Monday, 25 August 2008

Door to Door Sales

You can work part time and get less but full time you can get between £14,000 basic and up to £30,000+ in the first year working as a door to door salesperson. It's a great opportunity to work outdoors and would appeal to people interested in working outdoors and varied hours such as afternoons and/or evenings. That's one side to the story and how you often see it advertised.

Let's look a bit more into what it involves.

To be a Door to Door Salesman you need to present yourself and deal with people on a face to face basis.Also you need either previous sales experience or get in house sales training which is nearly always offered by most employers. Knowledge of targeted sales environment experience and good aptitude for winning new business is also required in most door to door salesperson jobs. But the most important is having the ability to close business on the day.

The job basically involves knocking on the doors of residential properties trying to promotes and sell goods or services. On occasion you may have to call up new clients initially via telephone to gain referrals. If every instance yo are cold calling.

A bad press and a job where yo have to have thick skin as verbal insults, threats and doors are flung shut in you face are common in this job. The training yo get is more often than not how to con someone into buying something they don't want and how to take advantage over the weak willed and venerable such as the elderly. This is where most sales come from.

My recommendation is to steer clear of this money making scheme as you as most will not be able to live with yourself with the trick employed to sell. You may get a low flat rate pay each month, if you last a month but most of your earning are commission based.

There are door to door sales people making a bit on the side and doing it for a living. Not all door to door sales people are crooks but you have to be a certain type of person to succeed in this money making game.

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