this idea a thought,you can either see yourself there or not. but another money making idea without blinkers that has been put to you right now. - a UK based site giving lots of advice and contacts - Jobs in London right now! - a bit of background about Charity Fundraising - your rights as a Fundraiser etc

and finally - Find your charity fundraising job and more here.

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