Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Telephone Scratchcards

Earning extra dosh through playing telephone scratchcards is generally a false economy. It feels great if you have just revealed a winning free scratchcard.

So how do you go about claiming your winnings? In the case of most free scratchcards, the type that are given away in magazines and newspapers. You will normally have to dial a premium telephone number to find out what your prize is.

If you ever get to the end of the phone call which will usually be a recorded message congratulating you and rambling on using up valuable minutes, but all done in a uplifting manner to keep you in suspense and make you feel that you have won the jackpot.

Whilst on the phone the recorded message will be used to advertise other gambling options you may wish to try with cliffhanging techniques to try and get you to stay on the phone. So not only are they making a profit by using your money using a premium telephone number but you are paying for their advertising as well!!

Winners rarely have the patience to wait to the end of the message to find out how to claim their free scratchcards winnings. They hang up and the winner now is the scammer not you. Many cotton on quite quickly realising that they have been conned and hang up sooner. Is this a good way to earn extra dosh?

These claim that everyone is a winner, and they are but they fail to tell you that the prize is usually worth less than the cost of the telephone call or just a discount off a holiday that can't be sold.

The general advice on schemes like this is to scratch off the panel and place the card in the bin. If you do decide to phone the number read the small print carefully, many don't and pay the price. The card should tell you how ling the call will last and the cost per minute. If you cannot see any duration or call costs then just bin the card.

If you want to play scratchcard and not be conned play with your Government approved National Lottery schemes where the profit goes to charities. You will not make extra dosh here but you might just get lucky one day with a big win, it's a game of chance and at the end of the day gambling.



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