Monday, 18 August 2008

Mystery Shopping - Get Paid to Shop

What would you say if someone asked you to go shopping for them and they will give you an excellent rate of pay for doing it?

If this was put to many women surely this can't be right. We love shopping and many would willingly do it for nothing but for dosh? "Yes please!" I hear them say. For men on the other hand, perhaps you would have to pay many not to go shopping!

It's true though, getting paid to go shopping is something that happens and people out there are earning good money for it. It's called mystery shopping and many folk are hired to go shopping as a secret shopper.

Companies use mystery shoppers to help improve their level of customer service, increase your employee’s performance, identify companies training needs and to motivate employees to increase profits. The motivation from companies is to use you to increase their profits naturally

The job of mystery shopper, which is in great demand from many companies and businesses is basically get some third party secret eyes into their businesses to give them feedback on the service they provide. You could call it spying and you wouldn't be far off the mark.

It's not just about going to shops but other businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels and many other places where customers frequent. Your job is to report back on the service that you got and how other customers are treated.

All expenses are paid for including meals, drinks or bills repaid. You may even get to keep any shopping you had done if not too expensive. The rate of pay for this type of job varies greatly as does the venues you are asked to spy on. From £10 to £100 for a working day is a rough guide. But don't forget you will have no overheads here with expenses covered.

You will need to register with agencies to get work but once accepted you will be offered work that you can take of refuse. Generally there is no binding contract saying you have to do a job is you don't want it. You will of course have to let the agency know as soon as possible if you can't or don't want to take the assignment up.

There are a few agencies around that specialise in this field but you need to be aware that there are a few scams around with their aim just to get to to buy information and refer yo somewhere else once they have your money. You should never part with money in applying for mystery shopping agency work. If they ask, go elsewhere.

Most of the recruiting by agencies is advertised in newspapers and Internet media. So this is the place to be to find out. You may well require training from most reputable agencies and this would imply that you are almost certain to get work. They wouldn't spend money on you training you up if they didn't think yo were suitable.

So if you're literate, love shopping and fancy a few days out doing exactly that for pay, mystery shopping may be for you.

More information can be found by clicking into these sites.:
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i used maber arch when i was at uni, helped me with beer money