Sunday, 31 January 2010

Scared Of SEO? - Think Again

Making money blogging online is very difficult to do successfully. The reason most fail is not because of the material they write, but basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which would give them a more than fighting chance than most. I see thousands of blogs every week and many have excellent written articles and material, so why aren’t they making much money?

SEO is a big ball game; there are literally hundreds of ways in which you can improve your traffic by using proven techniques. Traffic is the secret to profit and quality traffic would further enhance your money-making opportunity with your blog.

The very mention of SEO puts the fear of God into many bloggers, especially those who have just started form scratch and those who just feel that they don't have the acumen to cope with such technical matters. Get this right - SEO is not just for geeks much SEO work can be done easily on a step by step basis. Let me take you through one area that anyone can cope with and gives big benefits for the blogger for very little work.

One area where any blogger can just spend a couples of minutes each day to list their blog are on SEO friendly directories. Once listed you needn't do any other work and your blog will be a permanent link within that directory and of course you will get traffic from it. Always make sure you spend a bit of time with you profile (add a pciture) if there is one and you blog description. Many readers will just look for the description of a blog and if inviting will swing the balance for them to go into your blog.

There are many types of web directories, If you get a little time find ones that are specific to you blog theme or genre, i.e. If you have a photo blog and look for photographic blog directories, if it is a pet blog there are many pet blog directories and of course if it is a business blog like this one, look out for business. Don't forget to list your blog on the biggest directories with Google, Yahoo and Dmos. In fact this shoud be the first port of call.

Once you have your blog listed on one directory doing the same on others is easy as they are al basically the same. Keep you blog description on a text document so you can copy and paste each time rather than starting from scratch each time, this will cut down on time as well. Set yourself a target perhaps one directory a day and stick to it. Over six months you will be amazed as the increase of traffic you will get and the back links you create by doing this.

Who said SEO was difficult? Directories are of course just one piece of the SEO jigsaw puzzle, but a very good start and something you really should start unless you have already.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Paid Surveys - Is It Worth The Effort?

The internet provides many openings for people to make money. It is a very simple process where you can earn money from taking up paid surveys that are widely advertised. But is it worth the effort? It is a very easy to understand system where you can get paid for the survey participation. Profit are there for the taking for relatively little work. Quick money always appeals and this is exactly the format which is put forward by companies. So what's the problem? You need to read to the end to find out one such problem.

Just do the survey and get paid after doing it sounds pretty attractive and thousand online who take up this offer and go forward with registering. You do not need any formal training or qualifications to do these jobs and is ideal for a stay at home person.

You opinion is worth money as these surveys help a lot as companies to determine how well their services and products are doing well in the market. The only requirement is you being able to give judgement on a service or product.

If you want to take part in the online paid review surveys you will need to take up a membership with that organization or company. Normally there isn't any charge made for this, if there is leave them alone, it will be a scam. You should then get am application form from the company to fill out and probably a questionnaire from the company.

Honesty is something that yo have to adhere to, you will find that not telling the truth is actually harder work and you have to spring more untruths to cover up the previous ones and you will be found out in the end, If you don't know the answer to a question try to ask friends or family that are around. A survey is done so that they can get the real picture about the products or business.

An online paid review survey is offered by agents for companies and organisations who specialise in this field. There are many who give good money for you opinion and review, well worth the effort in my opinion.

I have given a list of decent survey sites that you may wish to take up at the bottom of my blog home page. The only problem I have found is that you may have to wait ages for jobs so it is well worth applying for a number of survey sites to increase the assignment you may get. Good luck!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Beware Of Criminals Who Can Ruin Your Online Business

Be warned again from criminals who are out to get and disrupt decent folk online like you and me. It also costs you time, money and stress if they succeed in getting through to you. What am I talking about? Evil Hackers!

I nearly fell for one sly trick, but the lack of perfect English gave it away, let me explain.

It was coincidental that I was expecting a parcel from Hong Kong any day now and this email arrvived. I quote:

Dear customer!
The courier company was not able to deliver your parcel by your address.
Cause: Error in shipping address.
You may pickup the parcel at our post office personaly!
The shipping label is attached to this e-mail.
Please print this label to get this package at our post office.
Please do not reply to this e-mail, it is an unmonitored mailbox!
Thank you.
DHL Delivery Services.

I nearly fell for it thinking that this was the parcel I was expecting then I realised that firstly, DHL was not the delivery service I opted for and as mentioned the spelling isn't perfect (personaly should be personally!)

Thinking on, this idiot who wants you to open a can of worms with the file attachment disguised as a package label needs to be tarred and feather and hung from the neck a public place as an example to others who try and ruin other people's lives.

A warning to all, don't open anything that comes with these sorts of messages it could conceivably ruin any business you have online with viruses.

Everyday I get spammers and/or criminals trying to claw their evil way into my system and if this one had a bit more of an intelligent criminal mind (now there's paradox) it may have caught me. Be very aware!

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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Heads Up In Recession - Bulgarians Know How To Do This

Heads Up In Recession - Bulgarians Know How To Do This
Who said this? “Recession is past the worst and the road to financial recovery is nigh!” Just about every optimist in business could sound this out. But is it true? What you read isn’t always a true reflection on what is happening at ground level and from where I stand things have still along way to go before the recession has reached its peak.

It is still about getting through an extended period where business drops, employment is even scarcer, the consumer will not spend and a depression continues to set in and surround the doom and gloom of businesses going bust. There is still along way to go before this turns around, I see it on my doorstep and with the community I meet with on a day-to-day basis. From professionals such as Doctors and Policemen to farm and factory workers it should be a deep worry and stress that comes about with no view of improvement right now.

How do you cope with the recession that seemingly has no end? Well here in Bulgaria apparently we are the most upbeat people in Europe in the midst of a recession. We are the poorest but happiest, but this is relative to the situation. The worse time of the financial year is after Christmas and New Year when the party is over and you are left to clean up afterwards.

So what do the Bulgarians do at this time to keep their spirits high with no end of recession in sight? Party on is the answer. This is good for the soul and keeps the hope in place and partying is no more a budget than not partying. With so many special name day celebrations and other designated celebration days right through to spring it is no wonder that the Bulgarians are the happiest Europeans.

What does this mean in terms of making money? Well, I have always said that saving money is just as good as making money and that’s what they do. If you can’t’ earn money then you do the next best thing and that is save money and this is done even without a recession here in Bulgaria so it is well practised. Pity other European countries can’t take a leaf out of the Bulgarian book of life on how to keep you head up in a recession. When it does end things won’t change much here as the party is already in full swing.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Got A Business And Not Online - Why?

Got A Business And Not Online - Why?
Are you a business? Do you have a website? IF the answer is no then you are falling behind the competition like there is no tomorrow. These should be very worrying times if you do not have an Internet window for your business.

It is quite a simple equation, no website for you business then the potential for making money is not being made the most of. Making a website that reflects your business is a simple process. Your business is already set up it is just a matter of transposing the marketing online. Yes it does take time to set up, so what are you waiting for?

The trend is and has been for many years now to shop online for goods and services, if you are not there your competitors that are already online will take the business. Invest in a web administer to take the job in hand and you will be rewarded with increased business to supplement you existing business. If your business is successful offline then it is bound to be even more successful online with the right type of website and SEO work alongside.

It doesn’t have to be a website on a big budget, there are many cheap or free sites that you can start off on to get the ball rolling, then once set up and running you can always upgrade later on. The main thing it to get the site started and the information online and build up a following and start accumulating back links so you get seen where you needed to be seen. Consider it you online business card to start off with and build up from there.

Get ideas form your competitors, they will if they have any business sense already have a site up and running. Pick faults with theirs and make yours even better. It is a dog eat dog business world we live in and you don’t get points for just admiring your competitors’ sites!

So, if you’re a business and not online, get moving now.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Take Business Advice From Articles - It's Free!

I know many people who start businesses and fail for one very good reason. They think they know best and shun any advice from people who give good advice. Going ahead with a new business is difficult and there is lots of advice around for free so why not take it?

Okay, not all the advice is good, but online there are tried and tested sources that can get you tips and advice that make the difference between success and failure. How do you know which is good and which is bad? Well that’s something that you yourself have to weigh up and assess. My point here is that even bad advice is good advice from the point of not following it.
It doesn’t matter what business you are into - there is always something there to take on board in your niche. Look at your competitors; many are bound to have their own websites or associated blogs, take a leaf out of their books if their ideas are good and work. Taking ideas and reinventing them is done all the time in business, it’s not stealing but taking good advice and making it work for you.

In a nutshell simple reading business advice online is a good habit to get into. It will give you the edge you need to succeed and like I said it is free, (if it isn’t it is probably a scam!) Look up Business Articles and you will find an array of advice to draw upon. It makes so much sense and coincidently is good business advice in itself to do this.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Don't Forget Trade Shows - Your Competitors Won't

Don't Forget Trade Shows - Your Competitors Won't
Making the most of the advertising mediums that are there for you to use is a vital part of any business. Being represented in trade shows are one area that is very much neglected by many businesses surprising so as it is a great way to get you business known to a targeted market.

Most trade shows, if not all are genre based. From automobile shows to aquarium show all in the main have a business topic that focuses specifically for that. Whatever your business it is in your interest to enquire where trade shows are being organised for your type of business. Even if you have to travel abroad the relative small investment made to set up and advertise your business will pay dividends. The reasons for this are quite simple – People go to trade shows because they are interested in the types of good and services that are going to be there and many are there specifically to do business. You can’t fail to get business one way or another from attending and taking part in trade show.

With many specialist companies that can guide you through the process of setting up effective trade show displays that will enhance your products or service. Using a tried and tested company that can show you the ropes will bring you more success than trying to do it off the cuff. Bringing people into the exhibit booths uses psychology and know how and certainly statistics show that done professionally it will increase the visits of potential customers substantially. With the use of a truss and logo floor mats designed and laid out in the right way form experienced trade show designers will give you the edge on any other competitor that happens to be doing the same thing.

If there is a trade show that is focussed on you business, don’t miss it as you will be missing a big chunk of business for relative little outlay.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Yahoo's MyBlogLog At An End - Boo Hoo :(

Image representing MyBlogLog as depicted in Cr...

I have just found out that MyBlogLog run by Yahoo is to close down this month. They put the reason behind it due to the lack of contributors. I find this hard to believe as I often run over new members that come and the stream is continuous, around every 20 seconds there is a new member joining up, so I do wonder whether there is another reason behind this.

MyBlogLog is a blogger socialising site where I have built up over 3,200 contacts and have been looked up well over 2000 times. As well as being a member of many niche groups getting update on news and views in these areas, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of MyBlogLog. I have made many friends online here and hopefully there is a way to keep in touch with these people who I keep in touch regularly only on MyBlogLog.

It remains to be seen whether Yahoo plan a similar type of blogger networking programmes as there will be a big gap left with MyBlogLog gone. I hope that they have contingency plans that will stop them falling behind Google operated schemes that seem to be doing very well.

It is my opinion that there is something else looming but Yahoo is keeping it secret. I do hope so as networks like this really to help keep you traffic levels up (not click and run I might add) and in turn make you money making more profitable from this. Such a pity that this most enjoyable social network has come to an end.

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