Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Trade Display Stands For Your Business - A Targeted Market

If you are in business then you must have though about getting your business known by effective marketing. There are many ways to get your business circulated to potential customer and one of the most efficient and direct form is by taking part in trade show exhibits.

It is a very simple process and well advertised so you get a direct and relevant number of visitors who attend with your product or service in mind. Attendees wouldn’t attend if they weren’t interested in the businesses that are on show. There are thousands of trade shows all over the country each year and the overheads and cost are minimal. All you need is a specialist company such as Camelback Displays who have helped over 17,000 customers since 1999 to provide you with the materials to set up your stand. A simple table top display and table covers is the basic set up but you can go well beyond this with hi-tech promotional display units that will entice a curious and potential valuable market waiting in the wings.

The styles and variety of trade stands is something that in underestimated and even something as simple as a directors chairs are a great way to advertise your business as your own company logo can be silk screened onto them. This is just one example of the trick of the trade where your company can get a high profile to a targeted visiting customer base that can’t fail to visit your stand. Just think what would happen if your competitors’ businesses took up this form of marketing and you didn’t.
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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Successful Online Business Is A Marathon

Successful Online Business Is A Marathon

Time is the essence in the blogging game. You can’t make a million overnight and many people fail because they have this illusion in their head. They go full steam ahead with their new idea of makes wads online and fail at the first hurdle with the illusion left in tatters.

It is true to say that you need money to make money, but even with massive investment behind the making millions online, this is certainly no guarantee be being a success. It is the easiest thing in the world to invest and spend, but to recoup this with profit is difficult without foresight and meticulous planning and market research. In fact a big chuck of that investment should be directed into market research and business plan, this would be the wisest investment for any new business.

Even without funds to invest time still plays the biggest part in building up your online business. Consistency in both quality and regularity of work is the secret to a steady rise in your online business. Full steam ahead in the first instance and easing off, as the steam runs out is not the best way to approach successful websites. Online business is not a sprint to the line of profit, but a marathon to achieve passive income from your bank of inputs that will all contribute to a firm standing on the WWW.

So if you are thinking of going into online business, you thoughts should be about your long term plan and not a get rich quick in your mind. You only have to read all the successful webmasters who speak of this time and time again. Of course the comfort zone of thinking making big money quick gives potential new webmasters more incentive, that however is the first and biggest mistake.

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Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Make Money From Your Cell Phone

Several mobile phones

Get rich schemes are two a penny and I don’t believe a word of the promises that are made in the main. I am very sceptical of anything that claims bags of money for very little effort or work. So it was with interest that I discovered a new program that involves using your cell phone to market your product or service.

It does claim that you can earn substantial money in a short space of time, this is after you have put the work in. There is a 60 days trial that involves no risk and it is claimed as a totally legitimate, tested and proven way to market a product or service directly to anyone that has a cell phone.

The New Make Money Program has a 50 HD step-by-step instructional videos to guide you. Literally anyone can try this program with the easy to follow instructions. It teaches you exactly how to make money with your product or service via cell phone, with results that are proven!

Maybe worth a look if you have a product or service you feel is worth marketing.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

10 Jobs For Business Writers

10 Jobs For Business Writers

Business writing means effectively communicating benefits of someone’s product, services or features. It is sometimes conveying the information about the product or promoting the services to prospective clients to proliferate business. Clients often recognize the company's credibility on the quality of their business communications. Hence, it is important for a business a writer to be comprehensive, concise, and accurate in his writings. The business writing must reflect the company’s goals and vision.

Business writing includes a wide range of job functions; here are some of the major functional areas of business writing, which are in demand:

1. Web content writing - This is a high demand freelance job for a business writer who can convey the information to the target users in a right manner while using relevant keywords and phrases to getter better results in search engines.

A business writer’s job includes writing and upgrading, FAQs, help section, corporate blogs and other relevant pages for the website.

2. Article Writing - A good writer has many options to earn money while sitting at home and Article writing is one of them. Articles can be on varied subjects including industry news, trends, product reviews, announcements etc. They can help a company grow its ranking in search engine and also help directing more traffic to the website.

3. Blogging - The demand for freelance bloggers is rising, since many companies only hire experienced bloggers who are passionate about their job. This includes corporate blogging or Ghost blogging on different blogging directories. It is the most powerful career option for writers, which provides a long term freelance career as companies require daily updations to their blog section, which means 30 a month.

4. Copywriting - It is about developing a copy for promoting or marketing a product, this can be done in a form of website landing pages, product descriptions, online and print catalogs and brochures. A skilled writer can write an effective copy to generate more leads and sales of a company.

5. Technical Writing - A writer with technical knowledge can opt for this job. The writer should know how to write clearly, simply, and accurately about technical stuff. It is a well paying job, which includes writing product specifications, flow charts, equipment or material lists, functional requirements, descriptions, etc.

6. Press Releases - This also one of the in demand jobs for business writers. It includes announcement of a new product, services, features, achievements etc. A creative writer can write a press release to inform and promote services through different modes like web, TV, or print etc.

7. Newsletters - Companies hire creative writers to draft newsletters as it includes relevant information on product, services, users, surveys, results, employees, achievements, events etc.

8. eBooks - eBooks writing is really high in demand as it helps in building strong and long term relationship with clients. It includes information about the complete product, its benefits, guidance, sharing ideas.

9. Business Proposals - This writing job provides customer’s client with specific information they have asked for. It includes writing proposals for products, price quotes, past experience, features, legalities, testimonials, etc.

10. Guides & Manuals - This job is also high in demand as companies hire freelance business writers to educate the user on how to use the product.

Hope these job areas will help in exploring some hidden business writing skills and open new avenues to earn money while working from home. Please provide us with your comments and suggestions as always.

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Always Look Your Best - It Makes Good Business Sense

Looking your best gets better results online. In your profile always try and include a good picture of yourself, this really does make a difference and the personal touch puts potential readers at rest knowing what the person they may possibly do business with looks like.

You need to look your best. I’ve seen profile pictures good and bad. Always use pictures of you smiling as this has an infectious effect. If you wear make up, use it when the picture is taken, it makes such a big difference to many people, including men.

It may be a good idea to look at face creams that will enhance your skin and lake it look much younger. Don’t discount this idea, not only for Internet profile pictures but your general out and about appearance. If you want to see which is the best for you, you can visit a good Eye Cream Reviews site that will give you the best advice in this field. Just look at the before and after picture, the transition is quite dramatic

In the meantime, don’t waste a moment, get a good and smiling profile picture up and running and edit it with an improved picture later on. It makes good business sense to look your best on and offline
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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Money From Competitions

lottery scheduling

Why didn’t I think of this before? It has been staring me in the face for ages with a good friend that makes lots of money in fact makes her living by entering competitions. She has been doing this for nearly 15 years now and has built up a good income from it.

It’s not easy, it takes time of course and some competition skills that have to be built up form experience. She started doing it for fun for a little extra income, got luck on a couple of occasions to start with and got the bug. She now works 4 hours a day sourcing and entering competitions and selling here unwanted prizes on Ebay.

Initially the competitions were from local newspapers and magazines, but in recent years Internet competitions have taken off in a big way and she now enters mainly online. She is very successful, but again it is the experience that makes her win more than most, she knows what it takes to win, its not all luck.

In a way it is like blogging, you only succeed it you never give up, you will get there in the end with perseverance and hard work. The biggest prize she has won is £10,000 cash in a supermarket free lottery some 10 years ago. The smallest prize was a 10% discount for a McDonalds BigMac more recently, like me wouldn’t entertain McDonalds food even if it was free, the token went in the bin.

One final advice she gave was that you must have an inquiring mind, enjoy challenges, be organised and of course love competitions. She also makes it a rule of only entering if there is no entry fee or other overhead costs such as postage etc. All she wins is 100% profit. Well worth trying one might think.

Here are a few online sties that give lists of competitions. This is a good place to start and you can use the links on these site for other similar sites -

Good Luck!

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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Imprint Your Business For More Leads

Give your business a buzz by marketing with novelty goods with your business signature on. Marketing is the secret to business success and this will add another string to your bow in this area. It is for sure that you will have one over your competitor is you use this form of marketing and they don't. The difference is that your business name will be imprinted right where it matters, in your potential customers lap and that is something that is very important in this competitive world of expensive advertising tryihng to do the same.

The cost of these promotional products is cheap, with the returns you get on the small investment greater than you think. The effect on your business will make a difference. Marketing is all about having your business name in front of customers and this does exactly this.

Giving out promotional pens is a simple activity, everyone has promotional pens in their office or home, how many times to you pick one of these up and use it making a subconscious not of the business that presented it to you? Many times. How many cups of tea of coffee do you drink each day, four, five or more? Imagine picking up the tea or coffee with your business name a simple idea of imprinted cups with your company name in front of them that customers will take on board each time. A superb marketing tactic that you can use, what’s more cups usually last for years and that’s years of advertising for you.

Again, the cost is inexpensive and the giving of these gifts also go a long way to breaking down business barriers between parties. There is a certain degree of warmth felt from one business giving freebies away even though it is for the benefit of the giver!

Don’t discount a little investment in this form of marketing; it creates another dimension of business, that couldn’t be bought in other ways.
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Speedy Search Tool Now Available

Current example of Google's (and web search en...

A very simple message is given here that may well help many people online with a speedy service for those who aren’t to well versed in searching for files. There is a simple system out there that will help you find and choose exactly what you want and download it in the way you like. It will certainly save time and time is money online so online businesses may want to read on as well!

Getting lost in the minefield of information online is a big problem and quite daunting for many who may have just taken up working on the Internet. Imagine you want find and download a film, or want to read up on a specific subject, where on earth do you start? Rapidshare Search is designed to make the process much simpler and combined with the millions of files in one search engine makes it one of the most user friendly systems of its kind.

So if you want to cut the time spent searching through reams of files that are not what you really want, give it a try, it will save you lots of time and aspirins at the end of the day.
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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Possible Reasons Why Pay Per Click Advertising Doesn't Pay Well

Image representing AdBrite as depicted in Crun...

If you run AdSense or AdBrite on your blog and you are an active member of communities that exchange visits you may be wondering why you aren’t’ getting much revenue from it.

One thing is for sure Entrecard droppers in general are of no use at all to your AdSense or AdBrite funds. There are two reasons behind this. The first reason is that the majority of Entrecard droppers just drop and run as fast as they can without a thought behind the content of the blog other than where the Entrecard widget is. This of course gives the grounding for the second reason. Many Entrecard droppers have adverts blocked to speed up downloads of blogs they drop on. With this the Pay Per Click programs won’t even be presented let alone entertained from Entrecarders who use this.

These reasons also apply to other similar drop and run community programs such as Adgitize.

The advice is, if you have most of your traffic from drop and runs communities just don’t bother with AdSense, AdBrite or any other Per Per Click program, but use the space for something else to attract droppers to dwell, perhaps a link to your other blog if you have one or a tempting poll – By the way, pictures of beautiful women are a favourite distraction no matter what the click on them lead to!

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Sunday, 6 September 2009

Blogging For Decent Money Is Very Difficult

Blogging For Decent Money Is Very Difficult

Making money is never easy online. No matter what anyone says, making lots of money with an online blog is hard work for very little money. Having said that there are lots of ways of making little bits and pieces of money and this is very easy, but it only amounts up to a few cents a day from most systems that give this.

The time factor is the big question. No person in their right mind would work hour and hours each day for a few cents, but somehow most bloggers, literally millions are doing exactly that. This really doesn’t make much sense at all and I can only put it down to bloggers that are widely optimistic about their blogs becoming bigger earners in the future once their traffic has increased. This however can take years with constant plugging and networking. It is sad to say that most bloggers with this intention give up within the years, as all they have made is a few dollars here and there.

Then there is the pay per post earners. Not a passive income by any means, but used to be a good payer unit the recession hit. One does hope that it will improve and get back to where it was a year ago with decent commissions being forked out. This is probably the best-paid way of making money online with a blog, but protecting your Google PR can be a problem and you may need to set up new blogs every three months or so to keep qualifying for decent jobs.

The passive forms of earning look great on paper and if you believe everything that other promise you would think it was the easiest thing in the world. What you have to realise is that blogger make it sound easy as they need you as one of their traffic counts. That’s how many blogging systems work.

Blogging for decent money is difficult you have to realise that, but if you do it just for fun and for enough to cover you blog domain and Internet overheads great!

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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

The Begging Business

Beggar in front of Walker Art Center, Minneapo...Image via Wikipedia

It amazes me how many well off people are well off as their business is based on a picture given out on being poor. It is called begging and very successful it is for many who practice this. It is a viable business like any other business if you can live with the conscience.

Of course you may well be poor and beg on that basis, but then it you have a PC or laptop and Internet connection I think that could really be considered a a material good and poverty doesn’t even come into the equation. So anyone who begs online really isn’t really in need of emergency funds from begging.

Having just said that begging online is a bit of hypocritical it does go on and some make a living out of it. Asking for donations money online even in the form a ’Buy me a beer’ is technically begging. Money for nothing, you don’t have to write a ‘Sob, Sob’, story for getting donations sent to you and thousands do.

What kind of person gives to these begging tactics? Well anyone who has a soft heart and there are thousands of these types of people all over the world. This leads to the question - Can I make money out of begging online? The answer is a simple yes, if you can deal with a little guilt. |No guarantees on the funds you can get here though, but another drop in the ocean of online money making that all adds up at the end of the day.

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