Friday, 8 August 2008

Paid Online Survey - The Facts

Paid survey websites are numerous and they tell you that you can get paid money to answer surveys that will be completed online with notification through your email. Most surveys are based on multiple choice questions and on completion you earn money, prizes or rewards.

The length on time to complete a survey averages around 20 minutes each with a cash reward varying from £1 to £5

It all looks so easy doesn't it? But what are the facts and WHAT'S THE CATCH!

Well there isn't one that is too obvious to most people. On paper it looks like a fail safe way of making money, overheads are low and you have all day and every day to fill in surveys and make a mint. That's what everyone thinks so they go for it, what have they to lose? They know there is no investment and all to gain so the floodgates open to joining every survey site with the promise of plethora of surveys and that holiday to the Caribbean in mind.

Like any business you should look further than what the survey companies say. You should look out for survey forums and see what feedback existing and past clients have to say. Look out for reviews on What companies are good and what are bad, this will save you so much time later on.

If you have looked at forum discussions and got a feel for the general consensus of survey work, you will know that it is a mine field of scams and only one party making the money, the survey companies!

What most of these survey sites promote and say is quite true but read between the lines! If you think you can make a living out of completing surveys you may be very much mistaken. There are many things these surveys don't tell you.

1. The country you live in may not qualify you to do the survey

2. If you don't fit the right criteria you don't qualify to do the survey, i.e. sex, age, ethnic background, job etc.

3. If you don't have the knowledge for the specific survey topic yo may not qualify

4. How many surveys are put to you

5. What the minimum payment is to transfer

I have spent the last six months experimenting with survey sites and it is my conclusion that if you live in the USA or the UK you have a better chance of making a success of making money. You will be consider a worthy consumer of goods and services and your experience will be more valid than someone who lives in Bulgaria. There are hundreds of more sites that are open to you to join so the advantages of your location put you in a privileged position.

Having checked out many sites and I now give you a run down of some of these with a hyperlink to the site begin described.

American Consumer Online Panel
As the name suggests it isn't just accessible to Americans. You can win prizes with filling out short surveys. Hard cash can be earned by completing the more comprehensive surveys that will be emailed. Payments aren't great but they send out regular surveys.

Permission Research
This paid survey site gives out free computer games to test along with free screen savers and free software for your computer. that's one of the rewards for answering surveys. It is an international access to surveys and money can be made by completing surveys from Permission Research.

The Great UK Survey
This site is aimed specifically at members of the United Kingdom with surveys offered for completion to win cash and prizes. It's a new site but has a good payout and plenty of surveys.

Lightspeed International
With Lightspeed you get paid to leave feedback on products before they get released to the public. They say is helps improve their products. You will need to live in the USA, Canada, UK or Australia to join up.

iPod's and Xbox 360's are some of the exacting things you get paid to review here. In many cases you will also be allowed to keep the products you survey.

Survey Savvy
Survey Savvy is a survey website offering a reasonable rate of pay. Joining is simple and free. You don't get offered lots of surveys but the pay makes up for that. This site is open to a worldwide membership

Global Test Market

This survey site is well established and regularly sends out surveys to its register users. Expect a reasonable rate of pay rate of pay from his site.

Ciao Paid Surveys
With over a million registered users it is a well established site. The website pays you to answer surveys and also pays you to write product reviews. Only open to UK residents.

Valued Opinions
Based primarily at the UK market this site pays its users cash (but it's not cash as yo know it!) For every survey that they complete by email the cash is transferred into gift vouchers which can be used at online retail stores. the is also a prize draw entry for each survey completed.

Opinion Surveys
Another site based on people living in the UK, you can win cash prizes and other rewards for answering their quick surveys. Answering surveys every day gives you a daily chance of winning one of their amazing prizes instantly.

Just The Answer
Another well established paid survey website where you get paid in points for completing surveys. these are converted into Amazon vouchers or prize-draw tickets subsequently. Another site only open to UK residents

UK Mobile Panel
With this site it is slightly different you will install software on your mobile phone and your mobile phone activities will be monitored, You earn money for this. It doesn't affect you calls. Interesting!

Thousands of top-of-the-range prizes can be won just by completing surveys. Visit the website and open a free account, log in and complete some surveys on music, games and other interesting topics. Only available to 16 - 24 years old based in the UK.

Opinion World
By completing a few simple surveys you can win prizes and get entered into prize draws.

You Gov Survey Panel

You can now join for free online and get paid by a personal cheque when the £50 mark has been reached. there is a bit of fun attached to this site's surveys. This site is open to European residents.

UK Survey Panel
Once you join this site for free they will contact you as soon as there are any surveys to complete and relies on relationships with lots of other paid survey sites where the survey come from so not totally reliable

Consumer Lifestyles UK
Yet another offered only to people based in the UK. Entries into prize draws are the rewards with large sums of money, brand new cars, and luxury holiday trips from answering some of their surveys.


The websites listed above are all free to join. My recommendation is that you never pay any money over for online surveys. They should be paying you! If you are asked for money the chances are the deal is a certain scam, you won't get any work and you certainly won't get you money back.

If you qualify you can apply for every single survey site open to you and see what happens. Like I said, no cash investment is needed and the only thing you have to lose is time spent doing this.

Finally "BEWARE" Many of these companies may use your email address you give on registration. This may be passed onto third parties so get a disposable email address as insurance against spam.

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Hi Martin.. Wow, what a through list, very nice and descriptive.. I am a member of ACOP and Lightspeed and I can say that they're pretty good..