Saturday, 28 March 2009

Web Crawling With A Difference

Time is money and most search engines save lots of time by finding all kinds of information. There is still more time to be saved though from the new technology that is around right now with new innovations making the job of search for the relevant information you need within seconds. If your business wants to release more time for making money then read on.

Search engine technology goes on and extracting information you need from the web is now even easier with a new system in place. A new Web Crawlers system has been developed that can go through a website and gather pages of relevant information. You can crawl a individual site to gather information using the Mozenda Web Agent Builder. It is a useful tool and very easy to set up by pointing and clicking to find pages and extract the information you want. Mozenda’s technology support are there if you happen to have any problem with any specific website and they will get you moving again and all for free.

All data used the Mozenda system is safe, secure and hosted by class A data warehouses but can be accessed over the web securely via the Mozenda Web Console. An additional benefit to businesses is that companies can now integrate their own data system with the Mozenda application. Leading the way in crawler systems seems to be right here and can only be good for business IT management.

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stefanandr said...

Let me also suggest you check out openkapow ( Its a free (non-commercial) web scraper SaaS community. You can turn any website into REST services or RSS feeds in minutes and share them with your friends. The company behind, Kapow Technologies, also sell both on-premise and SAAS version.

Guest said...

Mozenda is, in my opinion, the best screen-scraping program availabe. It is affordable and has many useful applications. For example, users can take advantage of the Mozenda Agent Builder which you can teach to carry out different actions on various websites so it cab later do everything you need automatically. Mozenda is also very user friendly.