Friday, 27 March 2009

Publishing Business Newsletters - Lots of Potential

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Publishing is an untapped source of income, but sometime you have to look for a niche market to take advantage of opportunities. One area where there is always going to be an interest is periodically newsletters for small specialised businesses. Making it a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly ensures that you will get repeat income form sold publications.

Any business worth their salt would be interested in this type of publication, it is vital for them to keep up to date on their business area, competitors and not be left out in the cold. Therefore business newsletters are normally well received and very profitable.

If you sell by annual subscription this means that you can organise thousands of copies could be printed with just a few good articles. The format should be double sided with full colour on A3 folded turning it into a A4 size publication, this is the most popular and often seen in reception room tables for visitors to browse at. It is expensive so you may opt to just using 2 or 3 colours with black and white photographs until your market is proven.

There is a lot of potential here and a sure way of making decent money once you have subscription rolling in. You can hire a ghostwriter for the articles if yo are not proficient enough in the business area given you a licence to cover many different business areas.
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