Friday, 15 August 2008

Paper Rounds

Way of making extra dosh comes from all angles and this is no exception although you may not have though of it as an adult. as we tend to associate paper rounds as jobs done by youngsters to learn the value of money.

This is usually a youngsters first job, some are even sent out to do it by their parents. I did one myself when I was young and loved the job. It has had the reputation of low wages because of this. There are no minimum wages to underage workers and obviously the time worked is never going to touch the statutory maximum hours laid down by law. So why put this as an option for us adults, surely the jobs remain with youngsters as it has always been? Think again! I actually know a respected school headmaster who still does a paper round!

Nowadays, many youngsters don't want to work for pocket money, and get forced to do by their parents just doesn't happen now. We are in the 21st Century and children rule the roost. This leaves a gap in the market to fill. Why not fill that gap with adults who want to earn extra dosh.

If you go down to your local newsagent and ask whether a paper round job is open. There may or may not be a job. If there is, off you jolly well go. If there isn't you can get your foot in the doorway by asking to become a reserve and give them you telephone number. If someone doesn't turn up on particular morning, you will be there to take that job. they can hardly refuse can they.

The job is easy, gives you exercise and it get you out of the house. Once you know the round the only tricky bit is getting up early, although there are evening delivery openings in bigger towns and cities.

You need to wear work clothes and possibly gloves as the newspaper print does tend to leaves it's mark. Perhaps using a bicycle as an aid might be an option if practical or using a two wheeled trolley if in a more built up area. Sometimes these are actually provided for you by the newsagent, it is worth asking. You will be provided a satchel or some other carrying bag and the papers will have the numbers of the house written on so you know which house each on goes to. There's nothing more you need to know.

The other bonus are the tips you get as Christmas time. I knew someone who just did paper rounds a couple of weeks before Christmas and left the job each time the first week of the New Year. He made a mint in tips.

So what is the pay like? There are two ways that you are paid, a flat rate or a rate per house. Assuming you do 6 morning a week, say 2 hours a day, you will get anything between £12 - £25 (£1 - £2 per hour.) Pay per house is the other way and this varies between 4 pence and 12 pence for each home delivered.

If you are an early riser and reasonably fit, this may well appeal to you. Bare in mind this job pays much more than other jobs for the time involved and you still have the rest of the day to do what you want to do. It doesn't interfere with your working day and that another advantage that shouldn't be overlooked.

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