Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Do You Like Cheating? - This Site Is Just Up Your Street If You Do

The "Town" room in Club Penguin
Winning games sometimes makes you money so here is a useful site that gives you cheats on games and is free to join.

Now I don't believe in cheating, it's unfair of course but there are some who do. If you are one of those people then you can sign up for a free Club Penguin Membership. It is as simple as that and you will be entitled to have access to clubpenguin cheats to your heart content.

Free Club Penguin is there to join, so if you want or have to cheat this is your cheating paradise.

A short post I know, but if delivers the message simple and clearly.

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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Diversity Is The Key To Successful Blogging Income

I wonder how many people actually make a living our of blogging? this would have been quite possible a few years ago, when apy per psot reviews paid good money, but the belts have tightened in revenues paid out for reviews to blogging authors. I fear that many who used to make a living from it have had to find alternative ways to make money and this is the point that is going to be made here.

Easter arriving and so the saying goes, "Don't put all your egg in the same basket!" Blogging for a living is al about spreading the sources of income not relying on one source. Don't just rely on paid reviews from one online company, register with half a dozen. Don't just rely on review writing, get the AdSense up and running, sell products with Amazon on your site and join as many traffic generating communities as you can to get your popularity to rise.

Do you have friends or family who have businesses with products or services they sell? Write reviews on them and have a permanent banner for them. Effectively this is you being an affiliate and you could make a little on commission from sale that you generate although you may just ask for your site to be included in brochures or advertising material that goes out with the business in return. This will generate more unique traffic for sure.

I have already mentioned business cards to generate more traffic, but mention it again as it is an important area if you are serious about making money online. I know there is a little investment needed for this although you are already investing by paying for your site to be running which in fact is probably more expensive!

As the title of this post says, "Diversity Is The Key To Successful Blogging Income." This is so true as if one area fails, there are many other that will still pull you through.

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Friday, 19 March 2010

Got A Blog - Get A Business Card For It

Most if not all people who blog want  as many readers as possible to see their work online. Advertising is made sometime spending quite a bit of money to get your message across online. But what about other ways that are not really thought about when trying to promote your blog?

Okay, you may have Entrecard, Adgitise and other social networking scheme in place to get more readers. You may even have a budget for Adwords getting more people to click into your site. But what about off line marketing? A blog is a business and business is not confined to online marketing and advertising. This is an area that can be tapped into quite easily and get you more traffic.

The first .line of off line action is to get a load of business cards printed out with your blog details attractively designed on it. Business cars are so, so cheap to buy and most people who have a printer with their laptop or desktop can design and print their own with good quality glossy card/paper. For a few pence a sheet you could have hundreds of business cards for under £1!

Give out these business cards to everyone you know, and I mean everyone. A work, down the pub, local shops, supermarket boards. When you go on holiday leave your card with everyone you meet. Give friends and family a bundle and ask them to give them to everyone they know and don't forget to tell them to give these 'other people' bundles and do the same. If you know any local Internet cafes, blue tack one to each computer with the owners consent of course, (you may wish to say you would write an ad for him on your blog in exchange!)

There are endless ways to get your blog know off line, and this is just one example of how you can do that with very little cost involved. You will be surprised at the traffic yo can generate from this and of course more traffic means more potential income from your blog.

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Don't Waste Time Online For Improved Earnings

Money is time and time is money. A saying that goes around and around but you can go deeper into that saying and come up with much more efficient ways of earning money with the time spent doing it. We are all guilty of spending time online that really is spent just wasting time. One of the biggest culprits is looking up statistics.

How much time each day do you spend looking up how many visitors you had each day? Do you look up Google, Adsense each day to see how many cents you made? What about Entrecard, Adgitise, Project Wonderful and other sites that give daily statistics you can check up on? Add all this time together, plus the tinkering that goes on once oy are on each of these sites, then you are looking at a great deal of time that is not earning you money at all. It could be better spent on doing something more constructive.

To make more money from the time you are online you need to have discipline as to what you do with your time. Each minute is a potential addition to you earning if used in the right way. Blogging for example is based on writing and your time should be prioritised to the majority of time actually writing and editing. Yes, there are times where SEO needs to be done, but it should not take up most of your time online. If it is, rethink your online schedule, it needs adjusting.

It is a good idea anyway to look at what you are actually doing online on a daily basis. Analyse it, then and try and use a reflective method and change the time you use with more effective task management online. This way you will be improving you business and of course bring you in more income as a result with less time wasted.

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Weddings Are An Expensive Business Unless You Plan Ahead

Virginia and Ryan Save-the-Date
Do you have plans to get married soon? If you do you need to make financial provision for the day. We all know how expensive wedding can be and the sooner a plan is made to cover the cost the easier it will be on the purse strings. The last thing newly-weds want is a marriage that starts with debts from the wedding.

This blog is all about making making money and that included finding ways to spend less. One area of weddings that has and expense is wedding invitations. You should choose place where you get these resources carefully as many companies charge over the top for what should be simple and cost effective. Buying online is the best way to get both of these factors and not be pressed by salesmen and women who would pressurise yo to buy more 'flamboyant' invitations. The wedding invitations are an important part of any wedding and you can make savings and not skimp on quality.

Another useful tip is to use save the date cards in conjunction with your wedding invites you send out. There are many formats around and again a cheap and effective way to get your chosen family and friends to attend. Don't forget, each party that turns up will be presenting you with a wedding gift and this is one of the benefits of having many guests. It will certainly give a little supplement to the overall costs.

Weddings are great occasions, but they can be the most stressful of times with the cost involved. It is just a case of looking at each area and not be forced into paying more money than you need to. The online option is always a good area to check out before high street spending.

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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Duty Free Goods - Are You Making The Most Of Them?

{{legend|#008000|WTO founder members (1 Januar...

Do you travel abroad for business or pleasure? If you do you can easily make a little money from tax exclusions that apply to goods you can bring back. It will not make you rich but certainly can help supplement cost of the travel or be tucked away for other expenses..

Let me tell you firstly that I know many people who go abroad and dot' take up the opportunity that lies before them simply because they don't look at the broader aspect of making money. How many people do you know who don't smoke therefore don't buy duty free tobacco? How many don't drink and don't buy duty free alcoholic drink. Think again, how many men go abroad and come back without any duty free perfume? I know many who think this way and lose out on profit making.

To make the most of this you should think about getting orders from friends and family before you travel. It is so much easier knowing that the duty free goods you bring back are already sold! Let me enlighten yo on how much can legally be brought back form EU countries to the UK.

3200 cigarettes 
200 cigars
3 kg of smoking tobacco
110 litres of beer
10 litres of spirits
90 litres of wine
20 litres of fortified wine e.g. port or sherry
From Estonia - 200 cigarettes or 250g of smoking tobacco
From Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia - 200 cigarettes

Let me tell you that I bought 200 cigarettes from Bulgaria to the UK. Each packet cost me around £1. I don't smoke and sold each packet of 20 for £3 in the UK. I made £20 on the deal and this actually paid 30% of the air flight! You may think this is illegal, but come on, who is going to take you to prison for selling 200 cigarettes to friends and family. If I took my partner we would have made £40!

Quality liquor and perfumes are always in demand at below shop prices and even with your profit you will have a market it you ask around.

So if you are on holiday soon, think about the money you can make on duty free goods that you can legally import. Too many don't

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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Bad Business Investment - A Little Thought

Coins and banknotes, two of the most common ph...

Making money is hard enough at the best of times and sometimes yo have to try and burn the candle at both ends to meet your financial goals. This means saving as well as earning and a few ideas on how to do this are here for you to consider.

Don't invest in bad business is advice that shouldn't be ignored. In blogging terms this means money ploughed into traffic generating schemes generally are a waste of money unless you are getting return visits from the traffic that is generated. You would have a better return on your investment blogging by spending more time on quality writing and using social interaction such as commenting on blogs and forums. It does involve time but cost no money. The beauty is that for free you are building up relationships with other bloggers that will certainly get you return visits time and time again - and visitors that are not there just for a drop and run.

Making money is about using you time constructively and quality counts here online. Without the source of interest in your blog you can plough wads of dosh into traffic generators, but the returns you get will be at best short lived. the money you make will not be returned let alone profits on top. If you want to invest, invest in a ghost-writer for quality articles. They will be online forever and you will be the deemed author and reap the benefits from this from interested readers.

Bad business investment is widespread and this is something just don't understand. It makes no sense to invest in something that will give you little or nothing in return. A little thought before opening purses will go a long way to help you make more money.

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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Inbound Marketing A New Force To Be Reckoned With

You need customers in any business and if you have a product or service that you feel is worth knowing about getting customers must be the priority. Knowing how to get those potential customers to know about your products and services is an industry in itself with so many angles it would take a lifetime to go through all methods. It is simple called marketing and is the single most important part of any business bar none.

I have found on option that you can add to your army of marketing tactics that you may not have heard about. It is called Inbound marketing. In fact just reading this blog is part of that method. It involves getting you business out to millions of potential customers using search and social media as the platform base.

The results of Inbound Marketing Strategy has been found be more successful that conventional outbound marketing methods as many customers are turned of from continually being intruded by advertising and switch off when they are. With inbound marketing you will not be interrupting people and it is a very clever way of getting you products or services under customers noses without a cold reception. Just think of the old methods for a while..... All the emails, cold calling, blatant commercials, what do you do when you get these? Think... My point exactly. inbound marketing solves that negative reaction and give more of a fighting chance that you will be noticed.

Make Money From Public Performed Music

Busking Accordionist in Dorsten. Pictured acco...
Can you play an instrument or sing? If so why aren't you earning money from this. Quite simply all you need is a cap and a place where there is a passing public. It is a lucrative business and one that many people make a living out of.

What if you don't have any musical talents? This doesn't not stop you earning as I know some one who is tone deaf but has a portable keyboard with a CD playing facility. He plays the CD with the keyboard switched off miming to the music that is playing. It is very effective in fact more effective that live music as he mimes the keyboard playing very well. It is only the very astute that realise he is miming, the rest put money in his opened keyboard carrier! This is not cheating, think back to the organ grinder who just turned a handle to create music, this is more above board than you think.

Well, you might be able to juggle, or mime this is another talent that people are willing to pay for as they pass you entertaining in the street.

There are of course laws in many places about who can and who cannot busk, even auditions for busking rights in some places. So you might want to checkout at your local police station on where things stand in your country or area.

Having busked myself many times before in London and Yorkshire it is hard work but pays well, well worth a try to help your finances a little.
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