Tuesday, 22 September 2009

10 Jobs For Business Writers

10 Jobs For Business Writers

Business writing means effectively communicating benefits of someone’s product, services or features. It is sometimes conveying the information about the product or promoting the services to prospective clients to proliferate business. Clients often recognize the company's credibility on the quality of their business communications. Hence, it is important for a business a writer to be comprehensive, concise, and accurate in his writings. The business writing must reflect the company’s goals and vision.

Business writing includes a wide range of job functions; here are some of the major functional areas of business writing, which are in demand:

1. Web content writing - This is a high demand freelance job for a business writer who can convey the information to the target users in a right manner while using relevant keywords and phrases to getter better results in search engines.

A business writer’s job includes writing and upgrading, FAQs, help section, corporate blogs and other relevant pages for the website.

2. Article Writing - A good writer has many options to earn money while sitting at home and Article writing is one of them. Articles can be on varied subjects including industry news, trends, product reviews, announcements etc. They can help a company grow its ranking in search engine and also help directing more traffic to the website.

3. Blogging - The demand for freelance bloggers is rising, since many companies only hire experienced bloggers who are passionate about their job. This includes corporate blogging or Ghost blogging on different blogging directories. It is the most powerful career option for writers, which provides a long term freelance career as companies require daily updations to their blog section, which means 30 a month.

4. Copywriting - It is about developing a copy for promoting or marketing a product, this can be done in a form of website landing pages, product descriptions, online and print catalogs and brochures. A skilled writer can write an effective copy to generate more leads and sales of a company.

5. Technical Writing - A writer with technical knowledge can opt for this job. The writer should know how to write clearly, simply, and accurately about technical stuff. It is a well paying job, which includes writing product specifications, flow charts, equipment or material lists, functional requirements, descriptions, etc.

6. Press Releases - This also one of the in demand jobs for business writers. It includes announcement of a new product, services, features, achievements etc. A creative writer can write a press release to inform and promote services through different modes like web, TV, or print etc.

7. Newsletters - Companies hire creative writers to draft newsletters as it includes relevant information on product, services, users, surveys, results, employees, achievements, events etc.

8. eBooks - eBooks writing is really high in demand as it helps in building strong and long term relationship with clients. It includes information about the complete product, its benefits, guidance, sharing ideas.

9. Business Proposals - This writing job provides customer’s client with specific information they have asked for. It includes writing proposals for products, price quotes, past experience, features, legalities, testimonials, etc.

10. Guides & Manuals - This job is also high in demand as companies hire freelance business writers to educate the user on how to use the product.

Hope these job areas will help in exploring some hidden business writing skills and open new avenues to earn money while working from home. Please provide us with your comments and suggestions as always.

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vinay said...

A very valid point. If you are a good writer, you do not have to depend on others to make money, you can do it yourself by writing posts and taking up business assignments.