Sunday, 22 March 2009

Work From Home - Look Carefully

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If you are thinking of starting to work from home, take a sidewards look for a moment. You don't just make money and that it, there are other things you need to seriously weigh up and consider. Being self-employed you are responsible and liable by law for such things such as tax, national insurance and benefits. It needn't be as complicated as you first think.

There is lots of guides around regarding these mandatory requirements. "The Starting up your Business" on the official Inland Revenue website is a good place to start. There is also a facility, which is free, where you can call or book an appointment online with one of their members of the Business Support Team.

The Citizen's Advice Bureau has a very good advice guide website. This give an up to date service, advice and information for the self-employed. Also in this site you will find 'fact sheets.' You can download and print these for future reference.

Another very useful site is 'The DirectGov' website. This Government sponsored site has helpful advice and with lots of forms that can be downloaded and printed off to make the most of any advice that is free.

Practical advice is always very useful and the Business Link from The national business advice service provides lots of it. There are many interactive tool to help get organised and a postcode search to help you find your local Business Link.

Another useful website is It has many relevant links for the self-employed with good accounts of your legal standing, staffing advice and even information about equipment.

Finally, coming from a bank, Lloyds TSB have sponsored a site without any obligation to buy or join anything. It give detailed information that is useful and relevant.

All these websites and links should be part of your research before starting up a business. Take time to look and download and print important bits for future reference. It is in your interests to keep on top of your liabilities as they tend to come back and sting you hard if you don't.
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