Monday, 11 August 2008

Pub Quizzes

The pub quiz, not a make millions idea but there are some out there who make a good living out of it. If you like a good night out have a good general knowledge, why not go for it? At the very least it will be a night out and a break from the norm.

Pub quizzes routine is for the punter to pay an entry fee which is put into a pot and that the winnings or prize money. There is not usually any profit made from the landlord as his or her selling drinks business should benefit from the event

There is also a first second and third prize normally but this can be reduced if the number of players is low. Team competitions also are a very popular trend if enough advertising is made beforehand but of course this means the prize money will be reduced substantially die to sharing the winning out.

Pub quizzes are a social event and can be great fun but having to buy drinks can end up that you will be out of pocket, even if you are one of the winners. If you are the type who like their drink just think of it as a good night out and not a business. However if you enter pub quizzes for a serious attempt to make money then you are still a winner.

Like I mentioned earlier, there are people who will travel around different pubs and bars entering pub quizzes purely for profit and make a living out of the system. Landlords that know about these people don't often like them as entrants for lots of reasons. Firstly they don't usually buy drinks which is the reason for he event in the first place and secondly they don't join in the fun and are a bit of a damper on the atmosphere, especially if other entrants know about them. Their sole aim is to win the quiz, grab the winning and move onto the next venue and next pub quiz. Landlords have been know to ban the professional band of money making spoilers. The pub is a local community service and locals deserve to win the quiz is the reason for these bans.

Pub quizzes are great fun and winning is always worth the effort not least because it will pay for a good night out and for bigger events some left over.

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