Saturday, 6 March 2010

Bad Business Investment - A Little Thought

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Making money is hard enough at the best of times and sometimes yo have to try and burn the candle at both ends to meet your financial goals. This means saving as well as earning and a few ideas on how to do this are here for you to consider.

Don't invest in bad business is advice that shouldn't be ignored. In blogging terms this means money ploughed into traffic generating schemes generally are a waste of money unless you are getting return visits from the traffic that is generated. You would have a better return on your investment blogging by spending more time on quality writing and using social interaction such as commenting on blogs and forums. It does involve time but cost no money. The beauty is that for free you are building up relationships with other bloggers that will certainly get you return visits time and time again - and visitors that are not there just for a drop and run.

Making money is about using you time constructively and quality counts here online. Without the source of interest in your blog you can plough wads of dosh into traffic generators, but the returns you get will be at best short lived. the money you make will not be returned let alone profits on top. If you want to invest, invest in a ghost-writer for quality articles. They will be online forever and you will be the deemed author and reap the benefits from this from interested readers.

Bad business investment is widespread and this is something just don't understand. It makes no sense to invest in something that will give you little or nothing in return. A little thought before opening purses will go a long way to help you make more money.

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