Friday, 22 August 2008

Money From Kleeneze

* work part or full time
* spend more time with the family
* be your own boss
#* earn as much as you want

This is how Kleeneze introduce the scheme to prospective people who might want to join . It is just like many other get rich quick schemes or get rich quick scams depending which way you look at it, Bbut what's different about this one?

Kleeneze products are sold through a network of distributors across the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany so it is a European set up. The distributors basically deliver catalogues, take orders and build up relationships with their customers. It is a multi-level marketing system and an order of hierarchy is in place but they claim this is not a pyramid system. Looking at the system deeper their claims disassociating themselves from such scandalous schemes is correct, and they had a 85 year proven track record to back it up.

The option you have if you join are based on a full-time or part-time basis. Within this there are three ways of earning money.

The first is by simple retailing in other words you sell products using the Kleeneze catalogues. This is a very basic plan where you deliver the catalogues to your customer base, this includes your family, friends, neighbours. The money you earn are based upon the products you sell to them. This can also include items yo buy yourself!

The second method is called the sponsoring system where you sponsor others into the Kleeneze Business Opportunity. The people you have sponsored will basically be your business as you earn through them. Kleeneze call this way of earning 'Volume Profit'.

The final way of making money is through a scheme call Royalty Bonus where you have to built up a team and the earnings are from the activity of the other team members.

They claim that you need no selling skills, you will be self-employed and work any hours you wish. The incentive to 'move up' into the sponsored and Royalty Bonus areas are good but no selling skills? I fear that if you are to make something out of this this is essential, you need to have good selling skills and excellent interpersonal skills as you are dealing with people all the time

If you are interested in this line of making extra dosh, be warned, it is never as easy as you think. Getting money out of people is the name of the game and that's the hardest trick. If you feel you have the selling skills and you get on with people then this may be for you. But if you don't like dealing with the public then just don't bother starting.

So, if you live in the Republic of Ireland, Germany or Holland you will qualify to apply.

You will need to enter the following information:
Country: Name: Address: Telephone: Email address: Best time to contact you: And you will also be asked from where you heard about them .

The next stage will be a reply with a representative to call and meet you and conduct an informal interview. The chances are if you are accepted, that you will be working under this person initially as he or she will be your nearest Kleeneze representative and you will have to report to them with your sales on a regular basis.

There is the foundation to make money from this but it is about how much you commit to the business, how you deal with people and how much work you put in. Many claim to have made it with Kleeneze but there are contless who haven't not because of a scam but they really weren't the right people for the business.

You can join by going into their website:

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