Sunday, 3 January 2010

Yahoo's MyBlogLog At An End - Boo Hoo :(

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I have just found out that MyBlogLog run by Yahoo is to close down this month. They put the reason behind it due to the lack of contributors. I find this hard to believe as I often run over new members that come and the stream is continuous, around every 20 seconds there is a new member joining up, so I do wonder whether there is another reason behind this.

MyBlogLog is a blogger socialising site where I have built up over 3,200 contacts and have been looked up well over 2000 times. As well as being a member of many niche groups getting update on news and views in these areas, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member of MyBlogLog. I have made many friends online here and hopefully there is a way to keep in touch with these people who I keep in touch regularly only on MyBlogLog.

It remains to be seen whether Yahoo plan a similar type of blogger networking programmes as there will be a big gap left with MyBlogLog gone. I hope that they have contingency plans that will stop them falling behind Google operated schemes that seem to be doing very well.

It is my opinion that there is something else looming but Yahoo is keeping it secret. I do hope so as networks like this really to help keep you traffic levels up (not click and run I might add) and in turn make you money making more profitable from this. Such a pity that this most enjoyable social network has come to an end.

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sandy said...

I never joined it, seemed just like blog catalog that had been around longer and had more members. Plus, yahoo's track record of things blog related hasn't been very good. Back when they had 360 blogs, slowly things started disappearing, then other things wouldn't work, and they announced they wouldn't be fixing anything. Large amounts of people left 360 to blog elsewhere, then they closed 360.

But, with 3,200 contacts...are you really able to communicate with that many people? That's alot of blogs to visit, to read, to comment.

Hope you find something you like to take it's place.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandy,
I have to agree with Yahoo's negative blog stance, they are missing a big chunk of the market with this.

My 3,200 contacts are just contacts, I have around 50 who are solely on MyBlogLog who I consistently communicate with. Another medium is a problem right now to carry on with them.

Happy New Year and blogging Sandy :)