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Blogging For Decent Money Is Very Difficult

Blogging For Decent Money Is Very Difficult

Making money is never easy online. No matter what anyone says, making lots of money with an online blog is hard work for very little money. Having said that there are lots of ways of making little bits and pieces of money and this is very easy, but it only amounts up to a few cents a day from most systems that give this.

The time factor is the big question. No person in their right mind would work hour and hours each day for a few cents, but somehow most bloggers, literally millions are doing exactly that. This really doesn’t make much sense at all and I can only put it down to bloggers that are widely optimistic about their blogs becoming bigger earners in the future once their traffic has increased. This however can take years with constant plugging and networking. It is sad to say that most bloggers with this intention give up within the years, as all they have made is a few dollars here and there.

Then there is the pay per post earners. Not a passive income by any means, but used to be a good payer unit the recession hit. One does hope that it will improve and get back to where it was a year ago with decent commissions being forked out. This is probably the best-paid way of making money online with a blog, but protecting your Google PR can be a problem and you may need to set up new blogs every three months or so to keep qualifying for decent jobs.

The passive forms of earning look great on paper and if you believe everything that other promise you would think it was the easiest thing in the world. What you have to realise is that blogger make it sound easy as they need you as one of their traffic counts. That’s how many blogging systems work.

Blogging for decent money is difficult you have to realise that, but if you do it just for fun and for enough to cover you blog domain and Internet overheads great!

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cornyman said...

Hi Martin,

truly spoken words... but i think sticking with Adgitize is a nice moneymaker and you get additional traffic, too.
The only important factor in Adgitize are the page/ad views which costs us (or waste us time when i think of dropping hundreds of ECs daily) real time to increase this points. Dropping the 50 cards and writing one article is our usual daily habit...

Looking in my Adsense-Account makes me laugh in comparison to Adgitize... less than 2 $/ month... CMF Ads will do also just 2 or 3 $/month.

Have a good start in your week!