Sunday, 31 January 2010

Scared Of SEO? - Think Again

Making money blogging online is very difficult to do successfully. The reason most fail is not because of the material they write, but basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which would give them a more than fighting chance than most. I see thousands of blogs every week and many have excellent written articles and material, so why aren’t they making much money?

SEO is a big ball game; there are literally hundreds of ways in which you can improve your traffic by using proven techniques. Traffic is the secret to profit and quality traffic would further enhance your money-making opportunity with your blog.

The very mention of SEO puts the fear of God into many bloggers, especially those who have just started form scratch and those who just feel that they don't have the acumen to cope with such technical matters. Get this right - SEO is not just for geeks much SEO work can be done easily on a step by step basis. Let me take you through one area that anyone can cope with and gives big benefits for the blogger for very little work.

One area where any blogger can just spend a couples of minutes each day to list their blog are on SEO friendly directories. Once listed you needn't do any other work and your blog will be a permanent link within that directory and of course you will get traffic from it. Always make sure you spend a bit of time with you profile (add a pciture) if there is one and you blog description. Many readers will just look for the description of a blog and if inviting will swing the balance for them to go into your blog.

There are many types of web directories, If you get a little time find ones that are specific to you blog theme or genre, i.e. If you have a photo blog and look for photographic blog directories, if it is a pet blog there are many pet blog directories and of course if it is a business blog like this one, look out for business. Don't forget to list your blog on the biggest directories with Google, Yahoo and Dmos. In fact this shoud be the first port of call.

Once you have your blog listed on one directory doing the same on others is easy as they are al basically the same. Keep you blog description on a text document so you can copy and paste each time rather than starting from scratch each time, this will cut down on time as well. Set yourself a target perhaps one directory a day and stick to it. Over six months you will be amazed as the increase of traffic you will get and the back links you create by doing this.

Who said SEO was difficult? Directories are of course just one piece of the SEO jigsaw puzzle, but a very good start and something you really should start unless you have already.

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