Sunday, 28 March 2010

Diversity Is The Key To Successful Blogging Income

I wonder how many people actually make a living our of blogging? this would have been quite possible a few years ago, when apy per psot reviews paid good money, but the belts have tightened in revenues paid out for reviews to blogging authors. I fear that many who used to make a living from it have had to find alternative ways to make money and this is the point that is going to be made here.

Easter arriving and so the saying goes, "Don't put all your egg in the same basket!" Blogging for a living is al about spreading the sources of income not relying on one source. Don't just rely on paid reviews from one online company, register with half a dozen. Don't just rely on review writing, get the AdSense up and running, sell products with Amazon on your site and join as many traffic generating communities as you can to get your popularity to rise.

Do you have friends or family who have businesses with products or services they sell? Write reviews on them and have a permanent banner for them. Effectively this is you being an affiliate and you could make a little on commission from sale that you generate although you may just ask for your site to be included in brochures or advertising material that goes out with the business in return. This will generate more unique traffic for sure.

I have already mentioned business cards to generate more traffic, but mention it again as it is an important area if you are serious about making money online. I know there is a little investment needed for this although you are already investing by paying for your site to be running which in fact is probably more expensive!

As the title of this post says, "Diversity Is The Key To Successful Blogging Income." This is so true as if one area fails, there are many other that will still pull you through.

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cornyman said...

Guess affiliate programs have a better future than Google Adsense ;-) It just takes too long for low-traffic websites to reach the payout. I'll mix it now with some "free" affiliate offers.