Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Another Useful Little Earner - Easy Money

This site isn't about getting rich quick but is a simple source of information where you can earn money and warn you off scams. I have been a member of Hits4Pay for over six months now and it is another piece of the jigsaw where money is coming in. Many bloggers make money this way by having lots of little earners going at once.

With Hits4Pay it's easy to register and simply extra cash by visiting and viewing advertiser's offers. there is also money to be made by referring other bloggers. As with all none scam earners you pay absolutely nothing to join and are never asked to pay anything throughout your membership.

Hit4Pay has been one of the largest free membership websites since 1998 and a great favourite of advertisers to be seen. They are one of the few companies that pay the highest in the industry. Everything is recorded in real time and viewed at any time.

There is a 'Sign up Reward' of $10 paid into your free account. With the referral option you have you can earn extra from sign up you have passed on with a minimum payout of $25.00 each consecutive month and rolls over to the next month if that figure is not reached.

You are informed of work through e-mail notices, this is the first thing I do when I am online, check my emails and go straight into Hit4Pay from the link there. I spend less than five minutes a day on the site completing any assignments they have sent me.

Hit4Pay works for me, takes little time out of my day and I know that alongside other little earners, it plays it's part in making blogging work as a supplementary income. I have their affiliate banner on my site, but you can sign up from this link -> Hits4Pay
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PinoyDeal said...

im a member of this too. only few ads to view. sometimes there are days that have none at all. the good thing is there is a 10$ signup bonus.

thank you for following my blog! keep it up and lets make more money online!

Martin in Bulgaria said...

I agree not too many ads, but like I said lots of little earners all help and the $10 starter is a pretty good start.

Thanks for the comment.

jimmy said...

Good job! THANKS! You guys do a great blog, and have some great contents. Keep up the good work.
best regards,