Saturday, 16 January 2010

Heads Up In Recession - Bulgarians Know How To Do This

Heads Up In Recession - Bulgarians Know How To Do This
Who said this? “Recession is past the worst and the road to financial recovery is nigh!” Just about every optimist in business could sound this out. But is it true? What you read isn’t always a true reflection on what is happening at ground level and from where I stand things have still along way to go before the recession has reached its peak.

It is still about getting through an extended period where business drops, employment is even scarcer, the consumer will not spend and a depression continues to set in and surround the doom and gloom of businesses going bust. There is still along way to go before this turns around, I see it on my doorstep and with the community I meet with on a day-to-day basis. From professionals such as Doctors and Policemen to farm and factory workers it should be a deep worry and stress that comes about with no view of improvement right now.

How do you cope with the recession that seemingly has no end? Well here in Bulgaria apparently we are the most upbeat people in Europe in the midst of a recession. We are the poorest but happiest, but this is relative to the situation. The worse time of the financial year is after Christmas and New Year when the party is over and you are left to clean up afterwards.

So what do the Bulgarians do at this time to keep their spirits high with no end of recession in sight? Party on is the answer. This is good for the soul and keeps the hope in place and partying is no more a budget than not partying. With so many special name day celebrations and other designated celebration days right through to spring it is no wonder that the Bulgarians are the happiest Europeans.

What does this mean in terms of making money? Well, I have always said that saving money is just as good as making money and that’s what they do. If you can’t’ earn money then you do the next best thing and that is save money and this is done even without a recession here in Bulgaria so it is well practised. Pity other European countries can’t take a leaf out of the Bulgarian book of life on how to keep you head up in a recession. When it does end things won’t change much here as the party is already in full swing.

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