Sunday, 14 March 2010

Don't Waste Time Online For Improved Earnings

Money is time and time is money. A saying that goes around and around but you can go deeper into that saying and come up with much more efficient ways of earning money with the time spent doing it. We are all guilty of spending time online that really is spent just wasting time. One of the biggest culprits is looking up statistics.

How much time each day do you spend looking up how many visitors you had each day? Do you look up Google, Adsense each day to see how many cents you made? What about Entrecard, Adgitise, Project Wonderful and other sites that give daily statistics you can check up on? Add all this time together, plus the tinkering that goes on once oy are on each of these sites, then you are looking at a great deal of time that is not earning you money at all. It could be better spent on doing something more constructive.

To make more money from the time you are online you need to have discipline as to what you do with your time. Each minute is a potential addition to you earning if used in the right way. Blogging for example is based on writing and your time should be prioritised to the majority of time actually writing and editing. Yes, there are times where SEO needs to be done, but it should not take up most of your time online. If it is, rethink your online schedule, it needs adjusting.

It is a good idea anyway to look at what you are actually doing online on a daily basis. Analyse it, then and try and use a reflective method and change the time you use with more effective task management online. This way you will be improving you business and of course bring you in more income as a result with less time wasted.

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