Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Possible Reasons Why Pay Per Click Advertising Doesn't Pay Well

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If you run AdSense or AdBrite on your blog and you are an active member of communities that exchange visits you may be wondering why you aren’t’ getting much revenue from it.

One thing is for sure Entrecard droppers in general are of no use at all to your AdSense or AdBrite funds. There are two reasons behind this. The first reason is that the majority of Entrecard droppers just drop and run as fast as they can without a thought behind the content of the blog other than where the Entrecard widget is. This of course gives the grounding for the second reason. Many Entrecard droppers have adverts blocked to speed up downloads of blogs they drop on. With this the Pay Per Click programs won’t even be presented let alone entertained from Entrecarders who use this.

These reasons also apply to other similar drop and run community programs such as Adgitize.

The advice is, if you have most of your traffic from drop and runs communities just don’t bother with AdSense, AdBrite or any other Per Per Click program, but use the space for something else to attract droppers to dwell, perhaps a link to your other blog if you have one or a tempting poll – By the way, pictures of beautiful women are a favourite distraction no matter what the click on them lead to!

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