Monday, 4 August 2008

Free Online Bingo

Free Bingo Websites - What's wrong with that?

Bingo websites are widespread on the Internet now. They offer new players to play bingo games giving up to £5 credit to join their bingo website. So you register with the site spend £5 and then what?

Just join up with another site would be be the best advice, you might win this time round.
In so many cases the sites profit is made from those who can't resist the flirt with their own money beyond the credit given.

Hidden Danger?

So, free bingo a bit of fun with the bonus of standing to win cash prizes. Further more in many cases you won't even have to leave your credit card or bank details.

The bingo websites want to give you the playing experience and get the full features online, these are real bingo games. Bingo winnings are yours for real and if the cash prize is big you can ask for a cash payment, by cheque or into your bank account.

Winnings under £10 will be paid in bingo credits which may be used for other online casino games. These sites are nonstop with some offering bingo chat rooms, other casino games like roulette, blackjack or poker to keep you online and while your online your spending!

There's the danger, accepting free online bingo games and going beyond the free credit stakes.

It's a Business for Some

Online bingo is a business and businesses are out for only one thing, your money. These businesses pin their money on the hope you will enjoy the games so much that you go on to spend your own money. That's the big one for you to deal with gambling addiction. Playing bingo we all know is fun and it's safe but only is you provide yourself with a spending limits and that can be just the credits you are presented with on sites.

The advice here is only claim your free online bingo money if you know you can resist the temptation to continue gambling or can set yourself a spend limit. You know yourself and if gambling is a problem for you or think you won't be able to resist compulsive gambling then just don't take up this form of making money, you will not make a penny.

For others without any gambling hangups, free online bingo will give you free games and you will say thanks for the offer of a chance to win money for nothing and have fun doing it.

What's the Catch?

Other than being enticed to part with your own money, hardly any? £5 worth of credit will give you an equal change of someone with their own £5. What can I lose? More to the point what can I win with that £5?

There are many different choices of stakes you can choose from, from 5p a game to £10 a game. Obviously the lower the stake the less prize money you win, but everyone has a chance to win. The only condition you have to adhere to is giving you email address where there cold be a possibility of getting spam once registered and weekly or monthly newsletters from the bingo site.

It is a social activity as well and you may well make new friends from the chat rooms they feature on many sites all with one thing in common, having fun. If you treat bingo as a fun activity which sometimes pays if you win be happy with that.

Just remember, no-one gets rich from playing online bingo, it's just another way of earning more dosh in a fun way but no guarantees.

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